Executive Committee Members are as follows:

Joe Ciejka, League Director 413-325-3767

Roy LaPlante, Ass't Director 413-885-4254



      Wishing everyone a happy, heathy and fun filled new year!!





Best of luck to all participants; remember to play hard but to have fun and enjoy the game!!!

Please note that Westfield will play all home games at South Middle School.


 Please note that all winning coaches should submit game scores to within 48 hours of completion of game.





 Check out our calendar page for important dates and deadlines!!!



Fall Back Rule:

 Once ahead by the specified numbers of points, a team on defense must fall into the three point arc until the ball passes half court.  Failure to fall back will lead to one of TWO warnings for delay of the game.  A third warning will provoke an indirect technical foul against the head coach.  The offended team receives two free throws and the ball at the division line.  Three indirect technical fouls will lead to the disqualification of the head coach for the remainder of the game.













Upcoming Games
Feb 25
Division 1 South -5/6
Tantasqua @ West Side
Division 1 South 7/8
Tantasqua @ West Side
Division 2 East - 5/6
Easthampton @ Ludlow
Division 2 East - 7/8
Easthampton @ Ludlow
Div 2 Central 7th & 8th Grade
Tantasqua 2 @ West Side 2
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