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2017 Fall Rules

B Division 2017 Fall Rules 

A Division 2017 Fall Rules  

16U  Fall Rules


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8U Championship Bracket Rev 10-17-17 5pm

1st 8U Consolation Bracket Rev 10-18-17  4pm

2nd 8U Consolation Bracket Rev 10-18-17 4pm


9-10 B Championship Bracket  Rev 10-18-17  6:15pm

1st 9-10 B Consolation Bracket  Rev 10-18-17   6:30pm

2nd 9-10 B Consolation Bracket


9-10 A Championship Bracket  Rev 10-18-17  6:15pm

9-10 A Consolation Bracket


11-12 B Championship Bracket  Rev 10-18-17  6pm

11-12 B Consolation Bracket  Rev 10-18-17  6pm


11-12 A Championship Bracket  Rev 10-18-17   6pm

11-12 A Consolation Bracket  Rev 10-18-17  6pm


13-14 B Championship Bracket  Rev 10-18-17  5pm

1st 13-14 B Consolation Bracket

2nd 13-14 B Consolation Bracket


13-14 A Championship Bracket  Rev 1-18-17  7pm

1st 13-14 A Consolation Bracket

2nd 13-14 A Consolation Bracket


16U Championship Bracket Rev 10-18-17  4:30pm

1st 16U Consolation Bracket Rev 10-18-17  4:30pm

2nd 16U Consolation Bracket  Rev 10-18-17  4:30pm

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If you see someone wearing this jacket they are a BCML Champion.

That is the only way you can get one of these jackets, go for it!


             Championship Award Jackets
All players on each division champion roster during the BCML playoffs will receive a jacket




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