Registration For 2015 Spring Season Closes at Midnight February 19th.

Follow the link below to sign up.

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Parents and Coaches,

Everyone at Dallas Little League hopes all of our families had a wonderful Holiday!  It is time to begin preparing for the Spring 2015 Baseball Season.

We made some significant changes to the registration process during Fall 2014 and have been happy with these changes. We continue to make improvements and anticipate having everything in place soon. 

For those of you who played baseball in the Fall you now have an account with Sports Sign Up.  This means that for upcoming seasons, including Spring 2015, there should be minimal information to enter on the web site.  For those who did not play in the Fall (thus, played last Spring or earlier), you will, when registering for Spring 2015, set up a new account and follow the new streamlined and easy registration process.  Further details regarding registration will be sent in a separate email.

Some key points regarding this upcoming season as well as further changes and next steps are outlined below.  Separate communications will also be sent to elaborate on some of the topics listed below.  Please read everything as some of these topics are essential for the success of the league and for its future.  

1.    Timelines:

  • January,  19th – Spring Registration Begins
  • January 27th – Parent and New Coaches Q&A
  • February,  19th - Spring Registration Ends
  • February, 24th  - Mandatory Coaches Meeting
  • March, 16th  - Spring Season Begins
  • June, 5th -  Season Ends
  • June, 6th thru 11th – Tournaments

2.    Positions Needed:
VP of All-Stars – This position is essential in order for All-Stars to continue.  We will send out a detailed communication about this position later this month in order to find the right candidate. Additional volunteers will also be necessary to assist the VP.  In short, All-Stars, while providing so much enjoyment for young players, requires a dedicated supervisor along with a small group of volunteers to properly manage the post-season needs and requirements for all the players, parents and teams.  The board members of DLL cannot oversee this position nor take on all its tasks along with their other responsibilities for the league.

VP of Safety   

3.    Division Changes and Pricing:
In order to align the league with the actual Little League practices and operations we are changing our divisions and fees to better mirror those found across the country:

  • 12U $125
  • 10U $125
  • 8U CP (Big Field) $125
  • 7U CP (Small Field) $110
  • Modified T-Ball $110
  • Tee Ball- $110

4.    Age Classification:
Will for the time being remains the same.  April 30, 2015 will be the cut-off date for categorization.

5.    Intermediate Division
This division will no longer be supervised nor maintained through DLL.
DLL will contact James Belt at Baseball Nation on your behalf if your player of this age group is interested in playing or you may contact him yourself.  Their website is:
There are several barriers that DLL faces and that have led to the present demise of the Intermediate Division.  First, Dallas Little League does not have access through the City of Dallas to field teams on the correct size fields and there has been a waning number of players at this age level.  In addition, the cost for DLL to operate the few teams requires significant field fees to be paid to Baseball Nation that are not adequately covered by the low registration fees.  Finally, there has been a lack of volunteers for this division and without such volunteers the Intermediate Division cannot operate.  Should anyone be interested in taking on the task of reinstating the Intermediate Division, please contact DLL.  

6.    Fundraising:
In order to keep the fields and baseball operations at the expected levels, the Dallas Little League will need to hold a spring fundraiser.  This is essential for the league to raise funds for several capital improvements to our fields and to the surrounding areas that are not being met by the City of Dallas. These funds, if received at the required levels, will be directed to the items listed below.

Winfrey Fields:

  • Lights on Winfrey 2
  • New and/or improved restrooms
  • Shade structures for all fields at Winfrey

Bethel Fields:

  • Fence repairs
  • Enlarge the dugout areas for the 2 big fields

The fundraising will be coordinated through a sports promotion firm, in which each player will sell gift cards for $15 for Papa John’s.  For each $15 card, the league will receive $10 while the remaining $5 will benefit the promoter and Papa John’s. Each card is redeemable at any Papa John’s allowing the card holder to buy one pizza and get one free (good for any number of equal or lesser large pizzas). Buy 20 get 20 free. There is unlimited use of the card for 1 year.  These cards easily pay for themselves after one or two uses.

We will make two cards mandatory with registration, which is an additional $30 for every player.   A player may sell their 2 cards to recoup the $30 or keep them.  Please consider purchasing more than 2 cards in order to shorten the time it takes DLL to achieve its funding goal. 

There will be 3 cash prizes for top individual sellers. To win a prize you must purchase a minimum of 20 cards:

  • First place $1200 cash
  • Second place $800 cash
  • Third place $400 cash

7.    Sponsorship:
DLL needs to have more sponsorship.  At this point we have one sponsor which is Dicks Sporting Goods. 
Sponsorship opportunities will include the following:

  • Platinum Sponsor - $2500 DLL Front Page Banner and Periodic Promotional emails*
  • Gold Sponsor - $1,500 Sponsor Page Banner and select promotional emails*

 *Emails will be managed by DLL; other opportunities are also being considered.

DLL is also looking for a Director of Sponsors.  Please contact DLL if you have some time to work sponsors to help DLL meet its fundraising goals. 

Thank you for being a part of the Dallas Little League!

With any questions please contact: and








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