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2013 Fall Schedule Posted
August 10, 2013


Schedules have been finalized and posted to this site.  

Also, there will be no playoffs following this Fall Season.   Following a motion that the Fall was intended to be more instructional for players moving up, voting presidents voted to eliminate playoffs from the 2013 Fall Season.

Games begin on 8/17.  Good Luck to all teams!



Secure & Schedule Umpires
August 10, 2013

During the Fall Ball meeting, Steve Seminara from Steubenville Umpires informed the group that he would not be scheduling umpires for Fall 2013.  

Steve provided a list of available umpires along with contact numbers.   Schedule will be released tomorrow, and I suggest that organizations take a look and secure your umpires for the 2013 Fall Season.   



2013 Fall Baseball
With the Spring Championship Tournaments finished, and AllStar tournaments winding down, people are talking about more baseball.  2013 Fall Baseball is coming!  This will be our 5th year in the current format, and we are excited about the potential growth in Mustang, Bronco, and Pony.  There has also been some talk about adding a Colt league.   As in the past, Teams play double headers each Saturday, and practice once during the week.

Last season saw many great things for the kids, and it is hoped that this season surpasses the last.  There is so much to gain from Fall baseball, as it greatly eases the transition to the next level for your child.  He or she will get a glimpse of the next level in a more laid back environment.  Players play in the league they will play in next season.  Don't get me wrong, it is still competitive, as it is a game.  However, a great deal of instruction will occur, as well.
FALL BALL MEETING will be held at St Florian Hall in Wintersville on Tuesday, August 6th, at 7:00p. 
Have team numbers and field/ schedule  limitations with you.

Contact your local Association for more info regarding registration.  Many have information posted on thier websites.  The expected start day will be Saturday August 17th. 
Good Luck to all players, coaches, parents and families!


Fall Championships Completed

 The 2012 OVYBL Fall Champioship Brackets have been updated.
A few rules for the tournaments.

1.  Standard FALL Rules apply, i.e. Inning max for pitchers per game, run limits per inning.
2.  No time limits for play off games.  Finish all games.
3.  Following Tournament pitching rules.
      a.  Inning limits per game remain.
      b.  In cases of multiple games in a day;  Mustang: pitchers limited to 6 per day,
           Bronco & Pony: limited to 7 per day.
      b.  In all 3 divisions, if a pitcher throws more than 4 innings (1 pitch into 5th),
           he must meet the 40 hours rest requirement.
All divisions will begin on Saturday, 10/6/2012.   Thanks and best of luck to all teams!
 Congrates to Wintersville Pirates, coached by Dave Thockmorton, 2012 OVTVL Fall Pony Champions. 



Congrats to Bergholz, coached by Tom Costlow,
 2012 OVYBL Fall Mustang Champions..


Congrats to WEIRTON & Coach John Kirlingitis... 2012 Pinto FALL Champions!

Fall 2012 Champions?

Who will be the Fall Champions this season?  To be decided with an end of Fall single elimination tournament in all 4 divisions.  Brackets will be posted as soon as games are reported on Saturday.  If you do not want to participate, please let me know before brackets go up by emailing
Thanks and good luck this weekend.

Coach Contacts Updated
September 11, 2012

Thanks to all who submitted 2012 Fall Coach Contacts so that we could have an updated list before this weekends games.
Follow the menu link to the Coach Contacts and there you will find a pdf document with all current contact information.
We are missing 2 numbers for the Mustang division,  Bergholz  and Weirton Taflan.  If you have either of these numbers or need to make changes to current listing, please email

All Games Washed Out 9/8/2012
September 8, 2012

As you look out your windows, you will likely see the rain has not stopped.  Everything is soaked and baseball is not an option.
Teams have been attempting to contact opposing coaches all morning to cancel games, however could not reach many, as there is no Coach Contact listing.  This is because more than 1/2 have not submitted contact information.
Please submit today to  so that a listing can be posted.
Teams are working out make up dates as we speak.   Once dates are set, please forward to the above email address.

