Last Updated: September 20, 2017
 ONLY 2 REG. SEASON DATES LEFT! ***If you don't have all of your games played by September 30 it's on YOU!!!***  
  • We played 19 games last weekend! (1) PACKERS 16, BUCS 7 (2) RAVENS 10, PATS 7
  • (3) FALCONS 25, BUCS 7 (4) JETS 21, BRONCOS 13 (5) RAVENS 16, STEELERS 10 (6) JETS 21, PACKERS 0
  • (7) SEAHAWKS 18, SKINS 6 (8) PACKERS 24, FALCONS 7 (9) BRONCOS 14, RAIDERS 0 (10) PATS 28, BUCS 6
  • (11) STEELERS 21, PATS 6 (12) RAVENS 23, RAIDERS 7 (13) SKINS 13, BUCS 0 (14) BRONCOS 17, FALCONS 0
  • (15) GB 14, ATL 6 (16) DEN 26, TB (17) PATS 7, OAK 6 (18) JETS 23, RAVENS 14 (19) GBAY 20, TBAY 0

Welcome to the home of the


September 2, 2017



Week Opponent 8 3 158 113 Opponent 4 8 112 173 Opponent 0 8 37 167 Opponent 1 2 24 33 Opponent 0 0 0 0
1 BRONCOS L 0 13 REDSKINS L 7 12 STEELERS L 0 17 FALCONS W 21 13        
2 DOLPHINS W 20 9 LIONS L 13 21 JEAGLES L 18 21 FALCONS L 3 6        
3 BILLS W 19 14 COWBOYS L 0 7 PACKERS L 6 17 COWBOYS L 0 14        
4 SEAHAWKS L 14 17 SEAHAWKS L 7 28 FALCONS L 7 25                
5 REDSKINS W 14 6 LIONS W 6 3 PATRIOTS L 6 28                
6 PATRIOTS W 16 14 JETS L 10 11 REDSKINS L 0 13                
7 BUCCANEERS W 17 6 STEELERS W 15 14 BRONCOS L 0 26                
8 FALCONS W 24 7 RAIDERS W 16 15 PACKERS L 0 20 JEAGLES               
9 FALCONS W 14 6 BUCCANEERS W 25 7 COWBOYS       SEAHAWKS              
10 JETS L 0 21 PACKERS L 7 24 TITANS                       
11 BUCCANEERS W 20 0 BRONCOS L 0 17  SEAHAWKS                      
12 PATRIOTS       PACKERS L 6 14 LIONS       BUCCANEERS               
13  DOLPHINS        RAVENS       x RAIDERS x       TITANS               
14 PATRIOTS         x BUCS x       x FALCONS x        REDSKINS               
Week Opponent 5 3 170 146 Opponent 5 3 123 73 Opponent 4 7 121 141 Opponent 1 1 21 48 Opponent 0 1 8 21
2 RAIDERS L 34 37 FALCONS W 7 0 COWBOYS L 8 13 COWBOYS L 0 30        
3 FALCONS W 28 7 REDSKINS W 27 14 JETS L 6 13                
4 COWBOYS W 28 19 SEAHAWKS L 19 28 TITANS W 24 7                
5 PACKERS W 17 14 LIONS W 14 0 COWBOYS L 14 27                
6 REDSKINS W 21 17 RAIDERS L 7 10 BRONCOS L 7 14                
7 REDSKINS W 18 6 JEAGLES W 30 0 PACKERS L 6 14                
8 TITANS   L 17  27  TITANS L 6 13 STEELERS W 8 7 LIONS               
9 LIONS       BUCCANEERS       SEAHAWKS L 17 21 TITANS               
10 COWBOYS        SEAHAWKS        SEAHAWKS L 6 18 SEAHAWKS               
11  BUCCANEERS       JEAGLES        BUCCANEERS W 13 0  COWBOYS              
12 RAVENS                 JEAGLES       REDSKINS               
13 JETS        RAVENS         JEAGLES       REDSKINS              
14  JEAGLES        JETS        LIONS        SEAHAWKS               
Week Opponent 9 2 192 91 Opponent 3 7 107 131 Opponent 1 2 40 46 Opponent 1 4 45 74 Opponent 0 0 0 0
1 PACKERS W 13 0 BRONCOS L 7 21 BRONCOS L 18 21 PACKERS L 9 20        
2 PATRIOTS W 21 7 DOLPHINS W 7 0 DOLPHINS W 8 6 BILLS L 6 8        
3 BILLS W 21 18 JETS L 7 21 PACKERS L 14 19 PATRIOTS L 0 7        
4 REDSKINS W 14 7 RAIDERS L 14 17 PATRIOTS        BRONCOS L 17 29        
5 STEELERS W 14 7 PACKERS L 14 16 BRONCOS       PACKERS              
6 RAVENS L 10 14 RAVENS L 7 10 DOLPHINS        BILLS               
7 DOLPHINS W 29 17 BUCCANEERS W 28 6 PACKERS       PATRIOTS  13  10        
8 JETS L 13 21 STEELERS L 6 21 PATRIOTS        BRONCOS                
9 RAIDERS W 14 0 RAIDERS W 7 6                        
10 FALCONS W 17 0 BILLS  -                        
11 BUCCANEERS W 26 0  DOLPHINS 10   13                        
12 PATRIOTS       BRONCOS                               
13          BILLS  -  -                        
14          PACKERS                              
Week Opponent 11 0 209 98 Opponent 6 4 161 136 Opponent 6 6 163 227 Opponent 5 3 173 134 Opponent 4 10 151 197
3 STEELERS W 15 14 RAIDERS L 20 21 STEELERS W 21 17 JETS L 14 21 RAIDERS L 17 21
4 TITANS W 21 14 BRONCOS W 14 10 TITANS L 16 35 RAIDERS W 35 16 JETS L 14 15
5 FALCONS W 11 10 JETS L 14 17 STEELERS W 13 12 STEELERS W 28 7 RAIDERS L 12 13
6 PATRIOTS W 21 7 TITANS W 30 29 RAVENS W 21 20 RAVENS L 29 30 RAVENS W 3 0
9 BRONCOS W 21 13 RAIDERS W 23 7 FALCONS L 15 16  JEAGLES       FALCONS L 14 15
11 RAVENS W 24 13  TITANS       RAVENS L 7 23 RAVENS        TITANS L 7 28
12  TITANS        SEAHAWKS       PATRIOTS L 6 7 JETS        JETS L 7 17
13  SEAHAWKS       COWBOYS        x TITANS x       x RAIDERS x       RAVENS L 10 16
14 COWBOYS         FALCONS       x BUCCANEERS x       LIONS        PATRIOTS W 21 6


September 20, 2017
TOP 10 LEADERBOARDS as of September 20, 2017
Rank Prev. Coach Team W L T GP Pts* Pct PF PA PD                
1 1 KING KOOPA JETS 11 0 0 11 22 1.000 209 98 111                
2 2 BREEZY BRONCOS 9 2 0 11 18 0.818 192 91 101                
3 6 OBI-RON-KENOBI PACKERS 8 3 0 11 16 0.727 157 114 43                
4 9 THE TOTAL PACKAGE RAVENS 6 4 0 10 12 0.600 161 136 25                
5 3 THE COMMISH RAIDERS 6 6 0 12 12 0.500 163 227 -64                
6 5 RE3 SEAHAWKS 5 2 0 7 10 0.714 153 119 34                
7 4 BIG KAHUNSKA COWBOYS 5 3 0 8 10 0.625 123 73 50                
8 10 THE DEFIANT ONE TITANS 5 3 0 8 10 0.625 173 134 39                
9 7 GUNSLINGER REDSKINS 4 6 0 10 8 0.400 104 120 -16                
10 8 BAMA BRAIN FALCONS 4 8 0 12 8 0.333 112 180 -68                
*Leading Rushers*                        
Rank Prev. Player Team RUSH YDS AVG TDs LG                        
1 1 Jamal LEWIS RAVENS 86 958 11.1 11 91                        
2 2 C.J. ANDERSON BRONCOS 58 639 11.0 6 75                        
3 5 LeGarrette BLOUNT PATRIOTS 58 482 8.3 6 75                        
4 3 Le'Veon BELL STEELERS 72 456 6.3 6 85                        
5 4 Sidney RICE SEAHAWKS 35 451 12.9 3 87                        
6 6 Matt JONES REDSKINS 51 421 8.3 6 82                        
7 7 DeAngelo WILLIAMS STEELERS 26 348 13.4 2 75                        
8 8 Ty MONTGOMERY PACKERS 49 344 7.0 4 69                        
9 9 Eric DICKERSON RAIDERS 31 319 10.3 4 82                        
10 10 John CONNER JETS 38 294 7.7 4 75                        
*Leading Receivers*                        
Rank Prev. Player Team RECs YDS* AVG LG TDs                        
1 2 Frank WYCHECK TITANS 20 591 29.6 73 6                        
2 1 Matt JONES REDSKINS 15 493 32.9 78 5                        
3 5 Sidney RICE SEAHAWKS 26 482 18.5 54 5                        
4 3 Dez BRYANT COWBOYS 19 427 22.5 46 4                        
5 4 Ty MONTGOMERY PACKERS 23 421 18.3 87 1                        
6 6 Devonta FREEMAN FALCONS 19 407 21.4 88 1                        
7 7 Devin SMITH JETS 18 401 22.3 48 2                        
8 8 Jordy NELSON PACKERS 16 382 23.9 60 3                        
9 9 Le'Veon BELL STEELERS 20 381 19.1 75 4                        
10 10 Demaryius THOMAS BRONCOS 7 339 48.4 75 2                        
*Leading Passers* (Att-Comp-YDS-Pct-Tds-Ints)                   
Rank Prev. Player Team ATT COMP YDS* PCT LG TDs INTs QBR                  
1 4 Steve MCNAIR TITANS 106 61 1593 57.5% 83 17 2 133.8                  
2 1 Geno SMITH JETS 113 74 1520 65.5% 75 17 2 140.9                  
3 2 Matt RYAN FALCONS 152 79 1453 52.0% 88 12 4 100.6                  
4 7 Russell WILSON SEAHAWKS 106 68 1419 64.2% 75 15 0 147.2                  
5 3 Ben ROETHLISBERGER STEELERS 156 69 1416 44.2% 75 13 3 96.5                  
6 5 Aaron RODGERS PACKERS 103 62 1325 60.2% 87 11 0 139.9                  
7 6 Tony ROMO COWBOYS 115 59 1304 51.3% 85 14 0 131.7                  
8 8 Kenny STABLER RAIDERS 118 51 1220 43.2% 81 12 3 104.5                  
9 9 Peyton MANNING BRONCOS 89 36 1081 40.4% 91 12 4 107.3                  
10 10 Kirk COUSINS REDSKINS 94 47 921 50.0% 78 8 2 104.1                  
*Leading Defenders* (POINTS: Tackles+Sacks+Ints+Ff+Ffr+Tds)                    
Rank Prev. Player Team TKLS SACKS INTs FFs FRs TDs PTS*                    
1 2 Brian POOLE FALCONS 21 0 0 13 6 0 40                    
2 4 Robert BENNETT, Jr. STEELERS 19 0 0 10 4 0 33                    
3 1 Bud DUPREE STEELERS 20 8 1 1 0 0 30                    
4 3 Kahlil MACK RAIDERS 15 4 0 5 2 0 26                    
5 28 Jake RYAN PACKERS 19 1 0 1 1 0 22                    
6 8 Ed REED RAVENS 11 0 0 6 4 0 21                    
7 10 DeMarcus WARE BRONCOS 6 10 0 4 1 0 21                    
8 20 Troy POLUMALO STEELERS 16 4 0 0 0 0 20                    
9 5 Preston SMITH REDSKINS 6 8 1 2 1 1 19                    
10 7 Deion JONES FALCONS 16 0 0 1 1 0 18                    
*Team Offense*    
Rank Prev. Coach Team GP Rushing Passing Total Average per Game    
Rushes Yds TDs Rec Yds TDs Off.
Points For Rush +
Points For    
1 1 KING KOOPA JETS 11 82 782 11 76 1520 17 158 2302 28 209 14 209 3 19    
2 2 X-FILES STEELERS 14 103 830 8 69 1416 12 172 2246 20 168 12 160 1 12    
3 3 BREEZY BRONCOS 11 81 945 10 37 1096 12 118 2041 22 192 11 186 2 17    
4 7 RE3 SEAHAWKS 8 39 478 4 68 1419 15 107 1897 19 153 13 237 2 19    
5 9 THE DEFIANT ONE TITANS 8 31 243 6 61 1607 16 92 1850 22 173 12 231 3 22    
6 4 THE BAMA BRAIN FALCONS 12 47 346 4 79 1451 11 126 1797 15 112 11 150 1 9    
7 5 THE TOTAL PACKAGE RAVENS 10 88 973 11 41 777 9 129 1750 20 161 13 175 2 16    
8 6 OBI-RON-KENOBI PACKERS 11 69 387 6 63 1329 11 132 1716 17 157 12 156 2 14    
9 8 THE COMMISH RAIDERS 12 76 457 6 50 1220 12 126 1677 18 163 11 140 2 14    
10 10 BIG KAHUNSKA COWBOYS 8 43 251 2 59 1304 14 102 1555 16 123 13 194 2 15    
*Team Defense* 
Rank Prev. Coach Team GP Total Average per Game Total
Individual Defensive Stats
Per Gm
1 1 BIG KAHUNSKA COWBOYS 8 193 501 694 24.1 62.6 86.8 73 9.1 67 8 0 1 1 0 77 10
2 2 BREEZY BRONCOS 11 300 840 1140 27.3 76.4 103.6 91 8.3 98 28 3 10 5 2 146 13
3 3 KING KOOPA JETS 11 308 1023 1331 28.0 93.0 121.0 98 8.9 113 16 2 4 0 0 135 12
4 4 THE TOTAL PACKAGE RAVENS 10 649 917 1566 64.9 91.7 156.6 136 13.6 94 8 2 6 4 0 114 11
5 6 OBI-RON-KENOBI PACKERS 11 597 1299 1896 54.3 118.1 172.4 114 10.4 99 17 6 2 2 0 126 11
6 7 THE BAMA BRAIN FALCONS 12 783 1303 2086 65.3 108.6 173.8 180 15.0 127 5 1 14 7 0 154 13
7 8 TWO FAKEOUTS PATRIOTS 9 396 1180 1576 44.0 131.1 175.1 118 13.1 98 7 1 7 3 0 116 13
8 9 GUNSLINGER REDSKINS 8 375 1072 1447 46.9 134.0 180.9 120 15.0 98 16 3 2 1 1 121 15
9 5 RE3 SEAHAWKS 8 256 1198 1454 32.0 149.8 181.8 119 14.9 69 8 2 3 3 0 85 11
10 10 X-FILES STEELERS 14 728 1825 2553 52.0 130.4 182.4 180 12.9 128 22 5 12 5 0 172 12

