Last Updated: August 30, 2014

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Upcoming Games/Practices

Tuesday,  Sep 2
Fall Tuesday Co-Rec Dunning American
The Vikings @ 99 Problems But A Pitch Ain't One 6:00pm Dunning West
I'd Hit That @ Inglorious Batters 7:00pm Dunning West
Pizza Luce @ Small Children 8:00pm Dunning West
Let The Girls Play @ #SCNOTTOP10 9:00pm Dunning West
Fall Tuesday Co-Rec Dunning National
The Swingers @ Ducks 6:00pm Dunning East
Shamrocks @ Beans Beans Beans 7:00pm Dunning East
Pioneer Power @ Pobody's Nerfect 8:00pm Dunning East
Slammin Ballz @ Capitol Offenders 9:00pm Dunning East
Fall Tuesday Men's Doubleheader American R/A
Highland Hustle @ R/S Kings 6:00pm Rice/Arl #5
Trinity Contracting @ Drug Czars 6:00pm Rice/Arl #6
Highland Hustle @ R/S Kings 7:00pm Rice/Arl #5
Trinity Contracting @ Drug Czars 7:00pm Rice/Arl #6
Foul Play @ Log Jammers 8:00pm Rice/Arl #5
Manny Being Manny @ Gabes AAP 8:00pm Rice/Arl #6
Foul Play @ Log Jammers 9:00pm Rice/Arl #5
Manny Being Manny @ Gabes AAP 9:00pm Rice/Arl #6
Fall Tuesday Men's Doubleheader National R/A
Dirty Thirties @ Summer's Eve 6:00pm Rice/Arl #2
Bona Bros. Automotive @ Ramones 6:00pm Rice/Arl #4
Dirty Thirties @ Summer's Eve 7:00pm Rice/Arl #2
Bona Bros. Automotive @ Ramones 7:00pm Rice/Arl #4
Rock Tenn @ The Miller's 8:00pm Rice/Arl #2
Butter Boys @ Caught Lookin' 8:00pm Rice/Arl #4
Rock Tenn @ The Miller's 9:00pm Rice/Arl #2
Butter Boys @ Caught Lookin' 9:00pm Rice/Arl #4

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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