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2017  Dan DeNardo / South Hills Softball Upper Division Champions

Pittsburgh Sports Bar 


2017  Dan DeNardo / South Hills Softball Middle Division Champions


2017  Dan DeNardo / South Hills Softball Lower Division Champions  Theme

South Hills Softball/Carrick Athletic Association

Men’s Softball Fundraising Tournament

Saturday August 19, 2017

Volunteers Field Carrick

Entry Fee: $200.00 + (2) .52. 300 ASA Balls

Losing Team pays ump $20.00

ASA Rules/Bats

Double Elimination

1-1                  Count No Courtesy

4 HR’s then inning ending

Losing team pays umps $20.00

Payouts based on number teams

Percentage of proceeds/Concession Stand  will go to the Carrick Youth Organization


Contact : Frank DeMarco 412-512-7777