Den @ GB 3-25-17

March 25, 2017

Den @ GB 3-25-17

The 2017 757EFL Season opened in Chicago with a matchup between The Pharmacist’s PACKERS hosting Breezy’s  BRONCOS. The PACKERS won the toss and KR#33 Micah Hyde returned the ensuing kickoff 28 yards before his forward progress stopped. On the very first play from scrimmage, RB#88 Ty Montgomery barely received  Aaron Rodger’s handoff before being violently planted into the turf for not only a 3 yard loss, but a Forced Fumble & Recovery by Denver’s LDE#95 Derek Wolfe. Although the Broncos took over at Green Bay’s 25 yard line, they were only able to produce a 41 yard Field Goal by K#8 Brandon McManus against Green Bay’s stout Defense. (DEN 3, GB 0 6:00 1st Qtr)


Denver’s kick coverage team forced a touchback and Green Bay started their 2nd possession from their own 25. Rodgers dropped back to pass and Denver S#26 Darian Stewart was flagged for Interference, moving the PACKERS up 15 yards to their 40. Rodgers again attempted to pass but was sacked by ROLB#58 Von Miller for an 8 yard loss.

Wary of Denver’s run defense and needing 18 yards for the First Down, Rodgers attempted 2 more passes throwing an Incomplete to Montgomery and a 15 yard pickup to Ripkowski, who was tackled by RCB#25, Chris Harris Jr. P#10 Jake Schum booted the ball out of bounds 45 yards downfield, giving Denver the ball at their own 8 yard line to start the 2nd Qtr.


Neither team was able to get into scoring position as both defenses stiffened and the Half ended with Denver still leading 3-0. Green Bay’s SS#42 Morgan Burnett tallied up a Sack and a Tackle, as did Denver’s DT#90 Antonio Smith.


Denver received the 2nd Half kickoff and KR #11 JordanNorwood should have just taken the touchback. Instead, after bobbling the ball in the end zone, he tentatively stepped across the GL and then got clobbered at the 7 yard line. Backed up deep on his own end of the field, Manning calmly stepped to the line uttering his usual, “Omaha, Omaha” cadence while pointing across the line at key defenders.  Hillman took the pitch off left tackle, avoided the impending big hit from FS#21 Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and was brought down by LB#53 Nick Barnett after gaining 12 yards and the 1st. With a little breathing room, Manning quickly snapped the ball and connected to his TE#81 Owen Daniels for a 66 yard gain up the right sideline. Denver’s momentum was quickly dampened by Green Bay’s defense as they corralled 2 short runs by Hillman and Sacked Manning for a 23 yard loss. As he did in the 1st Quarter, McManus was called on again to add another FG from 49 yards out. (DEN 6, GB 0 6:00 3rd Qtr)


Despite Denver’s Offense stalling in the red zone, their Defense stymied the Packers and forced a punt after 3 plays. Backup LB#56 Shane Ray stuffed Rodgers for a 10 yard loss; and collectively the pass pressure was so intense on the next 2 plays, Rodgers could only connect on 1 of 2 passes to Montgomery resulting in minus 4 yards. On the last play of the 3rd Quarter, Schum punted the ball from his own 11 yard line and Denver took over near midfield at their 44.


With time quickly running out, Denver would only have the ball once more. It appeared as if Manning and RB#22 CJ Anderson were the only participants of the next few plays, as they made short work of the remaining time. An Incomplete Pass trapped in the dirt by Anderson, a 5 yard run stopped by Green Bay DT#97 Kenny Clark and then a Middle Screen for a 51 yard TD as time expired, gave Denver their first Win for the season. (DEN 13, GB 0 Final)




NYJ @ Oakland 3-25-17

March 25, 2017
757-EFL action 3-25-17
#2017season #757efl #GangGreen #satellitegames
NYJ @ Oakland
King Koopa and the defending AFC Champion New York Jets, took on The Commish and the Oakland Raiders. The Jets start this season as the odds on favorite to make it back to the Superbowl, based on the fact that they haven't lost a regular season game since 2015.
GangGreen showed the Silver and Black, that they are still the Juggernaut of the AFC. Their offense scored 3 rushing touchdowns by 3 different running backs (Conner, Stacy, and Johnson) against the Raider defense; While, QB Geno Smith was 4-4 passing for 129 yards, and a touchdown to Wideout Devin Smith.
The Jet's defense managed to corral Oakland's offense by sacking QB Kenny Stabler 6 times, and picking him off once. GangGreen showed why it's defense was #1 in the league last season.
The lone stars for Oakland were Charles Woodson who had 4 tackles, forced 3 fumbles while recovering 2 of them, and Tim Brown who caught 2 passes for 67 yards.
Final score: NYJ 28 Oakland 0

Washington @ Atlanta 3-25-17

March 25, 2017

757-EFL action 3-25-17

#2017season #757efl #Ready2Rumble #satellitegames

Washington @ Atlanta 
Skins comeback against Falcons, thanks to (2) Matt Jones Touchdown runs!
Matty Ice hit Julio Jones to give the Falcons an early 7-0 lead, but the Skins scored before halftime on a Matt Jones touchdown run.

Both teams played good defense for most of the game, but the Redskin's pass rush proved to be too much for QB Matt Ryan who was sacked several times. The Redskins picked up another rushing touchdown thanks again to Matt Jones who put the game away.

Final score: Washington 12 Atlanta 7


Seattle @ Pittsburgh 3-25-17

March 28, 2017

757-EFL action 3-25-17

#2017season #757efl #LetsRock #satellitegames

Pittsburgh wins home opener against Seattle 19-7.

Pittsburgh's opening drive took up 11 minutes, but they could not punch it in and had to settle for a field goal. Seattle takes over and suffers a big hit by Robert Bennett which forces a turnover, and Pittsburgh turns it into another 3 points. Seattle starts to put a drive together, but the never-aging Troy Polamalu gets a timely sack on Russell Wilson ending the 2nd quarter, 6-0 Pittsburgh.

Seattle came out swinging on their opening drive with a run off tackle for 87 yards by Rice. Seattle finally gets on the board on the next play with a 2 yard TD run. Pittsburgh answers back with a 78 yard TD run by Bell, but Boswell shanks the extra point. Pittsburgh 12, Seattle 7. Pittsburgh's defense took over and harassed Russell Wilson all afternoon with 4 sacks and with little or no time to look down field. Russell Wilson suffers his lowest passing yards and completions of his career. Pittsburgh puts the game out of reach with a critical 3rd down pass from Big Ben to AB which went 54 yards for a TD.

Final score: Pittsburgh 19, Seattle 7.

Dallas @ Washington 3-25-17

March 25, 2017

757-EFL action 3-25-17

#2017season #757efl #ThrowUptheX #satellitegames

Dallas @ Washington 
After going 1-0 earlier in the day... The Gunslinger decided that he wanted to double up and take on The Big Kahunska. Early in the match-up the Skins defense and special teams put points on the board with a safety, and a kick return for a touchdown. Dallas scored just before the half on a pass from Tony Romo to Dez Bryant. Washington led at the half 8-7.

The Redskins defense harassed Romo all day long, and battered the Dallas running game. The Skin's offense dominated the time of possession and was able to flip the field position on the Cowboys throughout the 2nd half. Pinned near their own endzone late in the 4th quarter, Cowboy's QB Tony Romo decided to see if he still had some magic in left in the tank.

Romo found T.O. streaking up the right sideline and hit him on a frozen rope. T.O. took the ball 84 yards and went out at the Washington 6 yardline. With seconds left in the game... Romo went back to Dez Bryant who had beaten the linebacker on a mismatch and strolled into the endzone for the game winning touchdown.

Final score: Dallas 13 Washington 8

On March 25, 2017... The 757-EFL 2017 Season gets underway!!!