Weekly Game Limits

It has been brought to our attention that there is some confusion in regards to game limits. 
In the pre-season meeting, we agreed to cut innings from the younger divisions.  Pinto to 5 innings, Mustang to 5 innings, Bronco to 6 innings.  We also agreed to leave Pony at 7 innings.
Although it was discussed in the meeting to eliminate the time limit for Pony level, the time limits were left on all games, as agreed to in past seasons.  This is not designed to limit baseball, however to keep schedules on time with several games scheduled at a single location.  With 3/5 of the Pony Division sharing fields, time limits were necessary evil, however in cases of teams without multiple double headers on a given field for the day, coaches can agree to throw out time limit and play the entire games.   
Please review rules, and reprint if necessesary.

Fall Baseball Has Begun
August 19, 2012

"What a great day for a baseball game!" was the common statement around the Ohio Valley yesterday.  Teams started the Fall 2012 season in all divisions, and many saw some great baseball. 
I announced on 8/16 that East Liverpool had dropped from Bronco, and Edison had dropped from Mustang.  Teams and umpires were notified.  Unfortunately, Burgettstown (Pinto) did not show up to play yesterday, as they had dropped.  Miscommunication led to an unnecessary trip by the Wintersville Orioles.  You will notice on the schedules, all games for these teams have been scored as forfeits.
Any scores that were reported have been updated.  Going forward, scores can be reported using password provided to you league presidents.  Thanks and good luck the rest of the way!

Edison (Mustang) and East Liverpool (Bronco) Drop
August 16, 2012

Two teams have dropped out causing open weeks in schedule for byes in Mustang & Bronco.
Edison has dropped from Mustang.  All games will be recorded as Forfeit.
East Liverpool has dropped from Bronco.  All games will be recorded as Forfeit.
Note: Week 1 on 8/18
Edison vs Smithfield  @ Smithfield
Wintersville Marlins vs. East Liverpool @ EL
Both games were cancelled, and forfeits have been scored.  Umpires have been notified.

2012 Fall Ball Schedules Have Been Posted!!
August 11, 2012

Fall Ball schedules are now posted.  Rosters will be added shortly. Any organization that has not sent in their rosters  and coach contact information should do so soon.  Please email them to

2012 FALL BALL: Coming Soon!
June 23, 2012
2012 Fall Baseball is coming!  Welcome to our 4th year in the current format, and we are excited about the potential growth in Mustang, Bronco and Pony.

Last season saw many great things for the kids, and it is hoped that this season surpasses the last.  There is so much to gain from Fall baseball, as it greatly eases the transition to the next level for your child.  He or she will get a glimpse of the next level in a more laid back environment.  Don't get me wrong, it is still competitive, as it is a game.  However, a great deal of instruction will occur, as well.

Good Luck to all players, coaches, parents and families!


2011 Fall Ball Champions

Congrats to all Fall Championship teams of the 2011 Fall Season!
PONY-  Wellsburg !!!!!!
BRONCO: Weirton White !!!!!
MUSTANG: Wintersville Athletics !!!!!!
PINTO: Weirton Red !!!!!!!

Fall Tourney Brackets

Click on the link for your teams age group and you will be routed to the bracket hosted by
Home teams are higher seed.  Pitching rules are same as fall season with limits per game.  Use the Pony Rule book for required rest.
Good Luck to All  Teams!
2011 PONY Fall Tourney Bracket
2011 BRONCO Fall Tourney Bracket
2011 MUSTANG Fall Tourney Bracket
2011 PINTO Fall Tourney Bracket

Fall Ball Kicks Off Today Around Ohio Valley

Fall Baseball hit the OVYBL field today with mixed reviews.  Many games were played and enjoyed by players, and fans alike.  At the same time, a few games went unplayed with Bergholz dropping out of the Bronco league, and Bergholz and Martin Ferry forfieting todays games due to limited numbers of players.  This was disappointing to many players, coaches, and fans who looked forward to kicking off the 2011 Fall season today. 
Attention Bronco Coaches:  Your schedules have changed, due to Bergholz dropping from the league.  There are now 8 teams and no teams will have weekly byes.  Weirton Blue and Oak Glen will make up thier game from today.  I tried to keep game times and locations similar to prior schedule, but was unable to duplicate all.   Please reprint and redistribute. 


