Last Updated: September 14, 2017
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 Fall Field Clean-Up & Equipment Return- Oct 21st starting at 8a

All 2017 Coaches (Spring & Fall) MUST return all issued equipment back to Alex Porreca by 10/21

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October Mtg- 2018 Planning Session-ALL IDEAS WELCOMED!

Wednesday, Oct 11th 6:30p, Zalenski's

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2018 ICYBSL Board of Directors

President-          Dave Ferroni

VP-                      Nate Gump

Secretary-          Melanie Carver

Treasurer-          James Speece

Tournaments     John Bryan

Concessions-    Jodi Merriman

Fundraising-      Gary Borham    

Equipment-        Alex Porreca

Fields-                Dominic Cutri

Softball Rep-     John Brettell

Shetland Rep-  OPEN POSITION

Pinto Rep-         John Brothers

Mustang Rep-   Jimmy Lane

Bronco Rep-      Tim Allen

Pony Rep-          Joe Carmine



Games run each Saturday, Aug 12 - Oct. 14
Schedules will be posted on or after Aug. 5th on the


Registration is now CLOSED.


FALL BALL Registration will CLOSE TOMORROW- Wed., July 26th at midnight.
Teams may close earlier as Rosters, per Division- FILL.
Start Date is August 12th!!

Register TODAY!!!!! To guarantee your spot.

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Usually one league hosts Fall Ball for Softball.

This year it will either be Steubenville or Weirton. However,we will begin to collect

CREEK Registration, determine the interest by the #s and ages THEN forward to the appropriate host.

SOFTBALL Registration NOW Available.......

Fall Ball Registration OPEN... Sign-Up TODAY!                 

 Come out & cheer...

Our 14U girls play for the Championship at Pleasant Hill 1:30p Saturday.

Go Girls!! Bring home the hardware.


 Bronco Gold captures OVYBL Division B Championship

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED during Tournament Time!

2-hour shifts.  Sign-in/out at Concession Stand.

No one is required to volunteer during their child's game time.

Please email: your name & # to request YOUR time slot.

(Parking, 50/50 Sales, Field Maintenance, etc)

Upcoming Dates/Events

COMING SOON... Get Ready... Get Excited...


Firecracker Tournament Schedules...  Get Ready To PLAY BALL !!




Home Tourneys: PINTO June 28-July 2 & MUSTANG July 1-5


All-Stars Raffle- Chance to be a Pirates Jr Broadcaster

See any 2017 All-Star for tickets and a chance to win!

Drawing Aug 27th, $5 each

SPIRIT CUPS will be distributed

Tuesday, June 20th from 5-7p at the Field Garage. 

See Jodi Merriman.

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Due to a # of makeup games scheduled for tonight the Board Meeting has been moved to tomorrow- Thurs. June 15th at 7:15p Zalenski's 

Congratulations to our May Lottery Winners


5/4 - Bill Stewart

5/16 - Dawn D'Andrea

5/21 - Tracy Simpson

5/30 - Jodi Merriman

5/31 - Janet Speece


We will be contacting all winners shortly.  


Lead by Jim Walker- Franciscan Head Softball Coach.
June 20th, 10a-2p for Softball Players in grades 8-12.
Cost: $50   Register online at Franciscan.
Direct questions to Coach Walker at or call 740-284-3745




Congratulations… ALL-STARS 2017





Santino Auteri

Franco Barcalow

James Brothers

Garrin Clark

Michael Fabbro

Tanner Goodwin

Kadin Gryskevich

Riley Guskea

Max Lane

Bruce Mazar

Marek Speece

Skielor Truax

Hunter Allen

Sal Barcalow

Caleb Bodo

Preston Cole

Logan Gosbin

Ty Householder

Brennin Takach

Aiden Howard

Sylus Hyde

Gavin Pownall

Peyton Rauch

Kyle Shultz

Kody Carver

Trey Ingram

Brayden Medley

Lucca Morelli

Aiden Orr

Landon Pownall

Brayden Rauch

Hunter Rothacker

Logan Schaffer

CJ Spencer

Jayden Vandeborne


Coach- Jimmy Lane

Coach- Alex Porreca

Coach- Joe Carmine


ICYBSL: 6/26-7/2

Weirton: 7/8-12

I-470: 7/13-16 NEW

Shadyside: 7/19 -23



Oak Glen: 6/30-7/2

ICYBSL: 7/1-5

St. C: 7/6-9

Ferry: 7/24-29


Oak Glen: 6/30-7/2 NEW

Weirton: 7/8-12

Westwood: 7/21-23


MakePeace Candle Orders are ready for PICKUP

Tues & Wed, May 30th-31st from 5-7p at our field garage.