March 18, 2017

On March 25, 2017... in exactly 1 week, the bad-boys of Electric Football are back! Today I spoke to Ernie GriceJimbo Dunagan, and Dave Mick; All were excited to get the 2017 season started. The veteran coaches will be welcoming the new coaches with fellowship, fun, and guns blazing! With only 7 days left, excitement is in the air! Everybody get ready to ROCK!!!

To the Victors go the Spoils!

October 30, 2016

To the Victors go the spoils!

757-EFL Award Ceremony...

Commissioner Dave Mick Jagger handed out the annual 757 Electric Football League awards for the 2016 season.

Kick Returner/Special Teamer of the year: Sidney Rice (SEA)

Seattle Head Coach RE III accepting the award for Sidney Rice

Defensive Player of the Year: The entire New York Jets Defense (NYJ)

New York Head Coach King Koopa accepting the award for the Jet's Defense

Offensive Player of the Year: Chris Ivory (NYJ)

New York Head Coach King Koopa accepting the award for Chris Ivory

League Passing Champion: Coach RE III (SEA)

RE III is a 3 time 757-EFL Passing Champion

League Most Valuable Player: Sidney Rice (SEA)

Seattle Head Coach RE III accepting the award for Sidney Rice

Coach of the Year: Robbie Bob AKA Harry Tasker (PIT)

Pittsburgh Head Coach Harry Tasker accepting his award

AFC CHAMPIONS: The New York J-E-T-S... Jets, Jets, JETS!

New York Head Coach King Koopa accepting his award

NFC CHAMPIONS: The Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Head Coach The BIG Kahunska accepting his award

SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONS: The Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Head Coach The BIG Kahunska accepting the award on behalf of the Cardinals

SUPERBOWL Most Valuable player: QB Carson Palmer (ARI)

Arizona Head Coach The BIG Kahunska and Carson Palmer accepting the award

Congratulations to all of the winners and to another successful 757-EFL season!

This award ceremony was brought to you by BOOTYO'S

"BOOTYO's... They make sure, you ain't Booty!" - The New Day







October 29, 2016

Can David slay Goliath? Can anybody stop the Juggernaut? Can the undefeated be beaten? Will DC become the 1st undefeated Champion in league history, or will Don become the 1st back-2-back Champion? These and other questions will be answered in the 757-EFL 2016 Championship game affectionately known as Superbowl IV.

Superbowl IV: 10-29-2016

ARI vs NYJ @ 757-EFL Championship Field

The ceremonial coin was tossed by head referee Harry Tasker. The visiting Cardinals called tails, and coin landed on tails. The Cardinals deferred to the 2nd half and the game was underway. Percy Harvin was back to receive the kick for the Jets. Neil Rackers proceeded to kick the ball out of the back of the endzone for a touchback. On the Jets opening play, FB John Conner took the handoff from QB Geno Smith and smashed through the teeth of the Cardinal defense and rumbled 80 yards for the game’s opening touchdown in the 1st minute of the Superbowl. The Jets jumped out to a very fast 7-0 lead over the Cards.

Arizona did the opposite when they had the ball. Carson Palmer led the Cardinals on an 11 play drive eating up the 1st quarter, and the start of the 2nd quarter; capping off the drive with a 4 yard touchdown pass to RB Edgerrin James. Arizona ties the score at 7-7. The Jets go on a 6 play drive but end up punting the ball and pinning the Cardinals back on their own 10 yard line. On 2nd & 10 from the 10, QB Carson Palmer hits WR Lawrence “of Arabia” Fitzgerald on a 49 yard pass taking the ball out to the Jets 41 yard line. On the very next play, Palmer hits ole reliable Stevie Breaston on a 41 yard touchdown pass with 1 minute left in the half. The Cardinals take a 14-7 lead. Geno Smith hits Percy Harvin who gains 33 yards before he is tackled by FS Antrel Rolle. The Cards lead at the half 14-7.

Nick Folk kicks the ball out of the endzone so Arizona starts the 3rd quarter on their 20 yard line. Carson Palmer leads the Cards on a 6 play drive culminating in an 8 yard touchdown pass to JJ Arrington. The Cardinals extend their lead over the Jets 21-7. New York takes the ball on their 20 yard line, and QB Geno Smith quickly goes to work. Geno drops back and delivers a 55 yard bomb to WR Percy Harvin, who is tackled on the Arizona 25 yard line. 2 plays later Smith sees Harvin open over the middle, Geno tries to get him the ball but it gets intercepted by middle linebacker Gerald Hayes who is tackled on the 23 yard line. On 1st & 10, linebacker Calvin Pace sacks Carson Palmer for a 13 yard loss. On 2nd & 23 from the 10 yard line, Palmer gets the ball to Edgerrin James out in the flats. James races downfield and picks up 65 yards before being brought down on the New York 25 yard line.

On the 1st play of the 4th quarter, the Cardinals have a 1st & 10 when Carson Palmer hits WR Jerheme Urban on a 25 yard touchdown pass in tight coverage by FS Yeremiah Bell. The Cardinals push their lead to 28-7. 5 plays later, the Jets respond with a 21 yard touchdown run by RB Zac Stacy to make the score 28-14. The Jets try for an onside kick, but the ball was recovered by the Cardinals.

With less than 5 minutes left in the game, the Cardinals got a couple of key 1st downs, the last being a Palmer to Breaston 34 yard catch-n-carry to end the game. Final score: ARI 28  NYJ 14.

Congrats to the Big Kahunska’s Cardinals for being the 1st 757-EFL back-to-back Champions, and to King Koopa’s Jets for getting to the Big Game!


Congratulations to QB Carson Palmer (15/20, 362 yards, and 4 Td pass to 4 different receivers) for being named Superbowl IV MVP!


October 15, 2016


PIT @ NYJ… 10-15-2016

The New York Jets and the Pittsburgh Steelers traded punts in the 1st quarter as both teams’ defenses were in attack mode. The Jets finally struck paydirt early in the 2nd quarter when QB Geno Smith hit RB Chris Johnson on consecutive passes. The first was a 23 yarder, and the second was a 20 yard touchdown strike. New York took the early lead 7-0.

Pittsburgh came roaring back to tie the game at 7-7 on a 63 yard catch-n-carry from QB Ben Roethlisberger to WR Antonio Brown. Not to be outdone, the Jets ended the half on a 63 yard touchdown pass of their own, from QB Geno Smith to WR Devin Smith. The Jets lead at halftime 14-7.


Both teams’ defenses started the 3rd quarter exactly like they started the game; forcing the other team to punt the ball. The Jet were clinging to their 7 point lead midway thru the 4th quarter, when Geno Smith connected to WR Percy Harvin on a 39 yard touchdown pass to extend the lead to 21-7. The Jets defense smothered Steelers attempt for a comeback, and sealed the victory for the Jets. New York finishes the regular season undefeated and now has punched their ticket to Superbowl IV. Congrats to the Jets and their head coach DC “King Koopa” Smith, and to coach Bennett and his Pittsburgh Steelers on a fine season!


October 15, 2016


WAS @ ARI… 10-15-2016

This game started with both teams trading punts in the 1st quarter. The scoring started in the 2nd quarter after an Arizona punt pinned the Redskins on their own 4 yard line. On 3rd & 5 from the 9 yard line, QB Kirk Cousins dials up a bomb to RB Matt Jones covering 91 yards and a Redskin’s touchdown! Washington leads 7-0. The Cardinals get the ball on the 20 yard line after the Skins force a touchback on the kickoff. On 1st & 10, RB Edgerrin James hits a crease and runs to daylight 80 yards for an Arizona touchdown! The extra point was missed so the Redskins still lead the Cardinals 7-6. Both teams defense closed out the rest of the quarter, leaving the Skins with a 7-6 halftime lead.

Washington started with the ball in the 3rd quarter but was forced to punt; The Cardinals took over on their own 38 yard line. After losing 4 yards on 1st down, QB Carson Palmer finds a wide open Edgerrin James who races 66 yards for the touchdown. The Cardinals go for the 2 point conversion, but is stopped. However the Cards take the lead 12-7. The Redskins were forced to punt again after a 3 and out and the Cardinals wasted no time in extending their lead. On 1st & 10 from the 32, Carson Palmer dials up Edgerrin James again, on a 68 yard catch-n-carry for a Cardinals touchdown! After the extra point was good, the Cardinals begin the 4th quarter leading 19-7.

Neil Rackers kicks the ball deep to RB Clinton Portis who decides to run the ball out of the endzone. Portis is brought down on his own 8 yard line by CB Roderick Hood. On 1st down, Kirk Cousins hits Deion Sanders for a 2 yard gain. On 2nd & 8, Cousins is sacked for a 1 yard loss by CB Ralph Brown. On 3rd & 9 from the 9 yard line, QB Kirk Cousins is sacked again, this time in the endzone by DE Travis LaBoy for the safety! The Cardinals now lead the Redskins 21-7.


Arizona puts the game away when Edgerrin James notches his 4th touchdown of the game on a 65 yard run off left tackle. Giving the Cardinals their second consecutive NFC Championship and a well fought 28-7 victory over the Redskins.  Congrats to head coach Don “The Big Kahunska” Smith for leading the Cardinals to their 2nd Superbowl and to coach Lee and his Washington Redskins on a fine season!

Playoffs? Did you say, PLAYOFFS???

October 1, 2016

Playoffs? Did you say, PLAYOFFS???



Dallas almost pulls off the upset, but Cardinals hang on to the victory 13-6

Arizona scored in the 1st quarter on a Beenie Wells 42 yard run. However Neil Rackers misses the extra point. Arizona leads 6-0. Dallas answers back in the 2nd and 3rd quarters with Chris Boniol FGs and ties the game 6-6. In the 4th quarter both teams had opportunities to win the game, but Arizona capitalized on a Carson Palmer to Beenie Wells 82 yard Touchdown. The Cardinals defense holds on for dear life, and Arizona squeaks out the win 13-6.


Birmingham gives Pittsburgh a late scare, but comes up short 14-13

Pittsburgh scores in the 1st quarter on a 40 pass from QB Ben Roethlisberger to Le’Veon Bell. Then the Steelers score again in the 2nd quarter on a 2 yard pass from Roethlisberger to TE Heath Miller. Pittsburgh leads at the half 14-0. Birmingham answers in the 3rd quarter with a Touchdown pass from QB Cliff Stoudt to Steve Smith, the extra point was good and the Steeler lead is down to 7. Late in the 4th quarter the Stallions drive down the field, QB Cliff Stoudt dials up Steve Smith again; this time on a 15 yard Touchdown pass. Down by 1 point and a few seconds left in the game, Coach Brian Puryear decides to go for 2. Cliff Stoudt drops back to pass, but the Steelers defense blitzes the quarterback and sacks him to preserve the win 14-13.


Kirk Cousins leads Washington in an upset over the Seahawks 22-21 “YOU LIKE THAT?”