Thanks for all of the patience awaiting a final schedule.  You can now print and distribute the schedules.  Only way they will possibly change would be if there are multiple games scheduled on the same field, although I believe that will not be the case.
Thanks again, and enjoy the 3rd annual Fall Season witn the OVYBL!

Fall Tournament Champions Crowned

Congrats to all 2010 OVYBL Fall teams, players, coaches, parents... ona great fall season.  Rain in the final weeks of the tournament caused us to go later than intended, but I was pleased to see all work together to ensure tournaments were completed. 
Congrats go out to the Wintersville Royals in Mustang and the Weirton Yankees in Bronco.  These two teams outlasted everyone, and were crowned champions in thier respective divisions.  Also, note the Weirton Yankees put together a fantastic 14-0 Fall season!
Thanks and See you in the Spring!
Bill Waugh
2010 Fall Baseball Opening Day

The 2010 Fall Season is upon us, and the weather looks to be perfect.  A small, 10% chance of showers, and somewhere between 75 and 85 degrees depending on your teams start time.  I am sure those who remember the 98 degree Fall Opener last year will appreciate this day!

The coach contact list has been updated.  I encourage coaches to take a look to verify numbers, as well as print a copy.  It can be found in web format via the link in the main menu, or a PDF file in the Handouts section.

Scores can be reported to following todays game, as the score reporting tool on the site is not working properly.  I will work on that, however I will be happy to enter them based on your e-mails. 
"People ask me what I do in winter when there's no baseball.  I'll tell you what I do.  I stare out the window and wait for spring."  ~Rogers Hornsby.  I bet Mr. Hornsby would have loved Fall Baseball.
Good Luck to all, and have a great day of baseball.

2 Days to Start
Our 2nd Annual Fall league is about to start (Aug 14).  Here are a few points that I need coaches and associations to address asap:
1.  BE SURE you have the most current schedule, and that your umpires have most current (8/11/10 7p).  Even if you think you do, CHECK!
2.  Send me Coach Contact listings to, as a list needs built for coaches in case of rain.
3.  Send me rosters.  Although rosters are not static the kids like to see thier names.
4.  Print a current copy of the rules posted here that ammend our Spring rules and Pony Baseball Blue Book.
Thanks and Good Luck!

2010 Fall Baseball is here!  Welcome to our 2nd year in the current format, and we are excited about the growth with Bronco and Mustang adding 2 team each, and the introduction of Pinto Fall ball last year has sparked a league this Fall.  Thank you Rich Gualtiere for you efforts there.

Schedules have been entered for all 3 leagues, and I am awaiting rosters to be entered though next week, prior to the Aug 14th Season start.

Last season saw many great things for the kids, and it is hoped that this season surpasses the last.  There is so much to gain from Fall baseball, as it greatly eases the transition to the next level for your child.  He or she will get a glimpse of the next level in a more laid back environment.  Don't get me wrong, it is still competitive, as it is a game.  However, a great deal of instruction will occur, as well.

Good Luck to all players, coaches, parents and families!



Schedules have been revised again based on a conflict at the Bergholz Mustang field.  If your copy was printed prior to 8.11.2010 at 7:00pm, it may not be accurate.  Please verify, and reprint if necessary. 

Thank you. 

