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NCAA Pool Instructions- All Pools must be completed by Thursday morning before tip time.
Each pool is $20.  $10 goes to the pool pot and $10 goes to the player fee.
Registration is easy and free. If you are cbs member, you just have to log in. Once you log in or are registered,just click join this pool
Once registered, please click options and update your name for the bracket. The "Your name" box should be your name and the players name in parenthesis, i.e. Chris Roantree (Vincent Luciano). Click Update. You are now set to enter your picks. 
All selections need to be entered by the 1st game on Thursday
Pool Breakdown- $10 goes to the organization and $10 goes to the prize pool. The prize will be determined by the number of entrants into the pool. Last years payouts were below:
1st Place- $800 
2nd Place-$250 
3rd-5th Place- $100

2018 Final Rosters

We would like to thank everybody for trying out for our teams in the current year.  Congratulations to the players listed below who were selected to be part of the program. Your coach will in contact with you this week about practice time.  Please click here to complete your uniform sizing ASAP but no later then Monday night March 12.

4th Grade   7th Grade   9th Grade
Jordan Benzenhafer   Liam Breslin   Dominic Altimari
Ryan Brennan   Quinn Coyle   Matthew Bowes
Liam Duffy   Jacob Cummiskey   John Donahue
Timothy Ginter   Cody Lubiskey   Michael Flach
Dymaire Johnson   Tristan Machado   Shane McNicholas
Nicholas Lilly   Tommy Przybylinski   JD Mosco
Jack Mcmullin   Liam Rardin   Daniel Prior
Michael Rossi   Dylan Rome   Bernie Rogers
Joey Sinni   Luke Shaeffer   Jadin Shaw
John Scipione   Timmy Smith   James Wade
Jake Tyer   Ryan Sorge    
8th Grade Fenningham   8th Grade Stock    
Mark Boyle   Shane Dawson    
Michael Conway   Nolan Dudzek    
Liam Cummiskey   Gavin Holloran    
Michael Knouse   Evan Heffelfinger    
Jeremiah Macalindong   Joe Marczak    
Luke Marvin   Brady Moore    
Andrew McHugh   Michael Nugent    
Nick Mosco   Bernie Parent    
Chris Thompson   Gavin Stock    
Billy Whiteley   Jake Tiernan    
    Matt Tiernan    

The Northeast Sting Hoops Club is a non-profit organization promoting amateur basketball serving the Northeast Philadelphia Area for over 10 years. The club is a registered affiliate of AAU. In the current year, we will have over 80 young men from ages of 10 through 16 in the program competing in various tournaments through out the tri-state area. 





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If aynbody had pictures from any of the tournaments, including Championship Photos from this weekend or any action shots, please send to stinghoops73@gmail.com.  We would like to get them posted to the site.

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