Seattle gets the scoring started with a 76 yard Touchdown pass from QB Russell Wilson to Doug Baldwin. After the 1st quarter Seattle leads 7-0. Redskin QB Kirk Cousins answers back in the 2nd quarter with a 25 yard Touchdown pass to Silas Redd to tie the game 7-7. Just before halftime Russell Wilson tosses his second touchdown of the day, this time to Robert Evans III on a 32 yard strike to reclaim the lead 14-7. In the 3rd quarter the Redskins drove the ball the length of the field and score on a 1 yard Touchdown run by RB Clinton Portis. Game tied 14-14 after 3 quarters. Russell Wilson gets his third touchdown of the day, midway in the 4th quarter, on a 45 yard strike to WR Sidney Rice. Seattle leads 21-14. The Redskins get the ball hoping to extend their season. The Seattle defense plays tough and holds Washington to a 3rd and 10 on their own 20 yard line. With the clock working against them, the Redskins calmly pick up the 1st down after gaining 12 yards. With time running out QB Kirk Cousins heaves up a Hail Mary, and his prayers get answered when WR Pierre Garcon comes down with the 68 yard Touchdown pass to send the game into overtime. In overtime you only get 1 play from the 50. The Redskins win the toss and decide to take the ball first. Washington gains 23 yards on a pass from Cousins to DeSean Jackson. Seattle takes over and tries to pass the ball, but is shut down by the Redskin defense. Washington wins the game 22-21.

9-24-2016... Jets handle Steelers 21-7 to finish undefeated!

September 24, 2016

Jets handle Steelers 21-7 to finish undefeated!


Gameday 9-24-16
NYJ vs. PIT (neutral site)


The Jets took on a formidable Pittsburgh defense and still managed to rush for 162 yards and 3 Touchdowns.

RB Chris Ivory was responsible for 160 rushing yards, and all 3 TDs. He also wrapped up the league's rushing title this season.

The star for the Pittsburgh Steelers was Fitzgerald Toussaint. He had 4 receptions for 105 yards and a TD.

Calvin Pace and Bart Scott both led Gang Green with 3 tackles apiece.

Final score: PIT 7 NYJ 21

9-24-2016... Dallas mistake leads to Cards victory 14-7

September 24, 2016

Dallas mistake leads to Cards victory 14-7


Gameday 9-24-16


This game can be boiled down to 4 key plays:

#1. Dallas QB Troy Aikman hits RB Herschel Walker on a 62 yard TD pass in the 1st quarter.

#2 Arizona answers with an 80 yard TD run by RB Edgerrin James, also in the 1st quarter.

#3 Early in the 3rd quarter, from his own endzone... QB Troy Aikman throws an interception to CB Dominique Rogers-Cromartie on the 21 yard line. Cromartie runs it back to the 3 yard line where he is tackled by Aikman.

#4 Late in the 3rd quarter, Arizona QB Carson Palmer finds WR Stevie Breaston out in the flats where he scores on a 4 yard TD pass.

Final score: DAL 7 ARI 14


9-24-2016... Stallions defeat Red-hot Skins 6-5!

September 24, 2016

Stallions defeat Red-hot Skins 6-5!


Gameday 9-24-16



This game resembled a baseball game. The Redskins took a 5-0 shutout into the bottom of the 9th inning.

With 2 outs on the Stallions, rookie RB David Dumars steps up to the plate as Birmingham's last hope. The pitcher works the count to 3&2. This is it... with everything on the line!

The pitcher winds up and throws the heat; Dumars takes a mighty swing, and hits the ball deep. Dumars carries the ball down the field 93 yards. It's going... it's going... IT'S GONE!!! Dumars gets the HOMERUN!!! (oops, I meant the TOUCHDOWN!)


Final score: WAS 5 BIR 6

PS. Sorry there was no game footage. 

9-17-2016... Hawks hand Cards 2nd home loss in a row, 24-21

September 17, 2016

Hawks hand Cards 2nd home loss in a row, 24-21


Gameday 9-17-16


Big plays was the name of the game in this match up. Late in the 3rd Carson Palmer hands off to Stevie Breaston for a 15 yard tip-toe down the side line TD, closing the gap 14-17 Seattle.




Russell Wilson connects for his 3rd TD pass to Percy Harvin that goes for 79 yards. Arizona with plenty of time in the 4th consumes to much of the clock and gets a late TD pass from Carson Palmer to JJ Arrington. Arizona fails on the onside kick, Seattle squeaks out the win.
Final score: SEA 24 ARI 21

9-10-2016... The surging Redskins shutout the Cards 9-0 @ Arizona

September 10, 2016

The surging Redskins shutout the Cards 9-0 @ Arizona


Gameday 9-10-16

This game can be summed up in 3 words: Ground and Pound. The Redskins employed a great gameplan against the Cards. They pressured QB Carson Palmer all day long; especially last season's defensive player of the year LaVar Arrington who had 3 sacks in this game. Then the Washington ground game led by RB Matt Jones, played keep away with the ball and kept the Arizona offense off the field for a majority of the game.

Jones scored the only touchdown of the game in the 2nd quarter on a 63 run, where he tightrope walked the sideline. Arrington safetied Palmer by sacking him in the endzone in the 4th.

Final score: WAS 9 ARI 0

9-10-2016... Steelers dominate Seahawks 24-7

September 10, 2016

Steelers dominate Seahawks 24-7

Gameday 9-10-16

The Seahawks opened the game with a BIG play. QB Russell Wilson connected with WR Sidney Rice on a 93 yard catch-n-carry to give Seattle a 7-0 lead. The Steelers came back in the 2nd quarter with a FG and a Touchdown run by RB DeAngelo Williams to give Pittsburgh a 10-7 halftime lead.

In the 2nd half the Steeler's defense started shutting down the Seattle offense. The Pittsburgh offense rewarded their hard work by scoring on a 25 yard TD pass from Roethlisberger to Le'Veon Bell in the 3rd, and DeAngelo Williams scored his second Touchdown of the day on a beautiful 62 yard run in the 4th quarter.

Final score: PIT 24 SEA 7

9-10-2016... Jets cruise to a 25-7 victory over Stallions

September 10, 2016

Jets cruise to a 25-7 victory over Stallions

Gameday 9-10-16
BIR @ NYJ (neutral site)


The Jets defense was magnificient all day long. Birmingham QB Cliff Stoudt was sacked 4 times, and safetied twice by Gang Green.

Meanwhile, the Jets offense rushed for over 200 yards, and 3 Touchdowns! FB John Conner, and RBs Shonn Greene and Zac Stacy all scored for New York.

The lone brightspot for Birmingham came in the 4th quarter when QB Cliff Stoudt finally got some protection from his offensive line. He launched an 83 yard bomb to WR Steve Smith.

Final score: BIR 7 NYJ 25

Coach Sebastian Bazz Allen reppin' the 757 Electric Football League at Work Today...

September 7, 2016

Coach Sebastian Bazz Allen reppin' the 757 Electric Football League at Work Today... (Bazz is sporting the NEW 2016 757 League T-shirt)

Thank you Coach Bazz Allen for supporting the 757-EFL! We really appreciate it.

Gameday 8-27-2016... Dallas upsets heavily favored Seahawks 21-19

August 27, 2016

Gameday 8-27-2016... Dallas upsets heavily favored Seahawks 21-19

Seattle trying to keep pace with the Cardinals for the division lead ran into a buzzsaw in the form of the Dallas Cowboys.

The Seahawks got excellent production from QB Russell Wilson who was 12/16 219 yards and 2 TOUCHDOWN passes. WRs Percy Harvin and Sidney Rice both caught a TD from Wilson. 

The offense spotted Seattle a 12-7 lead at Halftime, and a 19-14 lead going into the 4th quarter.

However the Cowboy's offense was in rare form scoring 3 TOUCHDOWNS on a 4 yard QB sneak by Troy Aikman, Tony Dorsett runs one in from 49 yards out, and Preston Pearson who scored the game winner (in the 4th quarter) on an 84 yard bomb from Aikman. Great statement game from Dallas!

Final score: DAL 21 SEA 19

Gameday 8-27-2016... Jets win again! This time over Redskins 13-7

August 27, 2016

Gameday 8-27-2016... Jets win again! This time over Redskins 13-7

Can anyone stop the Jets??? This is the question that is asked every Gameday. The Washington Redskins gave great effort in trying to beat the New York Jets. Kirk Cousins was harrassed all day long by Gang Green. He was pressured so much that he completed only 6 passes on 14 attempts for 118 yards. He was also sacked 2 times... once by Quinton Coples and once by Calvin Pace.

However the Jets only scored 1 TOUCHDOWN themselves, coming on a 4 yard power run by #38 FB John Conner. Kicker Nick Folk also chipped in with 2 FGs. Washington's lone TOUCHDOWN came late in the 4th quarter on an 80 yard pass from QB Kirk Cousins to RB Clinton Portis. Both defenses played pretty stout all day long.

Final score: NYJ 13 WAS 7

Gameday 8-27-2016... Steelers get huge win over Stallions 37-0

August 27, 2016

Gameday 8-27-2016... Steelers get huge win over Stallions 37-0

Both Offense and Defense was clicking on all four cylinders for Pittsburgh. The Steelers Offensive fire power was provided by LeVeon Bell and his 97 yards rushing for 2 TDs and an 81-yard TD reception by Antonio Brown.

The Steeler Defense harassed Cliff Stout all game sacking him 4 times (once for a Safety) along with 2 Pick-6's. Pittsburgh gets its first shutout of the year!

Final score: BIR 0 PIT 37

Gameday 8-20-2016... Seahawks get much needed win over Redskins 14-7

August 20, 2016

Gameday 8-20-2016... Seahawks get much needed win over Redskins 14-7

Seattle WR Sidney Rice was the star of this game with 2 catches for 130 yards and 2 TOUCHDOWNS.

Both came in the 4th quarter to offset a Redskin TOUCHDOWN by #26 RB Clinton Portis.

Final score: WAS 7 SEA 14

Gameday 8-20-2016... Cowboy's defense steps up to beat Pittsburgh 13-7

August 20, 2016

Gameday 8-20-2016... Cowboy's defense steps up to beat Pittsburgh 13-7

Dallas took an early 10-0 lead over the Steelers thanks to a Chris Boniol FG and a TOUCHDOWN run by Emmitt Smith.

The Steelers got a late 4th quarter TOUCHDOWN pass from QB Ben Roethlisberger to TE Heath Miller, and Dallas responded with another FG from kicker Chris Boniol.

Final score: PIT 7 DAL 13

Gameday 8-20-2016... DEFENSE was the name of the game!

August 20, 2016

Gameday 8-20-2016... DEFENSE was the name of the game!

In probably the 2nd best defensive game of the season; the Cardinals and the Stallions engaged in a slobberknocker that was as exciting as any offensive shootout.


This game had sacks, interceptions, forced fumbles, fumble recovery, and a pick-6. Neither team would give an inch until late in the 3rd quarter, when Birmingham's QB #18 Cliff Stoudt was intercepted on his own 4 yard line by Cardinal's LB #56 Chike Okeafor who tiptoed into the Endzone for the only TOUCHDOWN of the game. 2 plays later, QB Cliff Stoudt tosses a pass to WR #86 Joe McFadden who gains 11 yards and a 1st down, but gets the ball stripped by #21 Antrell Rolle who recovers the fumble for the Cardinals.


The Stallions defense walls the Cardinals who had to settle for a 19 yard FG by kicker Neil Rackers. Chike Okeafor sacks QB Cliff Stout on the last play of the game for a 10 yard loss.
Final Score: BIR 0 ARI 10

Dunagan and Garrison rep 757-EFL at OVMFL Tournament 8-6-2016

August 6, 2016

Dunagan and Garrison rep 757-EFL at OVMFL Tournament

OVMFL Tournament 8/6/16

This past weekend a couple of coaches from the 757EFL travelled to Cincinnati Ohio to compete in the Ohio Valley Miniature Football League Tournament. Coaches Jimbo Dunagan and Richard Garrison participated in the 4.0 tournament and played very well; with Jimbo making it to the Championship game and bringing home the Runner-up trophy. Congrats to both of you guys, and way 2 go! Thanks to the OVMFL and to the Salvation Army for putting on a quality event!




