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1. You get to play the second half with 4 players one time without consequence and will not be a forfeit.  


- Meaning if the team with 4 beats the team with 5 it counts as win for the team with 4 and vice versa. 


2. The second time you still only have 4 by the end of the 1st half you will have a choice of paying a fine of $75 or its a forfeit like the old way.  


- With the second time either way you have a possibility of not being asked back to the league next year.

We don't want teams back who make this a habit.


The reason we are making this change is that most times this happens the team with 5 want to continue.

So its not fair to the team with 5 to get shortchanged from playing the game.

Plus for those of you who would take the forfeit, if you can't beat them a man up you don't deserve the win.  





1.) Unsportsmanlike conduct will result in expulsion from the game and suspended from next game. If player persists to be a nuisance, he will be suspended from the League. The expulsion
from the League will carry over to any Harrison Recreation League for the remainder of the year (example: Softball, Soccer, Volleyball, etc…).
Please note: The final decision on all player conduct violations will be handled by League Supervisors and they can suspend players at any point with both teams charged with a loss.

2.) Any demeaning/abusive language including profanity will result in a technical foul when heard. Second time will result in you being ejected, suspended for a minimum of 1 game and fined $75.

3.) Any yelling/screaming/arguing towards refs, score table personnel, each other (same team or not), or anyone else in/outside (gym/school/parking lot) depending on the severity of the incident may result in a warning first (assuming no profanity/demeaning or abusive language was used) or player being ejected/suspended/thrown out of the league without a warning.

4.) Any team committing multiple violations detrimental to the league can face expulsion from the league at any point. Any incident that involves multiple players or entire teams may result in team expulsion from the league at any point.

5.) The supervisor is in charge and has the right to do ANYTHING that they feel is necessary to keep things in order.

EJECTIONS: If you are ejected from the game for 2 technical fouls or any other reason; you will be suspended for a minimum of 1 game and must pay $75 before you can play again. The $75 has to be paid by check or money order to: Town/Village of Harrison.
*All fines will be used towards a charity of the Town’s choice*
**The second time you are ejected; you are automatically suspended for the year and it is under the discretion of the League Supervisors to decide a fine if applicable or how long your suspension will carryout there after**



Upcoming Games/Practices

Tuesday, Nov 28
Rookies @ Omni Foods6:30pmLMK "A" Gym
PBA Basketball @ Sonics7:30pmLMK "A" Gym
Air Flair @ Mastercard8:30pmLMK "A" Gym
Wednesday, Nov 29
Alampi Pool and Spa @ Tribe6:30pmLMK "A" Gym
Uncle Henry's @ Sollazzo7:30pmLMK "A" Gym
Lakers @ CPU Quote8:30pmLMK "A" Gym
Tuesday, Dec 5
Mastercard @ Lakers6:30pmLMK "A" Gym
Sonics @ Air Flair7:30pmLMK "A" Gym
Rookies @ Uncle Henry's8:30pmLMK "A" Gym
Wednesday, Dec 6
Omni Foods @ Alampi Pool and Spa6:30pmLMK "A" Gym
CPU Quote @ Sollazzo7:30pmLMK "A" Gym
Tribe @ PBA Basketball8:30pmLMK "A" Gym
Tuesday, Dec 12
PBA Basketball @ Alampi Pool and Spa6:30pmLMK "A" Gym
Air Flair @ Rookies7:30pmLMK "A" Gym
CPU Quote @ Sonics8:30pmLMK "A" Gym
Wednesday, Dec 13
Uncle Henry's @ Mastercard6:30pmLMK "A" Gym
Sollazzo @ Tribe7:30pmLMK "A" Gym
Lakers @ Omni Foods8:30pmLMK "A" Gym
Tuesday, Dec 19
Alampi Pool and Spa @ Air Flair6:30pmLMK "A" Gym
Sonics @ Mastercard7:30pmLMK "A" Gym
Rookies @ Lakers8:30pmLMK "A" Gym
Wednesday, Dec 20
Omni Foods @ Sollazzo6:30pmLMK "A" Gym
Tribe @ CPU Quote7:30pmLMK "A" Gym
PBA Basketball @ Uncle Henry's8:30pmLMK "A" Gym
Tuesday, Jan 2
Alampi Pool and Spa @ Mastercard6:30pmLMK "A" Gym
PBA Basketball @ CPU Quote7:30pmLMK "A" Gym
Rookies @ Sonics8:30pmLMK "A" Gym
Wednesday, Jan 3
Omni Foods @ Tribe6:30pmLMK "A" Gym
Air Flair @ Sollazzo7:30pmLMK "A" Gym
Lakers @ Uncle Henry's8:30pmLMK "A" Gym

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