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Arlington Youth Cheerleading


AYC Parent Information Night – March 22, 2018

New for 2018 Season:


⦁ Record enrollment the past two years, the AYC board had to make difficult decisions this season.


⦁ New minimum age is 7 by August 31st and going into 2nd grade, AYC follows school district guidelines. 


⦁ AYC is unable to accommodate cheerleaders from other school districts or towns, those who cheered last year from another town are grandfathered in. 


Sign-up dates/ Uniform Fittings 


⦁ Saturday, April 28th

Weston High School

4407 172nd ST NE, Arlington

10 am to 2pm 


⦁ Wednesday, May 2nd

Weston High School

407 172nd ST NE, Arlington

5pm to 8pm 

Final Registration, Final Uniform Fitting

Approximate Required Costs for season-$432, which includes: 

⦁ $75 –This covers our costs only for Facilities, Liability Insurance & Organization. We are Non-Profit and are operated by dedicated volunteers.

⦁ $70 Cheer camp 

⦁ $287 required uniform approximately includes:

⦁ AYC T shirt/shorts for 4th of July Parade-$16

⦁ Uniform—130.00

⦁ Hooded Jacket—95.00

⦁ Under armor – 14.00 

⦁ Spankies – 8.00

⦁ Socks – 4.00/pair

⦁ Poms – $20/pair

⦁ Cheer Bow-AYC will purchase for each cheerleader

 ⦁ Optional pieces for uniform are available but not required:

⦁ Warm-Up Pants 35.00

⦁ Bag – 22.00

 Used uniforms available for purchase from last year. 50% off new price- Shell or skirt only. All other uniform items must be bought new. 


⦁ Parents selling used uniforms will drop them tonight or prior to signups/arrange with board member. 

⦁ Cash only for used uniform sales and separate transaction from the rest of registration. 

 Fundraising –TApril 28th at Weston HS Parking lot

2018 Squads and possible changes based on registrations- Grade in September 

⦁ 2nd- Pee Wee’s 

⦁ 3rd & 4th- 89’rs

⦁ 5th & 6th- Juniors

⦁ 7th & 8th Seniors/Bantam

⦁ returning 9th graders-Seniors

 If a squad has too many members, cheerleaders will be assessed at rally and may move to another squad to even out the squad numbers. Keep this possibility in mind if joining with friends or counting on carpools/transportation as they may not be on same squad. 

Commitment (Season mid-June to early November depends on playoffs) 

⦁ Travel – Away games can be located in areas as far south as Meadowdale, and as far north as Ferndale.  

⦁ Practices – Always at Post Middle School unless notified by coach 

⦁ June 16th Rally @ Weston HS Commons 9:30am-1pm

⦁ June 19th through July 3rd- Tues and Thurs 6-7:30pm at Post MS

⦁ July 4th –Parade in Arlington – 5 pm

⦁ No July practices after parade

⦁ July 27th & July 28th Camp 9 am to 3pm @ Post Middle School

⦁ August All squad practices Tues, Wed, Thurs 6 to 7:30pm 

⦁ Mid -August Football Jamboree TBD

⦁ No games/practices over Labor Day Weekend

⦁ Games Begin the Saturday after Jamboree

⦁ No Practice night before or first day of school 

⦁ 9/10 through the end of the season practices at Post Middle School 6pm to 7:30pm Example schedule, based on coaches availability  

⦁ Mon/Wed  (Locker Bay Mon/Mat Room Wed)

⦁ Tue/Thurs  (Mat Room Tues/Locker Bay Thurs)

⦁ Tues/Thurs  (Locker Bay Tues/Mat Room Thurs)

⦁ Mon/Wed   (Mat room Mon/Locker Bay Wed)