Electric Football World Championships 7/29-31/16

July 30, 2016

Electric Football World Championships 7/29-31/16

This past weekend a few coaches from the 757EFL traveled west to Richmond VA to compete in the Tudor/MFCA Electric Football World Championship and Convention. 757EFL Commissioner Dave Mick, along with Don Smith and Brian Puryear entered in the Pro-Am 4.0 Tournament. While D.C. Smith played in the 3.4 Tournament. All of our coaches played well, with Don and D.C. bringing home the Runner-up trophies from both Tournaments. Thanks to Lynn and Ray for running the show and, to Bazz and Tim for refereeing games. Thanks to Doug at Tudor for running the store. And last but not least, thanks to all the great folks at the 4 Points by Sheraton Hotel for a wonderful stay.


Gameday 7-16-2016...Both Defenses Toe the Line

July 16, 2016

Steelers vs Bengals, Part Deux

After having just lost earlier in the day to the Jets in East Rutherford, Arizona, the Bengals were looking to exact revenge against their most hated Division foes. In their first meeting of the season, trailing 14-3 in the 4th Quarter, the Steelers posted one of the most improbable and dramatic comebacks in league history to tie the score at 14 and subsequently beat the Bengals in Overtime. That memory still lingered in the air. For one coach, donning the black and gold, was the memory of satisfaction of snatching away the victory from his opponent. For the other coach, donning the orange and black, was the agony of watching his 35-yard play bested by a 50-yard play.

To say this game was a defensive battle would be an understatement. After the Steelers received the opening kickoff and eventually punted, Andy Dalton and the Bengals struck first blood. A Pass Interference for 14-yards and a catch by AJ Green for 13 yards put the Bengals inside Steelers’ territory. Cincinnati RB #25, Giovani Bernard pivoted left and took the Toss from Dalton to score the only touchdown of the day from 42-yards out. The extra point attempt was good by K #2 Mike Nugent. (3:00 remaining in 1st Quarter)

Pittsburgh rallied with a 7-play possession that began with back-to-back Pass Interference calls against Bengals SS #43 George Iloka for holding Steelers WR #84 Antonio Brown on both plays. Steelers QB #7, Big Ben Roethlisberger, went 3 for 3 passing for 24 yards to setup an impressive 55-yard FG by K #9, Chris Boswell. RB #26, Le’Veon Bell did attempt 1 carry for 0 yards. (8:00 remaining in 2nd Quarter)

Disaster struck on the ensuing kick return when Bengals WR/KR #82 Marvin Jones was slobber-knocked by the Steelers’ special team stand-out #20 Will Allen. Allen’s tackle on Jones not only forced the fumble – recovered by Allen as well – but relegated Jones to the sidelines to undertake league mandated concussion protocol. Jones would be cleared and later returned to the game. So, trailing 7-3, Ben and Company would take-over at the Bengals’ 20-yard line. One pass to Bell for 5-yards, and a run from Bell for 2 yards gave the Steelers a 3rd & 3 from the Bengals 13. Roethlisberger took the snap in Shotgun formation, looked right for Brown who was double-covered by Cincinnati defenders, and got blindsided by LDE #90, Michael Johnson for a loss of 13 yards. Boswell trotted onto the field again to punch a 43-yarder through the uprights which brought his team to within 1 point of the Bengals’ lead. (3:00 2nd Quarter)

That’s how the Half ended as Andy Dalton’s alter-ego, Mr. Magoo, appeared on the field wearing his #14 jersey. After missing 3 successive passes, it was apparent that Magoo couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn if he were standing inside of said barn. WR #12, Mohamed Sanu draped his arm around his QB’s shoulders as they walked off the field together, appearing to console him, despite having 2 very errant passes thrown in his general direction, one of which was well beyond the Steelers’ defense.

Not much else happened from the Bengals’ offense as it appeared that somehow Andy Dalton suffered lingering effects from a hit earlier in the game that went unattended. Dalton was driven into the ground late in the 1st Half by LB #94, Lawrence Timmons, which was negated by a Pass Interference call on FS #6, Robert Bennett. As a result, Cincinnati did not attempt any passes in the 2nd Half and could only muster 4 positive yards in their two 2nd half possessions, largely due to the vicious front-seven of the Steelers defense. However, not to be overlooked or outdone themselves, the Bengals’ defense in similar fashion was able to hold Pittsburgh to 34 total yards in their two 2nd half possessions and eventually forced Boswell’s 3rd FG attempt.

On their last possession, on two different 3rd Down situations, Roethlisberger connected with Brown for 8 yards and the 1st Down, and Bell converted another on a 14 yard run which landed the Steelers on the Bengals’ 27 yard-line with only 3:00 left in Regulation. An Incomplete Pass to Brown, a short run by RB #33 Fitz Toussaint and a very stingy Cincinnati defense would result in a game-winning FG attempt from the Cincinnati 25. On the very last play of the game, Boswell lined-up the kick, stepped to the ball after a perfect snap and placement, and unexpectedly pushed it just outside of the right upright. The Bengals escaped, 7-6.

When asked after the game about the condition of Dalton and the execution of his offense, the Bengals’ coach responded with his usual wit and humor by saying, “The Red Rifle will live to fight another day. And, I’m in favor of it!” The Steelers' coach was not available for comment but could have easily quoted another coach himself by saying, “We let them off the hook!”

            With that being said, and with sadness in my heart as a fan of the NFL, I have to pay my respects somehow, someway and recognize the passing of Coach Dennis Green. You will be sorely missed by all those that played under your tutelage and by all the fans – including myself - that witnessed the miracles you performed in Minnesota. Balancing egos as large as planets with the likes of Moss, Carter and Culpepper could not have been easy by any stretch of the imagination. And although he didn’t do it effortlessly, but with the fire and grit of like-minded coaches of yesteryear that have come and gone in the ranks of the NFC Central (Halas, Lombardi and Ditka top the list). Coach Green built the best Vikings team I’ve ever seen. Rest in Peace, Coach. Rest in Peace.

Gameday 7-16-2016... The Carson Palmer Show!

July 16, 2016

July 16, 2016… Big game for 1st place in the NFC



Both teams enter this game with only 1 loss, and Arizona has a 3 to 2 edge over Seattle in their last 5 meetings.


Seattle’s Sidney Rice takes the opening kickoff out to the 29 yard line. The Seahawks then use the entire 1st quarter driving the ball down the field, culminating in a 45 yard FG by kicker Steven Hauschka. The big play of the drive was a 38 yard run by Marshawn Lynch. Arizona’s JJ Arrington takes the ensuing kickoff out to the 25 yard line. 2 plays later QB Carson Palmer sees #15 Stevie Breaston over the middle and delivers a strike for a 50 yard catch-n-carry. Carson’s next throw is a 26 yard TD pass to #81 Anquan “Usain” Boldin. Both defenses hang tough for the rest of the 2nd quarter and Arizona goes into the half with a 7-3 lead.


Arizona starts the 2nd half on their 20 yard line. 5 plays later, QB Carson Palmer dumps a 2 yard pass over the middle to #45 FB Terrelle Smith for an Arizona TOUCHDOWN! The Cardinals lead 14-3, and the big play of the drive was a 65 yard run by #32 Edgerrin James. Seattle finishes the 3rd quarter with a 5 play drive of their own, capped off by a 53 yard TD bomb from QB Russell Wilson to #18 Sidney Rice. Seattle cuts the Cardinal lead to 14-10.


The 4th quarter started in wild fashion. JJ Arrington #28 took the opening kickoff 100 yards for the TOUCHDOWN! Arizona pushed its lead to 21-10. Not to be outdone, Sidney Rice #18 took back the ensuing kickoff 100 yards for a Seahawk TOUCHDOWN! Once again Seattle cuts into the Cardinal lead, 21-17. With 9 minutes left in the game Seattle opts to kick the ball off and rely on its defense to make the stop. The Cardinals needed a long time-consuming drive to put the game out of reach for Seattle. Coach Don placed the game in the hands of his quarterback Carson Palmer, and boy did he deliver. Carson was magical in that final drive going 3/3 for 38 yards, (2) 1st downs, and converting on 2nd & 23, and 3rd & 9 to ice the game for the Cardinals.


Final score: ARI 21 SEA 17


July 16, 2016

July 16, 2016



2nd & 9 on the 26 yard line. Carson Palmer goes over the middle to #15 Stevie Breaston for a 50 yard gain and a 1st down.


Gameday 7-16-2016... Jets remain undefeated!

July 16, 2016

July 16, 2016… Big game for 1st place in the AFC

CIN @ NYJ (Neutral site)


The 1 loss Bengals took on the undefeated Jets for supremacy in the AFC. The Jets defense started the game by holding the Bengals to a 3 & out. The Jets’ offense takes over on their own 31 yard line. 5 plays later on a mix of runs and pass totaling 58 yards, the Jets score on an 11 yard TD run by #30 Zac Stacy. On their 2nd possession the Bengals start with the ball on their 20 yard line. The Bengals’ offense manages to get a couple of 1st downs but stall on the Jets 41 yard line. Bengal’s kicker Mike “Don’t call me Ted” Nugent kicks a 60 yard field goal to make the score 7-3. With less than 3 minutes left, QB Geno Smith dials up Percy Harvin on an 80 yard bomb to give the Jets a 14 -3 lead at the half.


The Jets start the 2nd half with the ball on their 10 yard line. 4 plays later they are on the 42 yard line, thanks in part to a 33 yard run by #23 Shonn Greene. On the very next play, Geno Smith dials up Percy Harvin again; this time on a 58 yard catch-n-carry for a New York TOUCHDOWN! The Jets lead the Bengals 21-3. Next the Bengals offense goes 76 yards on 9 plays when disaster strikes on 4th and goal on the Jets 4 yard line. Bengal’s QB Andy Dalton gets intercepted by CB Antonio Cromartie, who returns the ball out to the 28 yard line. On the next play, Jet’s FB John Conner rumbles with the ball 66 yards before getting walk down from behind by #58 LB Rey Maualuga, who strips the ball from him and recovers the forced fumble. On their last possession of the game, the Bengals offense finally clicks and goes on a 6 play drive culminating in a 59 yard TD pass from QB Andy Dalton to WR A.J. Green.


Final score: NYJ 21 CIN 9

July 16, 2016 "Get me outta here BOY!"

July 16, 2016

July 16, 2016... "Get me outta there BOY!"

CIN @ NYJ (Neutral site)

33 yard run by #23 Shonn Greene on 2nd & 8 from the 12 yard line.



Gameday 7-16-2016... Skins win in OT over DaBoyz!

July 16, 2016

Gameday July 16, 2016... Skins win in OT over DaBoyz!
Game 1 / DAL @ WAS

The Cowboys needed 2 plays to open the game to get on the score board. QB Troy Aikman connected with WR Michael Irvin for a 43 yard touchdown. The 2 teams swapped possessions as well as punts, until late in the 2nd quarter. Redskins QB Kurt “You Like That” Cousins got the Skins into field goal range. Washington Kai Forbath hit a 50-yd field goal to end the half with Dallas leading 7-3.

