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Begins 4th Monday of July and Finishes mid-November

Registration for 2018 season: TBD 

Western Park 

275 Old North Carolina 58, Cedar Point, NC 28584


2018 Summer Football Camps: TBD









We would like to welcome back our previous players and parents as well as our new players and parents.

We are looking forward to seeing you and enjoying another great season!  

COYFL is pleased to be participating in Heads Up Football, USA Football's player safety program. A comprehensive method to teaching the sport's fundamentals in a progressive, age-based approach, Heads UP Football helps youth football leagues and clubs across the United States ensure a better, safer experience for players, coaches, commissioners and parents.







President- Adam Anderson

Vice President- Brandon Solomon

Secretary- Alanna Jones

Treasurer- Shannon McKnight

Sgt. of Arms- Vacant

Concession Stand Coordinator(s)- Ashley Hurley

Cheer Coordinator- Annquanette Wright

Field/ Site Manager-  Erica Anderson 

Equipment Manager-Vacant

Player Safety Coach(s)-Adam Anderson, Brandon Solomon

Fundraising Coordinator-Erica Anderson



Our organization will make every effort to make sure that every child with the desire to participate gets the opportunity to play or cheer, without regard to prior experience or athletic ability! Your child will learn the fundamentals of football and cheerleading.

We are committed to instilling Honesty, Loyalty, Integrity, Teamwork, Discipline, Sportsmanship, Respect, Leadership, Trust and Commitment in our young participants. We will instill in our youth the challenge of competition, the joy of victory, the reality of defeat, the importance of commitment and the spirit of community.

The successes of our season will be achieved through dedicated volunteers, caring parents, and business associates who wish to partner with our great youth football and cheer program.


We are a non-profit youth football and cheer league located in the Western Carteret and Eastern Onslow County areas. We offer a competitive and structured youth football and cheer league for kids ages 4-13. The players age on July 31st of the current year will determine their playing age for the season. Any player turning 13 years old before July 31st does not meet the age requirement and can not play on the 12u team. If you turn 13 years old after July 31st then you can play on the 12u team. We currently are not fielding any older teams this season. 

Bandits - 6U (4, 5 & 6) 75lbs.

Division 1 - 8U (6, 7 & 8) 100lbs.

Division 2 - 10U (8, 9 & 10) 120lbs.

Division 3 - 12U (10, 11 & 12) unlimited

*Any 6 year old player that is highly skilled & weighs around 95lbs should consider and may be requested to move to Division 1 (8U)


 Lineman Eligible Player (LE Player)

Must be over the maximum weight limit for their division

Must wear jersey specific numbers: 50-79 90-99 or 00

Must wear league approved LE sticker on helmet

LE players can participate on the kick-return team

LE players can “not” participate on the kick-off team. If a team cannot field 11 players without included LE players. The opposing team will receive possession of the ball on their 35 yard line.

LE players that are playing on the kick return teams can recover the ball but cannot advance the ball, the play is dead at the spot of the recovery, same applies to punt and punt return teams

LE players can participate on the punt return team

Maximum of five (5) LE players on offense at any one time

Maximum of four (4) LE players on defense at any one time

Once certified at the beginning of the season as an LE player, said LE player is an LE player for the season (no exceptions)

LE players can recover the ball, but cannot advance it.  

LE players on offense can only play: Center, Guard or Tackle

LE players can be uncovered on the offensive line but is ineligible as a receiver. If an LE player goes down field from an uncovered spot on the offensive line acting as a receiver, it is a 15 yard illegal participation foul.

LE players on defense can only play Nose tackle or Defensive tackle they must line up directly in front of the offensive tackles or offensive guard. They are not allowed to ‘stunt’ to the left or right of the offensive player. (no slanting or turning of body for LE players)

LE players cannot line up directly over the center, in any shotgun formation, 

LE players are not to be weighed, at game day weigh in, they must show their jersey numbers and their helmet with LE sticker coaches must ensure they have their correct LE jersey on, and they are required to have their ID cards checked and roster spot verified.

An LE illegal participation fouls shall be penalized as illegal formation,





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