Westfield Adult Softball League

Last call for Fall League

Email Jim if you would like to enter a team.


There are no courtesy runners in any division.  No exceptions.

 If you would like your bat tested, email Jim to set up a time.

2017 Bat Rule

Bats must have a 2017 Westfield NSA Sticker.  The only bats allowed for play will must have a legible imprint on bat with the 2012 imprint with the shape of the United States .  Bats with no such imprints or worn off CAN NOT be used. Absolutely NO exceptions! This is a liability issue.

There are NO Canadian Approved, Fast Pitch, Senior or Ultra bats allowed in adult men or woman’s play whether or not there is a NSA Approved imprint on it. Any player caught by umpires will be ejected and At Bat will count as an automatic out, with all runners returning to their original base to along with bat being removed from the game.

If a batter hits a line drive only and strikes an infielder/pitcher with excess force and defensive player is removed from the game because of injury from the batted ball, that bat will be removed and held from the game by the umpires. Bat will then be compression checked by Director if there is availability and bat owner agrees. If bat owner denies access to bat he will be suspended indefinitely. If no availability the bat remains out of further league play until compression check can be made.
Umpire will give Director entire bat specs, player/owner name and team name. If the bat owner still refuses to have this bat compression checked he will be suspended from all NSA leagues & tournaments for 1 year. If the bat owner allows Director to compression check the bat and it is found illegal he/she will be suspended from all NSA sanctioned play for two calendar years.

Umpires: At any time during any NSA game an umpire has the authority to not allow a bat or ball to be played with if the umpires suspects in any way shape or form that some sort of altering has been done to the approved NSA softball or bat that is presently being played with or attempted to be played with.



All bats must have our 2017 Westfield NSA sticker.  Use of an unapproved bat will result in an automatic out for first violation and game ejection for second violation.


****2017 Middle Rule**** Any ball batted that hits the pitcher in the vicinity of the pitching rubber is an out. Any ball that a pitcher makes an effort to field is not an out (not including reaction plays, where the ball is hit at the pitcher and they put their glove up to stop it). Any ball that is hit dangerously towards the pitcher, including ground balls, will be an out, in the effort of safety. First time in a game will be an out. Any further incidents in same game will be end of inning.


Reminder, Umpires are to be paid $15 and Scorekeepers $5 BEFORE game begins.  Please do not give umpire $20 and ask them to pay the scorekeeper.  Also, do not pay in coins!!!


2017 League Rules, Fees and Ground Rules are available under the "Handouts" tab.

Found - A gold Westfield High School class ring. Contact Jim to describe and claim it.

There is now a "NO SMOKING BAN" in all city of Westfield Parks & Playgrounds.

Just a reminder, ABSOLUTELY NO BEER OR ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES will be allowed. It is a City law that no drinking of alcoholic beverages is permitted on City property.