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Lindale Youth Football & Cheerleading

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Upcoming Games

Saturday,  Oct 10
1st - 2nd Grade Football
Canton @ Mineola 8:00am Mineola
Brownsboro @ Grand Saline 9:15am Grand Saline
Van @ Lindale 9:15am Mineola
Sulphur Springs @ Malakoff 10:30am Grand Saline
Quitman @ Alba 10:30am Mineola
3rd - 4th Grade Football
Sulphur Springs @ Malakoff 1:00pm Grand Saline
Quitman @ Lindale White 1:00pm Mineola
Lindale Black @ Alba 2:15pm Mineola
Brownsboro @ Grand Saline 11:45pm Grand Saline
Canton @ Mineola 11:45pm Mineola
5th - 6th Grade Football
Brownsboro @ Grand Saline 2:15pm Grand Saline
Suplhur Springs @ Malakoff 3:30pm Grand Saline
Canton @ Mineola 3:30pm Mineola
Van @ Lindale 4:45pm Mineola
Quitman @ Alba 6:00pm Mineola
Saturday,  Oct 17
1st - 2nd Grade Football
Emory @ Van 8:00am Van
Sulphur Springs @ Alba 9:15am Alba
Lindale @ Canton 9:15am Van
Grand Saline @ Malakoff 10:30am Alba
Quitman @ Brownsboro 10:30am Van
3rd - 4th Grade Football
Grand Saline @ Malakoff 1:00pm Alba
Lindale White @ Canton 1:00pm Van
Lindale Black @ Quitman 2:15pm Van
Sulphur Springs @ Alba 11:45pm Alba
Emory @ Van 11:45pm Van
5th - 6th Grade Football
Suplhur Springs @ Alba 2:15pm Alba
Grand Saline @ Malakoff 3:30pm Alba
Emory @ Van 3:30pm Van
Lindale @ Canton 4:45pm Van
Quitman @ Brownsboro 6:00pm Van

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