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2017 New JBO Rules

(New 2017 season)

Midget Division

For, the National skill level, a runner may not lead off third base and may not steal home. A runner on third may only advance as a result of a batted ball, walk, or penalty.


Game Playing Regulations

There shall be free defensive substitutions at all positions, excluding pitchers. Once a pitcher has been removed from the mound during the course of a game, they may not re-enter for any reason as a pitcher, for the duration of the game. Each player must play a minimum of six defensive outs. If a player arrives late and is unable to complete his/her defensive outs, they must be inserted immediately and play until the game is completed or they have played their required six defensive outs, should the game go into extra innings.


Senior National

Bases are 90 feet and pitching distance is 60 feet 6 inches (Same as American & Federal)


(JBO has voted to stay with BPF 1.15)

JBO will not adopt the USABat rule change for the 2019 season replacing the BPF 1.15 youth bats.




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