Steubenville Wins Tight 4-3 Game

On a cool fall night, under the lights in Weirton, the Mustang Fall championship was a game for the ages.  Coach Rod Rosnick Weirton Blue, coach Rod Rosnick, struck first scoring 3 runs in the bottom of the 1st.  Jordan Allen's 2 run triple gave Weirton it's lead.  Steubenville, coached by Frank Fuscardo, clawed thier way back inning by inning, scoring 1 in top of 2nd, 2 in top of 3rd, and finally 1 in the top of the 6th to take the lead.  Sante Carducci drove in the go ahead run with a linedrive into right field.  Weirton came up empty in the bottom half of the 6th, and Steubenville came out on top.
Both teams should come away with heads held high, as that is baseball.  That is the way the game is to be played, with solid defense and timely hitting.  Congrats to all teams in the Mustang division, and good luck in the spring!
Steubenville Champions are (Front Row) Antonio Fuscardo, Carlo Biasi, Clayton Criss, Noah Fayak, Michael Gray (Back Row) Derek Ziarko, Isaiah Herring, Mason Rubish, Reuben Saxon, Sante Carducci, Drew Grenn.  Congrats boys on a great fall season!

All Reported Scores Updated

With just 2 weeks remaining, the 1st OVYBL Fall Baseball League has been a success, thus far.  Thank you to all the Associations, teams, managers, players and parents for making this Fall season an enjoyable success. 
If there are any past scores yet to be reported, please do so, and I will be sure to update.  Thank you.

Week 2 Scores Updated.
After 2 weekends, OVYBL Fall Ball's inagrual season has been successful.  The weather was much more Fall like, and a great day for Baseball.  This weeks scores have been updated.  
After 2 weeks, here are a few questions, concerns, from around our leagues, below is a list of question that was shared via e-mail with all managers and umpire representatives.
1.  In Pony, will there be Fall Ball?  To date Wellsburg is the only association with a Pony team for Fall with 12 players.  If your associattion has enough interest, and/or limited interest, please let me know.  I understand there is a league in Harrisville (outside Cadiz), if interested contact Daryl Reilly @ 740-769-0042 or 740-396-9531
2.  Can teams agree to play a single 9 inning game, as opposed to a double header?  While it obviously takes away 5 innings of experience opportunities, I believe that if agreed by managers prior to the start of the 1st game, that is acceptable, especially in the cases of limited players or the heat we experienced in week 1.  Also, remember that parents, players  and sponsors were sold a 14 game season, cutting games can decrease the perceived value of Fall Baseball. 
3.   In Mustang, can a batter advance to 2nd following a walk in a continuous motion following walk with runner on third base?  In Mustang, just as in the Spring, with a runner at third, the play is dead when the catcher returns the ball to the pitcher.  The runner stops at first.  In the case of no runner on third, and walked batter attepting to advance to second, throw him out.  Also, remember, this is Fall Ball...use your head and teach the fundamentals of baseball. 
4.  In Mustang, can 7 yr olds plays for a Mustang Fall team?  By rule of 9 and under, yes they can, however they would be better served in a Pinto Fall ball (if offered in community), as they return to Pinto in 2010. 
5.  Should strike zone be a bit more forgiving in Fall?  There are 2 schools of thought here.  Some feel yes, as this is first experience for many pitchers in the Fall.  Some feel no, as it does not help develop disciplined hitters.  Also, the better hitters who know the strike zone are forced out of thier game and into swinging at bad pitches.  I personally would like to see a Fall expanded strike zone for Mustang Fall, but Bronco to be slightly more forgiving and remain consistant.
6.  Is there Pinto Fall Ball?  While OVYBL does not operate a global Pinto league in the spring, we have promoted Pinto fall ball with games among OVYBL communities.  Yes there will be Pinto Fall Ball, Wintersville has 2 teams and Weirton has 2 teams.  A schedule is being made, and plan is for afternoon games to not conflict with soccer.  
7.  Will we have any type of tournament to close Fall season?  Yes, if interest is there, we will promote a single elimination tournament to be played in the first weeken in Oct.  Due to the fact that comopetition is not the #1 priority, the seedings for such a tournament would be by blind draw.  
Bill Waugh
Week 1 in the Books
August 17, 2009

It was a hot one!  99 degrees is not what you think of when thinking of Fall Baseball.  Nearly all games were played, as these young men pushed through the heat to play the game they love.  Just one Bronco game was cancelled due to heat, with Weirton and Wintersville Green opting to play one game; and a Mustang game between Weirton Red and Wintersville Boxers was shortened to 4 innings due to heat.  All scores have been updated.

