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  • Opening Day August 16th.
  • Schedules should be posted by August 9th.
Opening Day
18 Days

Pony Bronco Mustang Pinto
Oak Glen 1            Oak Glen 1          Oak Glen 1             Follansbee 1
Wintersville 1 Weirton 2 Weirton 3 Weirton 3
Hopedale 1 Wintersville 2 Follansbee 1 Wintersville 2
Bergholz 1 Smithfield 1 Wintersville 2 Burgettstown 2
  Hopedale 2 East Liverpool 1 Edison 1
  Steubenville 1 Burgettstown 1 Wellsburg 1
    Wellsburg 1 Hopedale 1
    Hopedale 1 Bergholz 1
    Steubenville 1  

This is the most up to date list that I have.  Please let me know if there are any corrections as I will be starting on the schedule this week.  Organizations with more than one team in each division should let me know if they will have a team name, otherwise they will have names such as Wintersville 1, Wintersville 2, Wintersville 3. 


July 21 Meeting Held

Results of meeting

2014 Season will NOT consist of double headers. 

Bronco and Pony will play one nine inning game on Saturday.

Mustang will play one eight inning game on Saturday.

Pinto will play one 7 inning game on Saturday.

Runs per inning rule will apply, however, there will be no mercy rule.  Mercy rule was removed in order  to get the kids as many reps as possible.


A "call up" Player was defined.  A "call up" player may be used in Mustang as a 10th or 11th player.  Bronco and Pony may use a call up as a 9th or 10th player.  A call up shall not be used if he is the 12th player or more in Mustang and 11th player or more in Bronco and Pony.  This rule will also be utilized during the Spring Season as well.


It was also determined that 4 balls must be thrown by the pitcher for an intentional walk to be issued as it was in the current season.  This rule shall remain in effect.


It was also determined that the OVYBL will rewrite its current by-laws.  The By-Law committee is comprised of the voting presidents.  The first meeting for this will be held at 7:00 pm on August 4th at Zalenski's in Wintersville.


There was also discussion as to whether or not the OVYBL should convert to an "and under" league as opposed to "traditional" league as we currently are.  Discussion of this will be continued at the next OVYBL Meeting.

Rules will be posted in the next few days for the 2014 Fall Season.


Thanks to all that attended the meeting.



There will be a Fall Ball Meeting on Monday 7/21/14 @ the Wintersville Fire Hall @ 7:00 PM.  This meeting is open to officers, presidents, and parents.

Topics include double headers vs. 1 nine inning game

1.  Rule revisions

2.  Discussion of the OVYBL becoming an "and under" league.

3.  Time frame of fall season

4.  Defining "call up" in terms of when they are needed.

5.  intentional walk rule.

6.  additional topics that need to be addressed.




2014 Fall Baseball

With the Spring Championship Tournaments finished, and AllStar tournaments winding down, people are talking about more baseball.  2014 Fall Baseball is coming!  This will be our 6th year in the current format.   In the past, Teams have played double headers each Saturday, and practice once during the week.  season there has been some talk about playing one nine inning game.  There will be a meeting at the Wintersville Fire Hall on Monday 7/21/14 to discuss this.

Last season saw many great things for the kids, and it is hoped that this season surpasses the last.  There is so much to gain from Fall baseball, as it greatly eases the transition to the next level for your child.  He or she will get a glimpse of the next level in a more laid back environment.  Players play in the league they will play in next season.  Don't get me wrong, it is still competitive, as it is a game.  However, a great deal of instruction will occur, as well.
Contact your local Association for more info regarding registration.  Many have information posted on thier websites.  The expected start day will be Saturday August 16th. 
Good Luck to all players, coaches, parents and families!


Secure & Schedule Umpires

August 10, 2013

During the Fall Ball meeting, Steve Seminara from Steubenville Umpires informed the group that he would not be scheduling umpires for Fall 2013.  

Steve provided a list of available umpires along with contact numbers.   Schedule will be released tomorrow, and I suggest that organizations take a look and secure your umpires for the 2013 Fall Season.   



OVYBL Fall Baseball