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Courtyard Marriott Brampton

Welcome to the home of

Brampton Men's Recreational Baseball League Inc.


The Brampton Men's Recreational Baseball League Inc. has been in operation since 1978.

If you are interested in playing baseball (hardball) please contact us to have your name added to our players available list.

For more information please call Dan @ 416-909-6945 or Miller 416-882-5571 or E-mail

The 2017 season will start on Sunday April 30. 




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Upcoming Games

Sunday, Sep 24
"A" Playoffs
Phillies @ Royals3:15pmFCCC Park (Flower City Centre)
"B" Playoffs
Chiefs @ Mets3:15pmChris Gibson Park
"C" Playoffs
Orioles @ Padres12:00pmChris Gibson Park
"D" Playoffs
Nationals @ Brewers3:15pmDavid Dash Park
Wednesday, Sep 27
"D" Playoffs
Brewers @ Nationals7:30pmDavid Dash Park
Thursday, Sep 28
"A" Playoffs
Royals @ Phillies7:30pmChris Gibson Park
"B" Playoffs
Mets @ Chiefs7:30pmTBA
"C" Playoffs
Padres @ Orioles7:30pmTeramoto Red
Sunday, Oct 1
"B" Playoffs
Chiefs @ Mets12:00pmChris Gibson Park
"C" Playoffs
Orioles @ Padres3:15pmDavid Dash Park
"D" Playoffs
Nationals @ Brewers3:15pmChris Gibson Park
Thursday, Oct 5
"A" Playoffs
Phillies @ Royals7:30pmDavid Dash Park

For a complete schedule listing, click here!