The candles can NOT be held til the weekend:

Please arrange for SOMEONE to pick up your order!

1) the temp of garage is NOT good for the candles &

2) Pallets of 'diamond dry' are being delivered Friday.



LOCAL Baseball Camp... fast approaching!

Camp Director: Rich Donnelly

Space is limited!!



The Election of All-Star Coaches for 2017

  • PINTO- Jimmy Lane
  • MUSTANG- Alex Porreca
  • BRONCO- Joe Carmine

The evaluation & selection of players/teams will be completed by month-end.


Order your 'Spirit Cups'- TODAY!

Get 2 Travel Cups or 4 Spirit Cups for only $20.
College Teams & Professional Sports Teams...
Football, Baseball, Hockey!!

~Stock up: Christmas Gifts, Birthdays, Poolside or Everyday use~

**Order TODAY from your Favorite Player!!!**

Player Fundraiser Forms & $ due no later than MAY 12th to Head Coaches or Concession Stand.

Delivery by Memorial Day.
















Field and Website Sponsors for 2017 Spring Season!



































Old Dates/Events




BRONCO Grey - 1:50



THANK YOU! Parents, Players, Family & Friends for a GREAT Opening Day FESTIVAL!!

Check out our Big Winners of the day...




Attention coaches/parents/volunteers - The following list of field maintenance items that need completed now and throughout the season:

T-Ball / Pinto Field

1. Hang up Black Screen on backstop, ( use Zip-ties or we can get C-clips ).

2. Remove grass along the fence, in front of 1B & 3B dugouts.

3. Clean out dugouts, make sure to remove any rocks or gravel.

4. Pick up all trash around the field, this includes the area between the Pinto & Mustang fields, under all bleachers, especially the outfield bleachers.

5. Fill in low spots on the infield with dirt. Hook up the wagon to the John Deere or use a wheelbarrow.

6. Reset 2B, ( If you don't know how to do it, contact Joe Carmine).

7. Cut grass (2x per week, when needed), trim weeds around the fence & hillside behind outfield bleachers.

8. Empty all trash cans


Mustang Field

1. Hang up Black Screen on backstop.

2. Clean out dugouts

3. Pick up all trash around the field, this includes the area between the Pinto & Mustang fields.

4. Empty all trash cans.

5. Fill in all low spots on the infield with dirt.

6. Cut grass ( as needed ), this includes the pitching cages & hillside.


Bronco / Pony Field

1. Hang up Black Screen on backstop.

2. Clean out dugouts.

3. Pick up all trash around the field, this includes the batting cage areas, shelter area, and concession stand.

4. Empty all trash cans around the field.

5. Fill in low spots on the infield with dirt.

6. Cut grass, ( 2x per week outfield grows fast).


7. Rake up any remaining leaves near the dugouts & backstop. 


*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Congratulations to our newly elected Board of Directors!!

President- Dave Ferroni         

Vice President- Nate Gump                                                                                       

Secretary- Melanie Carver                              

Treasurer- James Speece
Equipment- Alex Porreca
Concessions- Dominic Cutri
Fundraising- Jodi Merriman
Tournament Director- Alex Gryskevich
Field Maintenance- Joe Carmine      

Shetland Rep- John Bryan
Pinto Rep- Jimmy Lane
Mustang Rep- Tim Allen
Bronco Rep- Mike Krager
Pony Rep- Stan Cottis
Softball Rep- John Wineman

 Good luck to all of these board members on their new positions!!!                                               















ICYBSL is Ahead of the Curve

Effective this year, the WBA Board voted and approved an initiative –PitchSmart- as a proactive measure to help protect young players reduce arm injuries and follow safe pitching practices throughout our league, at every division.  

 NOW  MLB and ABCA have officially endorsed this program! 

What is PitchSmart?A series of practical, age-appropriate guidelines (see article below) to help parents,players and coaches avoid overuse injuries and foster long, healthy careers for youth pitchers.  

These guidelines will be posted in each of our dugouts going forward.

It’s great to be a Trendsetter yet even more satisfying that the health and safety of our children remain the league’s #1 priority.



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