Washington’s Clinton Portis took the second half kickoff down to Dallas’s 21 yard line. 2 plays later RB #31 Matt Jones punches the ball into the end zone, but Washington missed the extra point making the game 9-7. After forcing the Cowboys to punt late in the 3rd quarter, Matt Jones went to work again. This time going 67-yds for a score giving the skins a 15-7 lead. The Cowboys go on a 6 play drive late in the 4th that was capped off by a 29-yd WR sweep by #86 Butch Johnson. The cowboys were successful in the 2 point try, tying the game at 15-15. In OT it was game MVP #31 Matt Jones who won the game on a 5 yard pass giving Washington the win.

Final score: WAS 16 DAL 15

July 16, 2016

Gameday July 16, 2016... Herschel rumbles for 2 TDs in Cowboy's win!

Game 2 / BIR @ DAL


After a score by both teams in the 1st and 2nd quarter Dallas led 7-6 at the half. Dallas’s Tony hill came up 5-yds short of a 100-yd TD return. On the next play RB Herschel Walker plunged the ball into the end zone giving the Cowboys a 14-6 lead. Birmingham QB Cliff Stoudt would drive the Stallions into the end zone again with a 2-yd laser pass to #88 Jimmy Earl closing the gap 14-12 with another missed PAT. Late in the 4th quarter #34 Walker for the Cowboys rumbled for another 15 yard score sealing the victory for Dallas. Final score: DAL 21 BIR 12


The Brain!

July 16, 2016

Coach Brian AKA "The Brain" (as Coach Ernie Grice has dubbed him) is developing a smooth passing stroke in his first season in the 757-EFL. Whether it's touchdowns or 1st downs, Brian's delivery remains consistent. Keep up the good work!


The Commish wins the Intercontinental Championship!

July 9, 2016

The 757-EFL would like to congratulate Coach Dave AKA "The Commish" and his Cowboys for winning The Intercontinental Championship at our mid-season all star Tournament. We would also like to congratulate Coach Brian and his Stallions for making it to the finals, and pulling off the biggest upset of the day by beating the #1 seeded Jets and their spectacular coach, DC Smith. Honorable mention goes to James "The Gunslinger" Lee for winning the consolation game, and to Big Woody's - Chesapeake Square for hosting the 757 League. A fun time was had by all!

Gameday 6-25-16... RE III wins his 3rd game in a row with a victory over the Redskins!

June 25, 2016

Gameday 6-25-16... RE III wins his 3rd game in a row with a victory over the Redskins, and Carson Palmer goes 10-14-308 yards-3TDs to lead the Cardinals over the Cowboys!


Seattle held the lead at the half 7-3 despite 2 turnovers from their receivers. Washington safety Dashon Goldson separated both Sydney Rice and Jimmy Graham from the ball thanks to his big hit playmaking ability. Goldson recovered both fumbles for the Redskins.

The Skins took the lead in the 3rd quarter, on a pass from QB Kirk Cousins to DeSean Jackson. In the 4th quarter, Seattle regained the lead on a pass from QB Russell Wilson to Sydney Rice. The Skins then proceeded to drive the ball down field and into the Red-zone with 2 minutes left in the game. On 3rd & 5 on the Seattle 17 yard line, Kirk Cousins sees #83 Alex Smith open in the back of the endzone. Cousins lofts his pass, but it is picked off by #41 Byron Maxwell to preserve the win. Final score: SEA-14 WAS-10



Both teams played decent defense in the 1st quarter. Dallas struck first early in the 2nd quarter on a 24 yard TD run by #34 Hershel Walker. 4 plays later, the Cards answered with a 73 yard TD bomb from Carson Palmer to Lawrence “of Arabia” Fitzgerald. The score was tied 7-7 at the half.

Arizona took over in the 3rd quarter when they went on a 6 play drive, capped off by a 22 yard TD pass from Palmer to #85 Jerheme Urban. Dallas was driving down the field when QB Troy Aikman was intercepted by #24 Adrian Wilson. 3 plays later, Palmer tosses his 3rd TD pass of the day to #81 Anquan Boldin. Final score: ARI-21 Dal-7

June 27, 2016

June 27, 2016

Last month I leaked some inside information about new AFC Owners/Coaches/Teams entering into contractual agreements with The 757. Just recently, this reporter received news that the League has entered into even more contractual discussions. This time with NFC Owners/Coaches/Teams!!! So, with that said, I decided to spill the beans a little bit.



You didn't think I'd name names, did you? -JBoD

Gameday 6-11-16... Jets remain undefeated (5-0), while the Steelers give Cardinals their first loss!

June 11, 2016

Gameday 6-11-16... Jets remain undefeated (5-0), while the Steelers give the Cardinals their first loss!



Despite Pittsburgh's defense holding the high flying Jets offense to just 115 yards, the Jets escaped Heinz Field with a victory. Pittsburgh gets two field goals from Chris Boswell and leads at half 6 - 0. Percy Harvin’s 100 yard kickoff return opening the 3rd quarter and a TD pass late in the 4th gives the Jets the season sweep of the Steelers. Final score: NYJ-14 PIT-6


Defense was the name of the game in this matchup. Both teams held each other to less than 100 yards of offense and no touchdowns. You would think that they were playing baseball. The Cards led the entire game 3-0, until the Skins hit a 52 yard FG on the last play of the game. Arizona managed to squeak out the game by 1 yard in OT. Final score: ARI-4 WAS-3


This game was turnover city. Seattle coughed up the ball once, while Birmingham laid the ball down twice. Because of the fumbles, the Stallions couldn’t get any traction against the Seattle defense.  Tyler Lockett and Percy Harvin scored for the Seahawks, while Andre Thomas punched one in for the Stallions. Final score: SEA-14 BIR-7


Pittsburgh’s ground-n-pound attack and timely passing, dominated the time of possession for the Steelers. Pittsburgh also forced 2 turnovers against the Cards, and held their offense scoreless for 3 quarters of the game. The Cardinal defense had its’ back against the ropes all day but hung tough. With 3 trips in the redzone, The Cardinals only gave up 1 touchdown to the Steelers. The Steelers also got 2 chip shot FGs thanks to the Cardinals fumbling twice near their own 20 yard line. Final score: PIT-13 ARI-7


Russell Wilson and Troy Aikman both threw for 2 touchdowns, but the Seahawks got a little help from their special teams in the form of a 100 yard kickoff return by Sydney Rice. Dallas outgained Seattle in rushing and passing, but the Seahawks managed to get the victory. Final score: SEA-23 DAL-14

Doubleheader day for Stallions and a Slugfest between Dallas and New York!

May 21, 2016

Doubleheader day for Stallions; Slugfest between Dallas and New York!

Arizona @ Birmingham

The Cardinals got off to a hot start in the 1st Quarter thanks to a 15-yard TD pass from QB Carson Palmer to #28 JJ Arrington. The Cards' 2nd possession almost led to another score until #41 Robert Gentry picked off Carson Palmer in the redzone, and returned the ball 10-yards before being tackled by Beenie Wells. The Arizona defense hung tough, and forced Birmingham to punt. With 3 plays left in the half, the Cardinals drove the ball down the field and settled for a Neil Rackers 38-yard FG. Arizona led at the half 10-0.

After holding Birmingham to a 4 & out, the Cards went on an 8-play drive capping off the 3rd Quarter by powering the ball into the end zone (on 4th down) from the 1-yard line despite 3 great stops by the Stallions defense. The Cards now led 17-0.

Hard hitting by both teams continued throughout the game, but # JJ Arrington iced the victory for Arizona by scoring on a 52-yard TD run. Final score: ARI 24, BIRM 0.

Dallas @ NYJ

This game was a slugfest! The Jets started the game with a 9-play drive culminating with #38 John Conner blasting into the endzone on a 5-yard TD run. Three plays later, Dallas answered back via an 80-yard TD run courtesy of #34 Herschel Walker. After 1 Quarter the score was tied 7-7.

In the 2nd... NY went on another long drive, this time 8 plays capped off by a 35-yard TD run by #33 Chris Ivory. NY led at halftime, 14-7.

In the 3rd Quarter, the Cowboys wasted no time getting down to business. On the 3rd play, QB Troy Aikman hit #34 Herschel Walker on a 68-yard TD bomb, tying up the game at 14s. Just 5 plays later, the battle of dueling banjos continued with NYJ RB #30 Zac Stacy gliding in from 27-yards out for another New York Touchdown! At the end of the 3rd, Jets take the lead 21-14.

In the 4th... Dallas decides to go on a long drive themselves. Eight plays later, #22 Emmitt Smith rips through the Jets defense and scores on a 25-yard TD run. However, Dallas was unable to tie the game because their normally reliable kicker, Chris Boniol, shanked the extra point. New York still leads the game 21-20. The Cowboys have just enough time to get a stop, and get the ball back to win the game. However, the Jets clutch offense gets a couple of first downs and ices the game. Final score: NYJ 21, DAL 20.

Washington @ Birmingham

This game was a defensive battle. There was plenty of plastic-a-popping but very few scoring opportunities. Washington scored first when #91 Ryan Kerrigan tackled Stallion RB Joe Cribbs in the end zone for a Safety. The Skins led 2-0 at the Half.

Birmingham started the 3rd Quarter on a good drive until QB Cliff Stoudt was picked off by #24 CB Josh Norman who returned the ball 28 yards to the Birmingham 9-yard line. Two plays later the Skins cashed in, when QB Kirk Cousins delivers a 12-yard TD strike to #31 Matt Jones. Skins now lead 9-0.

In the 4th... Birmingham finally caught fire when QB Cliff Stoudt led the Stallions on an 8 play, 97-yard drive that broke up the shutout with a 39-yard TD pass from Stoudt to #86 Joe McFadden. The extra point was no good. Final score: WAS 9, BIRM 6.


May 19, 2016

It's already stacked with King Koopa and his JETS; The X-Files and his STEELERS; The Defiant 1 and his TITANS; Bruvva Man from the 21st Floor and his BRONCOS; The Total Package and his RAVENS; and Breezy's defending AFC Champion BENGALS. So I wonder who's going to contend for the AFC Crown in 2017 and standup to The Cosmic Enigmatic Kahunska and his CARDINALS. That is unless he gets bumped off this year by all those in the NFC that have their infra-red laser nightscopes locked in on him??? Hmmm. Gon' be interesting to say the least. Yes, indeedy!!!

(Update 5/23/16: I corrected MIAMI's T-G-C-G-T and I forgot that the JAGUARS are a'coming next season too!?!)

Gameday 5-7-2016... Big Games on Tap!

May 7, 2016

Gameday 5-7-2016... Big Games on Tap!

Washington @ Dallas

Defense was the name of the game in this matchup. Midway in the 2nd quarter Dallas Linebacker Godfrey Miles #98 sacked Kirk Cousins in the endzone for a safety giving the Cowboys a 2-0 lead.

This score held up until the 4th quarter because both coaches did a masterful job on defense. The Redskins finally struck paydirt on a 26 yd TD pass from Cousins to Silas Redd. Dallas drove the ball down the field late in the 4th quarter. On the last play of the game, Dallas had the ball 2nd & 8 on the Washington 35 yard line. QB Troy Aikman finds #80 Tony “Thrill” Hill over the middle and delivers a strike. Hill races to the endzone but is caught from behind by CB DeAngelo Hall who tackles Hill on the 2 yard line to preserve the victory. Dallas was led by Leon Lett with 3 tackles while Bill Bates and Godfrey Myles each chipped in with a sack a piece. Washington was led by Kendell Fuller with 5 tackles, and LaVar Arrington with 2 tackles and a sack. Final Score: WAS-7 DAL-2

Baltimore @ NYJ

The Ravens were forced to punt on their opening drive. The Jets drove down the field and scored on a Shonn Greene 39 yard TD run. The Ravens answered back on a Jamal Lewis 88 yard TD run. In the 2nd quarter, the Jets got some big plays of their own; when RB Chris Johnson scored on a 77 yard TD run and #31 Antonio Cromartie intercepts QB Trent Dilfer. The Jets led at the half 14-7.

