Proposed Constitution Amendment

March 8, 2018










Proposed Constitution Amendment as of 4/7/2018




·    Eliminate position of Financial Adviser


o  Control to be handled by the Board of Directors




·    Create a new Board of Directors position titled Emeritus


o  Position is open to league Alumni of 7 years or more




·    Change membership percentage needed for election to be official threshold from 33.3% to 17.5%



  UPDATED Important Dates


 April 7th Opening Ceremonies@10:00am pictures to follow


(There will be raffles for prizes and 50/50 also, the concession stand will be open and is now accepting credit cards.)



April 28th The Bonanza at the American Legion- (Doors open @ 5:00, dinner @6:00, raffles start @ 7:00 pm.)


May 20th Pitch, Hit, and Run @ 2:00pm















Opening Day
Saturday, April 7, 2018   10:00 AM

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