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For inclement weather, call Harrison Recreation Hotline at 670-3039


ZERO TOLERANCE in effect for all of the original rules and added amendments below....


NEW additional disciplinary rules/guidelines for the season going forward:


1.) Any demeaning/abusive language including profanity will result in a technical foul when heard. Second time will result in you being ejected, suspended for a minimum of 1 game and fined $75.

2.) Any yelling/screaming/arguing towards refs, score table personnel, each other (same team or not), or anyone else in/outside (gym/school/parking lot) depending on the severity of the incident may result in a warning first (assuming no profanity/demeaning or abusive language was used) or player being ejected/suspended/thrown out of the league without a warning.

3.) Any team committing multiple violations detrimental to the league can face expulsion from the league at any point. Any incident that involves multiple players or entire teams may result in team expulsion from the league at any point.

4.) This is not new but I feel needs reiteration - the supervisor is in charge and has the right to do ANYTHING that they feel is necessary to keep things in order.

*The head coach is responsible for every player on their team understanding these rules







Harrison Recreation Men's Basketball League

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