Goalie & Footskills Training

Goalie & Footskills Training

For: U8-U10 players
Cost: $20 ea. or $30 for both
When: Monday nights starting September 12

To help develop our leagues technical skills, WHYS will again be offering footskills & goalie training sessions this season. Signups are open to league players in divisions U8-U10.

    • Dates: Monday nights, September 12, 19, 26 and October 10

    • Times: Footskills will be from 6pm-7pm and Goalies will be from 7pm-8pm

  • Cost: $20 for either 4 week course or $30 for both with a free T-shirt



Fall 2016 Players of the Month

Congratulations to the following players who have achieved the distinction of becoming Player of the Month.  They have excelled in the area of Leadership skills, Positive communication and Respect.  Great job players, we are proud of your achievements!






401 - Daniel Hagewood

402 - Ethan Brown

403 - Wesley Travis

404 - Kylee Tinker

405 - Benjamin "Parker" McFarlin

406 - Aliyah Morrell

407 - Julian Harms



501 - Gavin Davis

502 - Eva Cito

503 - Avery Coles

504 - Noah Green

505 - Nate Honeycutt

506 - Matthew Cooper



601 - Hannah Meador

602 - Aiden Sims

603 - Benjamin Igou

604 - Jacob Burnett



701 - Aleric McCullough

702 - Abby Ballard



801 - Brennan Lusher

802 - Saige Wyatt

803 - Landon Peadon



U10B - Kayden Perry

U11G - Joeli Ryman

U12B - Wesley Moore

U13G - Allie Cranford

U15B - Justin Cranford

U17B - Logan Gilbreath

U18B - Jose Rubio 





Regular Season:  Sept. 10th, 17th, 24th Oct.1st

WHYS Fall Classic (NO GAMES):  October 8th-9th

Regular Season:  October 15th, 22nd

End of Season Celebration/Tournament:  October 29th

Sloan's Sidekicks




 We are excited  to offer a program for children with special needs that want to play soccer!  Named in honor of Michael Sloan, this program will be available to kids from ages 5 and older.  If you have any questions about the program, or if you or your business would like to help with sponsorship for this program please contact Jana Spicer at  commissioner@whysoccer.org












Xara Flagship

There can be no greater ambition for a parent than to see their child achieve a fulfilling and successful life. The path will be laid by the values and character that are developed during a child’s early years at home, in school and through an involvement in extracurricular activities. White House Youth Soccer understands this and we take this responsibility seriously. We recognize the greater value of participating in sports; its influence on the development of good character, the influence on higher graduation rates and the influence it has on the development of social skills, team building, leadership and learning. These areas of sustainable value play a role in the creation of a fulfilling and successful life and are desirable to every family.


That is why we focus on creating a family soccer experience that keeps players engaged and offers them growth in all of these areas. We also understand that as a child’s interest in the game evolves, so their commitment to the game may change. That is why at White House Youth Soccer we offer different and unique soccer experiences at different age levels that allow families to decide which one is right for them. Each of these experiences are built around the same core principals;


- A commitment to deliver the best possible family soccer experience.

- The games will be played in an environment that is positive and safe.

- They offer value that goes beyond making a child a better player, developing skills that will benefit the player long after the game is over.



WHYS’ partnership with Xara Soccer and its Flagship Program allows us to live those values and deliver the best family soccer experience. From your first soccer season with the Dinomites program to your High School years with College Selextion, you can be certain your family will have a soccer experience that is not only authentic and true to your values but it will offer your family a chance to create memories that will last a lifetime.


To learn more about the programs involved in the Flagship program click here.

Proud Partners of WHYS:    

White House Rain Out Information: (615) 616-1024

Upcoming Games/Practices

Monday, Sep 26
801 @ PORTLAND7:00pmPortland
Saturday, Oct 1
100 @ 1009:00am5
209 @ 21010:00am4A
207 @ 20510:00am4B
203 @ 20411:00am4A
208 @ 20611:00am4B
202 @ 20112:00pm4A
301 @ 3029:30am4C
305 @ 30310:30am4C
306 @ 30411:30am4C
405 @ 4019:00am4D
401 @ 40410:15am4E
402 @ 40611:30am4D
403 @ 40712:45pm4E
504 @ 5039:00am2A
506 @ 50110:30am2B
505 @ 50212:00pm2C
604 @ 6039:00am3A
Portland 3 @ 60210:30am3B
Portland 2 @ 60112:00pm3A
Portland 1 @ 70110:00amPortland Field 4
702 @ Portland 11:00pmPortland Field 4
MTFC 1 @ 8012:00pm5
802 @ NYSA 33:00pmNYSA
NYSA 1 @ 8034:00pm5
Sidekicks @ Sidekicks10:00am5
Saturday, Oct 15
100 @ 1009:00am5
205 @ 20910:00am4A
210 @ 20110:00am4B
207 @ 20411:00am4A
203 @ 20811:00am4B
202 @ 20612:00pm4A
304 @ 3019:30am4C
302 @ 30310:30am4C
306 @ 30511:30am4C
406 @ 4049:00am4D
405 @ 40710:15am4E
404 @ 40311:30am4D
401 @ 40212:45pm4E
502 @ 5019:00am2A
503 @ 50510:30am2B
504 @ 50612:00pm2C
602 @ Portland 19:00amPortland
604 @ 60110:30am3A
603 @ Portland 312:00pmPortland
Portland 1 @ 70210:00am1
702 @ 7011:00pm1
PORTLAND @ 8032:00pm5
801 @ NYSA 32:00pmNYSA
MTFC 2 @ 8024:00pm5
Sidekicks @ Sidekicks10:00am5

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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