Last Updated: May 23, 2016

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202 Street Hockey is a co-ed youth hockey organization for ages 4-16. We have 4 divisions: Chipmunks ages 4-6, Penguins ages 7-9, Beavers ages 10-12 and Cadets ages 13-16. Our mission is to provide a safe and fun environment for boys and girls to learn team work and build self-esteem through street hockey. Our home is at 249 Daniel Shays Hwy in Orange, MA next to Gelinas Landscaping. If you have a child interested in learning the fun and exciting sport of street hockey contact us at

If you would like to volunteer as a coach or sponsor a team contact us at the email above.





Team pictures have been rescheduled until May 21st. All players should receive a schedule and order form from your coach. Please arrive early to ensure that pictures can be taken on time between games on the rink. Additional order forms will be available from the photographer on picture day.


Chipmunks: all teams at 8:00


9:30 Berquist Auto and Play It Again

10:30 Hopkins Masonry and Appleseed

11:30 Mallet Rubbish and Athol Savings


12:30 Hometown Bank and Red Apple Farm

1:30 Athol Police and Piragis Plumbing


2:30 WJDF and Options Direct

3:30 D'Ambrosio and Pete's Tire



 Beaver games scheduled for Thurs May 12th have been rescheduled to Mon June 6th.

All games scheduled for Sat May 14th have been rescheduled to Sun May 22nd except for Chipmunks who will play on Mon May 23rd.



If you are unable to make a game please contact your coach so they can arrange to get a sub.



Chipmunks - all teams Tuesday at 5pm

Penguins - Wednesday

5pm Berquist Auto and Appleseed

6pm Hopkins Masonry and Mallets

7pm Play It Again and Athol Savings

Beavers - Thursday

4:30pm Hometown Bank and Piragis Plumbing

5:30pm Red Apple Farm

6:30pm Athol Police

Cadets - Tuesday

6pm Options Direct and D'Ambrosio

7pm WJDF and Pete's Tire Barn




Any questions regarding player information contact the webmaster at
Any questions or concerns please email the board at



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Upcoming Games/Practices

Wednesday, Jun 1
4 - Berquist Auto (green) @ 6 - Appleseed Business (yellow)5:00pm202 SHA
3 - Play It Again Sports (teal) @ 2 - Mallets Rubbish & Recycling (red)6:00pm202 SHA
5 - Athol Savings Bank (orange) @ 1 - Hopkins Masonry (pink)7:00pm202 SHA
Saturday, Jun 4
4 - Piragis Plumbing (orange) @ 2 - Red Apple Farm (red)1:00pm202 SHA
1 - Hometown Bank (purple) @ 3 - Athol Police (light blue)2:00pm202 SHA
4 - Pete's Tire Barn (orange) @ 2 - Options Direct (yellow)3:00pm202 SHA
1 - WJDF (maroon) @ 3 - D'Ambrosio Eye Care (red)4:00pm202 SHA
1 - Gardner City Barber Shop (teal) @ 3 - Contaminated Pork (orange)8:45am202 SHA
4 - C&D Towing (green) @ 2 - Herrick's Tavern (purple)8:45am202 SHA
3 - Play It Again Sports (teal) @ 5 - Athol Savings Bank (orange)10:00am202 SHA
6 - Appleseed Business (yellow) @ 2 - Mallets Rubbish & Recycling (red)11:00am202 SHA
1 - Hopkins Masonry (pink) @ 4 - Berquist Auto (green)12:00pm202 SHA
Monday, Jun 6
2 - Red Apple Farm (red) @ 4 - Piragis Plumbing (orange)5:30pm202 SHA
3 - Athol Police (light blue) @ 1 - Hometown Bank (purple)6:30pm202 SHA

For a complete schedule listing, click here!