Last Updated: May 22, 2017
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Cressona will be holding a hitting challenge! Please see the documents to print the flyer and score sheet. It will take place on the Teener League Field so you can report right over there and begin.Teams playing the 8pm game can take their turn any time before that game when the field is available.  1 winner from each team will win a prize.  Any team NOT scheduled to play at our complex that day is welcome to come over and participate in all of the fun.


Please print out a copy of this Rule Sheet and Scoring Sheet and bring with you that day.


Our League is off to a good start so far this season in all three divisions.  To our 8U families, let me please remind everyone that we have two new Managers and many players who are new to our League.  Especially at the 8U level, our League’s emphasis has been and will continue to be on developing players and helping them understand the fundamentals and Rules of the game.  With that being said, please remember that our managers, coaches and umpires are always trying to do their best to enforce the Rules and be as fair as possible.  Umpires do not get every call right every time.  At the 8U level, we have to balance teaching, having fun and, most importantly, safety.


            All parents and players have signed a Code of Conduct form.  Especially at the 8U level, players can be affected by the actions and words of parents and spectators.  While we encourage cheering and positive reinforcement, we will not accept or tolerate parents and spectators badgering players, managers/coaches or umpires.


            Finally, I have it on very good information that ESPN will not be covering any OLL games this season and the pro and college scouts have decided that no offers will be made to any OLL player this season.  Keep it fun and keep the focus on the kids, please!


                                                            Sud Patel, OLL President.


Volunteer Clearance: All volunteers will need to submit the following clearance.  Please bring copies of the clearance to registrations or to your first practice.  All those planning to help coach in any capacity will need to have these clearances.


Criminal Record Clearance -


Criminal Abuse History Clearance -


In addition there is a Criminal Background check through the Dept. of Human Services but this is only needed if you have not lived in PA for the last 10 years.

Upcoming Games

Wednesday, May 24
9-10 Year Old
Bedway's @ Indians6:00pmCressona
8 and Under
Mets @ Yuengling's Ice Cream6:00pmmemorial
Thursday, May 25
11-12 Year Old
MRI @ Boyer's6:00pmmemorial
8 and Under
Royals @ Boyers6:00pmBenner
MRD @ Cubs6:00pmCressona
Friday, May 26
9-10 Year Old
Bedway's @ Fanellis8:00pmmemorial
11-12 Year Old
McDonald's @ Rohrers6:00pmmemorial
Saturday, May 27
9-10 Year Old
Pirates @ H&L12:00pmmemorial
11-12 Year Old
Boyer's @ Miller's10:00ammemorial
MRI @ Caridnals2:00pmCressona
8 and Under
Yuengling's Ice Cream @ Braves10:00amSchuylkill Haven Field
MRD @ Cardinals12:00pmSchuylkill Haven Field
Boyers @ Mets2:00pmSchuylkill Haven Field

For a complete schedule listing, click here!