Both teams stepped up in the 3rd quarter by holding each other scoreless. In the 4th, Geno Smith decides to put the game on his shoulders and marches the Jets down the field capping off the drive with a 22 yard TD pass to #85 Jeff Cumberland. The Jets take a commanding 21-7 lead late into the 4th quarter. The Ravens showed no signs of quit when they answered back with a 88 yard bomb from QB Trent Dilfer to “Primetime” Deion Sanders, who high-stepped into the endzone for the Baltimore Touchdown!

Baltimore then recovers an onside kick and has a few plays to try to tie up the game. Dilfer was unable to find his receivers, and the Jets held on for the win. Final score: NYJ-21 BAL-14

Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh

This battle between division rivals boiled down to the last few plays of the game… With only 3 minutes left in regulation, and down 14-6 to the Bengals, Steelers QB Big Ben Roethlisberger hit WR Sammie Coats in stride for an 80 yard TD strike. Needing 2 points to tie the game, Roethlisberger hits old reliable TE Heath Miller to tie the game 14-14.

In overtime, Troy Polamalu saved a possible TD, tackling Bengals RB Giovani Bernard for a gain of 35 yards. The Steelers needing 36 yards for the Win, got 50 when Roethlisberger hit RB #33, Fitzgerald Toussaint out of the backfield. Bengals defenders closed in at mach speed but could not bring the big Back down. Final score: Steelers 15 Bengals 14.

Blitzburgh @ Birmingham

Blitzburgh got the ball first and went on a 6 play drive totaling 33 yards before turning the ball over on downs. On the very next play, RB Joe Cribbs galloped 67 yards and scored for the Stallions. Birmingham led 7-0. 4 plays later QB Kordell “Slash” Stewart hooked up with “The Bus” Jerome Bettis on a 67 yard catch-n-carry for a Blitzburgh Touchdown.

Both teams played stout defense for the next 3 quarters and the game ended in a 7-7 tie in regulation. In the OT Birmingham took the ball first and QB Cliff Stoudt was sacked by #91 Kevin Greene for a loss of 10 yards. The Steelers took over the ball and QB Kordell Stewart was promptly sacked by # 98 Joe Cugliari for a loss of 6 yards. By a total of -4 yards Blitzburgh gains 1 point and the win in overtime. Final score: BLI-8 BIR-7

Cincinnati @ Washington

The only offense that was mustered in the first half was a 32 yard FG by placekicker Mike 'Son of Ted' Nugent of the Bengals. Cincinnati led at the half 3-0. Both defenses kept pressure on the other's offenses until the 4th quarter when Cincinnati went on a 73 yard drive capped off by a 7 yard TD pass from Dalton to #85 Tyler Eifert. Washington got one more possession but failed to get into the endzone. Final score: CIN-10 WAS-0

Blitzburgh @ Arizona

Arizona opened with a 10 play drive for 44 total yards capped off by a Neil Rackers 50 yard FG. After holding Blitzburgh to a 4 & out, the Cards took over in the 2nd quarter. QB Carson Palmer led Arizona on a 4 play drive culminating in a 51 yard TD run by RB JJ Arrington. After another 4 & out by the Steelers, the Cardinals got another Neil Rackers FG, this time from 37 yards out to lead at the half 13-0.

In the 3rd quarter Blitzburgh went on a 9 play drive covering 36 yards but once again was forced to punt by the Cardinal defense. The Blitzburgh punt pinned the Cards on their own 4 yard line. After losing yardage on the next 2 plays the Cardinals had a 3rd & 13 on their own 1 yard line. The Steeler defense turned the heat up a notch and sacked Carson Palmer in the endzone for the safety! Blitzburgh got the ball back in the 4th quarter, but the Cardinal defense was up for the challenge. They held the Steelers out of the endzone for 1 last possession, and the Arizona offense kneeled out the game. Final score ARI-13 BLI-2

Birmingham @ Baltimore

Baltimore started the game with a 7 play drive totaling 65 yards, capped off by a 19 yard TD run by Jamal Lewis. Birmingham went on an 8 play drive on its first possession totaling 62 yards but missed on a 43 yard FG. After that, both teams traded punts for the remainder of the half.

In the 3rd quarter QB Cliff Stoudt tossed a pick to the Ravens who took over on the Birmingham 9 yard line. The Birmingham defense held up and forced the Ravens to settle for a 30 yard FG. Baltimore led Birmingham 10-0. Late in the 3rd quarter the Stallions offense finally started clicking. 5 plays later QB Cliff Stoudt finds #86 Joe McFadden in the endzone for an 8 yard TD pass. The extra point was missed and Baltimore led 10-6. On the ensuing kickoff, “Neon” Deion Sanders takes the ball to the house with a 100 yard kickoff return. The Ravens push their lead to 17-6.

In the 4th quarter both teams traded interceptions, and then Birmingham QB Cliff Stoudt calms himself and launches a 70 yard bomb to #30 Andre Thomas who steps out at the 5 yard line. On the next play, #20 Joe Cribbs powers the ball into the endzone for a Stallions Touchdown! Birmingham pulls within 4 points. After a failed onside kick by the Stallions, Baltimore was able to kneel out the game. Final score: BAL-17 BIR-13

Baltimore @ Cincinnati

After a 68 yard kickoff return, Cincinnati started with the ball on the Baltimore 37 yard line. 2 plays later Cincinnati scores on a 30 yard TD run by #33 Rex Burkhead. In the 2nd quarter Cincinnati finds the endzone again, this time courtesy of #34 James Wilder Jr who scores on a 3 yard TD run. Cincinnati leads at the half 14-0.

In the 3rd quarter the Cincinnati defense forces the Ravens to punt. 2 plays later James Wilder Jr scores his 2nd touchdown of the evening from 38 yards out, giving the Bengals a 21-0 lead. Baltimore goes on 1 more possession, but is forced to punt again by the Cincinnati defense. Both teams retired in the 4th. Final score: CIN-21 BAL-0

Blitzburgh @ Dallas

Dallas starts the game with a 9 play drive capped off by a Preston Pearson 41 yard TD run. In the 2nd quarter, Blitzburgh scores on the third play of the possession with a 33 yard TD pass from QB Kordell Stewart to #88 Andre Hastings. 3 plays later, Dallas comes right back courtesy of a 68 yard catch-n-carry from QB Troy Aikman to RB Emmitt Smith for the Touchdown. Dallas leads at the half 14-7.

Blitzburgh gets a big play to begin the 2nd half, when #87 Mark Bruener returns the kick 100 yards for a Steelers Touchdown to tie the game at 14-14. After forcing a Dallas punt, the Steeler offense gets in on the act by going 60 yards in 4 plays culminating with an 8 yard TD pass from Stewart to Plaxico Burress. Both teams managed a quiet 4th quarter, giving Blitzburgh the win. Final score: BLI 21 DAL-14




Gameday 4-23-2016

April 23, 2016

Gameday 4-23-2016 BIR @ WAS... Cousins tosses 5 TD passes!

In this early battle of the unbeatens, Birmingham took on the Skins at Fed Ex Field. Washington got it's first touchdown on a 12 yard pass from Cousins to Silas Redd. This TD was aided by a 46 yard KOR by Clinton Portis, and 2 runs totaling 44 yards by Matt Jones.

The Redskin defense managed to stop Birmingham's first drive thanks to an interception in the Red zone by safety Ifeanyi Ohalete. The Skins took over on their own 12 yard line. 3 plays later Cousins hits TE Jordan Reed for 42 yards, and comes back to him on a 43 yard TD pass.

Birmingham came back quickly with an 83 yard TD pass to Joe Cribbs from Cliff Stoudt. Not to be outdone QB Kirk Cousins goes deep to Jordan Reed for a 79 yard TD pass. Washington leads Birmingham at the half 20-6.

Birmingham starts the 2nd half with the ball but goes 3 and out. 2 plays later, Cousins hits Jordan Reed on a 74 yard bomb for the TOUCHDOWN! On the ensuing drive Cliff Stout goes 3 for 3 totaling 80 yards capped of by a 6 yard TD pass to WR Joey Jones.

On Washington's next possession disaster strikes... On a 2nd &19 from the 22, Cousins hits Ryan Grant on a pass. Grant gains 28 yards before coughing up the ball back to Birmingham on a hit from DB Robert Gentry.

Stoudt promptly goes 3 for 3 again, this time totaling 50 yards capped off by a 5 yard TD pass to Joey Jones. (Jones' 2nd touchdown of the day)

With only an 8 point lead midway into the 4th quarter... Kirk Cousins decides to go to Clinton Portis on an 80 bomb to seal the deal and the victory. Final score: WAS 34 BIR 19


PIT @ NYJ... Jets win over Steelers 24-14!

The Jets jumped out to a 14 point lead over the Steelers courtesy of 2 big plays by RB Shonn Greene. He scored on a 74 yard run and a 76 yard pass from QB Geno Smith. The Jets led the Steelers at the half 14-0

In the 3rd quarter... the Jets added 3 more points to push their lead to 17-0, thanks to a Nick Folk 38 yard field goal. The Steelers answered with an 80 yard bomb to Martavis Bryant.

In the 4th... #30 Zac Stacy powers in from 20 yards out for the TOUCHDOWN! Again the Steelers answer back with another 80 yard bomb to Martavis Bryant. The Jets ended up with the victory over the Steelers 24-14.


SEA @ DAL (PPD 3rd Qtr.)

Dallas got the ball rolling with an 82 TD yard pass from Aikman to Hershel Walker. Seattle immediately answered with a 100 yard Kick return by Sidney Rice. Aikman strikes back with a 33 yard catch-n-carry by The Playmaker Michael Irvin. Seattle returnman Sidney Rice takes the ensuing kickoff 91 yard; giving Seattle great field position on the Dallas 9 yard line. Russell Wilson dumps a pass to Beast Mode who takes it in for the score. At the end of the 1st quarter the score is tied Dallas 14 Seattle 14.

Both defenses took over in the 2nd quarter not allowing another point.

In the 3rd... Seattle starts from their own 7 yard line. 2 plays later Wilson goes to Marshawn Lynch for 22 yards and picks up the first down. On the very next play, Wilson tosses the bomb to RE III covering 71 yards and the TOUCHDOWN!!! Dallas currently has a 1st & 10 on their 40 yard line and was driving when the game got postponed. The score is Seattle 21 Dallas 14 half way through the 3rd quarter. This game will be updated as soon as it's completed.

Jimbo watch this pass!

April 14, 2016

Check this out...


Power running game...

Helluva pass...

757-EFL Kickoff Classic. 4-9-16

April 9, 2016


Kirk Cousins had a banner day going 10/14 for 208 yards and 4 Touchdowns. 2 Touchdowns went to DeSean Jackson who had 93 yards and 4 catches. 2015 757-EFL Defensive Player of the Year LaVar Arrington, anchored the Skins defense with 5 tackles and 3 sacks. Ben Roethlisberger tossed a Touchdown pass to Fitzgerald Toussaint, and Le’Veon Bell scored on a 78 yard run in a losing effort 28-14.



