Last Updated: April 26, 2017
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  • Winning Team is RESPONSIBLE to call in the score of the game to the Rec Office - 215-685-8753
  • All forfeit fees MUST be paid BEFORE the forfeiting team plays its next game. No exceptions.

 Home team is responsible for supplying bases, mound, and home plate for their game.

****Winning team calls scores in to 215-685-8753****

New rules: Strike mat (plate and mat are a strike), DH rule (You may use 1 designated hitter for a position player in the lineup. That defensive player does NOT bat)


 Rosters are due in the office the week of May 1. Please have them handed in before your game that week. Player must be on the roster to play in the playoffs. The roster will CAP at 20 players. If you are found using an illegal player, your team will forfeit the game and player will be suspended


                                              **** Games cancelled 4/26 due to rain ****





Upcoming Games

Tuesday, May 2
"A" Division
Paddywhacks Poper @ Sals Produce6:30pmField 4
Sals Produce @ Paddywhacks Poper8:00pmField 2
Wednesday, May 3
"A" Division
BrEEzE NutZ @ Brickhouse7:30pmField 5
Brickhouse @ BrEEzE NutZ8:30pmField 5
"B" Division
Echos @ Coaches6:30pmField 4
Philly Fire @ Hemmingways6:30pmField 5
Tonys Pizza @ Pigeon Boys7:30pmField 4
Coaches @ Echos8:00pmField 2
Hemmingways @ Philly Fire8:00pmField 7
Pigeon Boys @ Tonys Pizza8:30pmField 4

For a complete schedule listing, click here!