Last Updated: October 15, 2017
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Executive Committee Members are as follows:

Joe Ciejka, League Director 413-325-3767

Roy LaPlante, Ass't Director 413-885-4254


 We have been notified that our three favorite pre-season and early season tournaments are returning this year.  The Wilbraham Parks & Rec will be sponsoring their Turkey Day Jamboree on November 24th through the 26th, West Side will be holding their Tip-Off Tourney on November 30th through December 3rd and Western New England Women's Basketball Program will be hosting the Golden Bear Classic on December 14th through the 17th.  Join one and all three!!  Go to the Tournament Icon and click "All Divisions" for further details.  Click on the Handouts icon for their registration forms. 



 Check out our calendar page for important dates and deadlines!!!














































 Winning coaches should submit game scores to within 48 hours of completion of game.

































Fall Back Rule:

 Once ahead by the specified numbers of points, a team on defense must fall into the three point arc until the ball passes half court.  Failure to fall back will lead to one of TWO warnings for delay of the game.  A third warning will provoke an indirect technical foul against the head coach.  The offended team receives two free throws and the ball at the division line.  Three indirect technical fouls will lead to the disqualification of the head coach for the remainder of the game.













Upcoming Events

Wednesday, Nov 1
Notification of Number of teams
Friday, Nov 10
Submission of Playing Dates
Friday, Nov 24
Turkey Day JamboreeMRHS
Saturday, Nov 25
Turkey Day JamboreeMRHS
Sunday, Nov 26
Turkey Day JamboreeMRHS
Thursday, Nov 30
West Side Tourney
Submission of Rostersand Associated Paperwork
Friday, Dec 1
West Side Tourney
Saturday, Dec 2
West Side Tourney
Sunday, Dec 3
West Side Tourney
Tuesday, Dec 5
Season Opens

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