Workdays on Major & Minor Fields - Redwood Fields
Saturday, Feb 10 & Feb 17
Sunday, Feb 11 & Feb 18
Beginning at 9:00am each day.
Please come out and help get these fields ready for Baseball!!






March 3rd & 4th – CR Field House 

(note different times each day) 



Saturday, March 3

6 & 7            1:00-2:30

8                  2:30-3:30 

9                  3:30-4:30 

10 (A-L)       4:30-5:30 

10 (M-Z)       5:30-6:30 

11                 6:30-7:45 

12                 7:45-8:45 

13-15              8:45-10:00 


Sunday, March 4

 6 & 7             9:00-10:00 

  8                  10:00-11:00 

  9                  11:00-12:00 

10              12:00-1:30 

11                1:30-3:00 

12                 3:00-4:00 

13-15             4:00-5:30 


DRAFT – Monday, March 5th (Little League) & March 6th (Seniors). Your coach will contact player that week as to practice schedule. 

ALL PLAYERS – please bring glove and wear tennis shoes. 


For further questions, contact Jeremy (President) @ 407-7023 or Kathy (Secretary) @ 498-0885 





Annual General Meeting Update
2018 RELL Officers were selected. Jeremy Ohlsen was voted in as the new President. 
Huge Thank you to Mike Munson for serving as President for the past 2 years. His commitment and dedication was appreciated by everyone who served with him!
Please log into our website for the full listing of the new officers. Feel free to contact anyone of them if you would like to get involved!  Some areas of need are:
Senior League - (Joey Vance will serve as VP for Seniors, but needs many more parents to help)
Snack bar Coordinator (oversee, not to work every night)
Umpire Coordinator
Uniform Handouts
Little League
Jacob Haney Snack Bar Coordinator
Help with Homerun Derby
Uniform Handouts
There are many more ways to get involved, please just ask!
Our next board meeting is Monday, Nov 6th, 6:00pm @ Babes. Everyone is invited to attend.





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Redwood Empire Little League Baseball is currently earning 15% on each sale!

Our fan site is located toward the bottom left of our website.