Storm Checkers

  • Jersey Storm Forever
  • Thank you to all former Storm for the terrific memories

One of New Jersey's most successful club baseball teams EVER and one of the best Best in the East since 2008!!!!


****Ranked as high as 19th in the nation in 2013


Congrats to the Jersey Storm on their 400th victory!!!!  4/26/15


Jersey Storms 500th game, August 9th, 2015, @ Diamond Nation

The Jersey Storm 2015 Season Record


Wins  --  Loss's 

   65                  13                      


Storm/Marlins record since 2008 


Wins  --  Loss's

 448              58




Next Storm Tournament:

Spring 2016


All Time Tourney Roundup.

59 Tournaments Played In All Time

50  Time Tournament Semi-Finalist


42 Time Tournament Finalist

33 Time Tournament Champions

16 Time Spring/Summer League Champions


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NYEB Fall Brawl Champs

500th Game, Diamond Nation CHAMPS!!!!

Triple Crown Champs!! VEGAS BOUND!!!

Diamond Nation Champs!!!

Bergen County Champs, for the 5th time!!

Perfect Game CHAMPS!!!

Perfect Game Champs!!!!