Positive comments were heard from around the league, as it was nice to extend the baseball season in the Ohio Valley.  Week 2 kicks off on Saturday, Aug 22 with expected temps in mid to low 70s...much more tolerable for "Fall Baseball".  Good Luck to all teams!

Fall Baseball Starts 9/15/2009

Coaches and all youth baseball fans of the Ohio Valley, fall baseball is upon us and set to start Saturday (Aug 15) morning.  Mustang has 8 teams and Bronco has 6 teams from around the OVYBL.
This OVYBL Fall site has been updated with directions to fields, as well as 2/3 of team rosters.  Rosters are missing for Mustang- Toronto, and Bronco- Follansbee, Weirton, Wintersville Black and Wintersville Red.
Scores are to be posted, procedures will be sent out this evening (same as Spring).  You may also e-mail scores to    While winning is not the primary reason for Fall Ball, it is still a game, thus we will track standings.  There has also been talk of an end of Fall single elimination tournament in early Oct to close out Fall Season.  If this tournament is a go, teams will be seeded by record.
Also:  Pony players...where are you?  Wellsburg has a team of 12, and is looking for opponents.  Last I heard Wintersville had 5-6 and Weirton 4-5.  Any chance of combining the two and playing some more baseball?
And Pinto....Presidents discussed putting together a little Pinto league for the Fall.  To date we have Wintersville with 1-2 teams and Weirton 1-2 teams.  Any others?
Thank you and good luck this Fall Season!

Schedules Posted

Schedules for Bronco and Mustang Fall Baseball have been posted.  Both leagues will play a 7 week schedule of double headers for 14 games.  October will be reserved for rain outs, or extra baseball should teams want to continue.  With a 7 week schedule teams will be home 3-4 times, and away 3-4 times.  Due to the fact that many associations are playing Bronco and Mustang on the same field, both schedules had to work together.  Good Luck in your Fall Opener, August 15th.

Interested Team List (by Association)

The following associations have held or are currently conducting registration.  These are confirmed, and are to be confirmed at the July 20th meeting.

   Wellsburg ?
     Wellsburg  (2)
        Weirton  (2)
     Wintersville (2)
     Toronto (1)
        Steubenville (1)
     Wellsburg  (1)
      Weirton  (1)
     Wintersville (2)
     Mingo  (1)
     Follansbee (1) 
    Wellsburg (1) 
     Wintersville (1) ?
     Weirton (1) ?
Welcome to OVYBL Fall Ball 2009!

For details and registration of indvidual players, please visit your local league's home page.

Fall Ball is a great way to continue your child's baseball experience and is especially beneficial for those players who are transitioning from one division to the next.  
Fall Ball will consist of weekday practice with your association team, then a Saturday Double Header.

OVYBL Fall Ball is open to all organizations withing the OVYBL.  Players will play in the division they will play in for the 2010 Spring Season.  Leagues are being formed for the following:  Mustang (Ages 8-9) and Bronco (Ages 10-11).  There seems to be a small interest in Pony (Ages 12-13), howevver no teams have come forth as of 7/19.  There is also some talk among Presidents to add a Pinto (Ages 6-7) Fall league.  Although OVYBL does not govern Pinto, I will be happy to put together a schedule and track game on this site.
Please check back often for details and schedules.   

Rules for the Fall Ball 2009 Season will be posted soon.

OVYBL Fall Baseball