Birmingham QB Cliff Stoudt passed for 106 yards and a Touchdown to Joe McFadden, while Joe Cribbs ran for a score. While Tony Hill gained 82 yards on the ground and Tony Tolbert paced the Dallas defense with 4 solo tackles. The Stallion played a bend but don’t break defense that shutout the Cowboys 13-0.



The Jets wildcat offense ran wild over the Seattle defense totaling 253 yards. Chris Ivory led the Jets with 194 yards and Fullback John Conner pitched in with 36 yards. On defense Calvin Pace led the Charge with 3 tackles and 2 sacks one of which was a safety. Seattle QB Russell Wilson didn’t get hot until late in the second half where he threaded the needle on a 20 yard strike to Percy Harvin for a Touchdown. Marshawn Lynch led all of the Seattle receivers with 3 catches for 60 yards. The Jets defense smothered the Seahawk offense leading to a 23-7 victory.

FINALLY the Champ is back.................................. HOME!

April 7, 2016

After a whirlwind tour for media, sponsors, and Championship obligations the 757-EFL Champion is finally back home in the Tidewater area. This was a short off-season for the league and even shorter for Coach OldSchool; however the Champ did enjoy certain aspects and the perks of being "The Champ". One such honor was touring the City of Cincinnati, and speaking with the citizens, luminaries, and dignitaries at the Fox Sports Ohio Champions Club.


From staying and dining at the luxurious Westin in downtown Cincinnati,

partying at Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery,

to checking out the Great American Ballpark,

and Paul Brown Stadium...

a Great time was had by the Champ and his Family!

Welcome to New 757-EFL Coaches!

April 5, 2016

The 757efl "The Vibe" would like to officially welcome four of our newest coaches to the league. These coaches are all men of quality and will enhance our league as we continue to grow.

The first Gentleman is Coach Brian AKA "Bama Boy" from down the road in Chester Virginia. This is his first league experience and he will be coaching the Birmingham Stallions.

Next we have Coach Reggie AKA "Reggie-reg" hailing from Chi-town. He is a veteran of the Mid-West EFL, and will be coaching the Denver Broncos.

Coming in from South Jersey, we move on to Coach Ernie AKA "Blitzburgh". He is a tournament and league veteran who currently plays in the NEFL. He is a former NEFL & PEFL Champion. Coach Ernie will be coaching the Blitzburgh Steelers.

Last but not least, we have Coach Glenn AKA "The Total Package". Another tournament and league veteran, who also hails from South Jersey. Coach Glenn usually plays in a couple different leagues; we are honored that he has chosen the 757efl "The Vibe" to add to his list. Glenn will be coaching the Baltimore Ravens.

This league is already filled with quality guys... so be competitive, have fun, and I'm sure you gentlemen will fit right in.


To the Victors go the Spoils!

January 3, 2016

The following players and Coaches received this season's awards in the 757 presented by Dave the Commish!

The Gunslinger got the ball rolling by being named the 2015 757-EFL Coach of the Year!

Sidney Rice of the Seattle Seahawks was named Kick-returner of the Year. RE III accepted the award on his behalf.

RE III also was named 2015 757-EFL Passing Champion.

LaVar Arrington of the Washington Redskins was named Defensive Player of the Year. The Gunslinger accepted the award on his behalf.

Beenie Wells of the Arizona Cardinals was named Offensive Player of the Year, and League MVP. Coach OldSchool accepted both awards on his behalf.

Coach Breezy and the Cincinnati Bengals are the 2015 757-EFL AFC Champions.

Coach OldSchool and his Arizona Cardinals are 2015 757-EFL NFC Champions, and the 757-EFL Superbowl III Champions.

and lastly,


JJ Arrington of the Arizona Cardinals was named the 2015 757-EFL Superbowl III MVP.

Congrats to ALL of the winners, your awards were well deserved!

The 757-EFL Crowns a NEW Champion in Superbowl III!

January 2, 2016

Big Woody’s sports bar at Chesapeake Square Mall was the venue for the 757-EFL Superbowl Championship. The game would be played on a custom made 24”x 48” board, affectionately known as the Big Pancake. The two teams involved in this epic matchup were the AFC Champion Cincinnati Bengals coached by Jimbo “Breezy” Dunagan, and the NFC Champion Arizona Cardinals coached by Don “OldSchool” Smith. Neither team had an easy road to the championship. Jimbo had had to pull a double upset special over 2 bigtime coaches (D.C. Smith and Rick Garrison) who swept him during the regular season. Don’s big moment came in the NFC Championship when he had to take on the REIGNING, DEFENDING, UNDISPUTED 757-EFL Champion RE III. Last year in the conference championship, RE III sent OldSchool packing; this time OldSchool returned the favor.

The game was opened by the singing of our National Anthem. Referee Robert Bennett had both teams’ captains meet him in the center of the field for the coin toss. Cincinnati called heads but coin landed on tails. Arizona won the toss and elected to differ to the second half. Cincinnati took the ball and the game got underway.

Arizona’s Neil Rackers kicked the ball deep to Cincinnati’s #82 Marvin Jones. Jones decides to run the ball out of the end-zone. He gets terrific blocking and takes the ball downfield 51 yards before getting tackled by #26 Roderick Hood. Cincinnati has the ball 1st & 10 on the Arizona 49 yard line. QB Andy Dalton hands the ball off to #32 Jeremy Hill who is immediately hit in the backfield for a 2 yard loss by #97 Bryan Robinson. On 2nd & 12 Andy Dalton drops back to pass and he sees Jeremy Hill open down the right sideline. Once the ball is in the air, Arizona CB Roderick Hood #26 jumps the route and gets the interception. Hood gains 19 yards on the return before being caught from behind by Jeremy Hill.

Arizona has a 1st & 10 on the Cincinnati 32 yard line. QB Kurt Warner hands the ball off to #26 Beenie Wells who zigs and zags through the defense for 22 yards and a 1st down. Next, Warner hands the ball off to #28 JJ Arrington on the left side but he is stuck hard to the turf by #99 Margus Hunt for a loss of 3 yards. On 2nd down Warner hits Arrington for an 8 yard pickup. It’s 3rd & Goal on the Cincinnati 5 yard line. Arizona tries to spread the defense and sneak in with a draw up the middle by Beenie Wells. Middle linebacker A.J. Hawk wasn’t fooled and tackled Beenie for no gain. The Cardinals had to settle for a 22 yard FG by Neil Rackers to take a 3-0 lead.

Rackers kicks another deep one to Marvin Jones. This time Jones returns the ball 62 yards before stepping out of bounds at the Arizona 38 yard line. The Bengals start again with great field position. 1st & 10 Dalton drops back to pass, and the Cards bring heavy pressure. Dalton tries to step up in the pocket and is sacked by #56 Chike Okeafor for a 2 yard loss. On 2nd & 12 Dalton finally makes a connection, this time to #12 Mohammed Sanu for 12 yards and a 1st down on the Cardinals 28 yard line. Dalton hands the ball off to Hill for 5 yards where he is tackled by #24 Adrian Wilson. On 2nd down Dalton gives the ball to Hill again, this time for a 1 yard gain where he is brought down by Roderick Hood. Its 3rd & 4 on the Cardinals 22 yard line, Dalton drops back but has to throw the ball quickly because of the rush. He goes to Jeremy Hill, but Hill only gains a yard because of the alert play and big hit by Middle linebacker Gerald Hayes #54. The Bengals bring out their FG unit, and kicker Mike Nugent connects on a 38 yarder to tie the game at 3-3.

Nugent kicks the ball out of the endzone for the touchback, where the Cardinals start their second possession on their own 20 yard line. The Cardinals go with an offset I formation. Kurt Warner hands the ball to JJ Arrington who goes around the left side, and gallops 80 yards for the Arizona touchdown! The Cards retake the lead 10-3.

Rackers kicks the ball deep into the endzone, but Marvin Jones still runs the ball out. The kick coverage is much better this time, so Jones only gets 29 yards. 1st & 10 on the 29, Dalton sees Marvin Jones beating double coverage and streaking down the middle of the field. He tosses a rainbow to Jones whose catch-n-carry covers 71 yards and a Bengals touchdown! Cincinnati ties the game 10-10.

With 4 plays left until halftime, Arizona takes the ball on their own 20. On 1st & 10, Warner passes the ball to #11 Larry Fitzgerald on a strike for 15 yards. The next play, Warner goes to #15 Stevie Breaston on a quick slant for an 11 yard pickup and another 1st down. Warner drops back to pass and sees #85 Darren Fells curl down field and within FG range; Warner muscles the ball, but it’s just behind the receiver and falls incomplete. On the last play of the half, Warner passes the ball to JJ Arrington who gains 27 yards before getting shoved out of bounds by #90 Michael Johnson. Halftime score: ARI-10 CIN-10

The 3rd quarter started with a touchback. Arizona took over on their own 20 yard line. Beenie Wells was tackled for a loss of 2 yards on 1st down by #97 Geno Atkins. On 2nd down Warner gets some of the yardage back by hitting JJ Arrington on a 4 yard pass; #24 Adam “Pacman” Jones was in on the tackle. The Cardinals faced a 3rd & 8 when Warner calmly finds Beenie Wells in the flats, where he picks up 9 yards and the 1st down. #43 George Iloka is credited with the tackle. The Cards have a 1st & 10 at the 31 yard line; Beenie Wells tests the middle of the Bengal defense and is hit hard by A.J. Hawk after a 1 yard gain. On 2nd & 9 Kurt Warner dials up JJ Arrington for a nice 15 yard gain; George Iloka was in on the stop. On 1st down the Cardinals tried a little trickery that back fired. #32 Edgerrin James came into the game on a fake reverse and gets dropped for a 4 yard loss by #99 Margus hunt. 2nd & 14 from their 43, Warner goes to Steve Breaston, but Stevie-B couldn’t shake off A.J. Hawk and only gets 2 yards out of the play. Now it’s a big 3rd & 12 from the 45 yard line. Warner drops back to pass, and finally has a little time; he sees Stevie Breaston wide open and delivers the ball on a rope for a 25 yard gain and another 1st down. The next 2 plays had Warner missing throws to Breaston and Arrington, leaving the Cardinals with another crucial 3rd down play. It’s now 3rd & 10 on the Cincinnati 30 yard line. Can the Cards convert 3rd down for the third time in this drive? Warner is in the shotgun; he spots Stevie Breaston beating his coverage and decides to go to Mr. reliable one more time. Breaston makes the defense pay and gains 26 big yards taking the ball to the Cincinnati 4 yard line for a 1st & goal. Since Warner has the hot hand Arizona takes advantage by letting Warner throw it again. This time he hits #82 Leonard Pope for the 4 yard touchdown pass to take the lead. However, the normally reliable Neil Rackers misses the extra point wide left, leaving the door open for the Bengals 16-10.

The Cardinals ate up the entire 3rd quarter and one play in the 4th with that 12 play drive. In that 3rd quarter, QB Kurt Warner converted 3rd down 3 times, and was 7/9 for 85 yards and 1 TD.

The stage is now set for Andy Dalton and the Bengals. It’s the 4th quarter, Cincinnati is only down by 6 and there are 11 plays left in the game. Rackers kicks off the ball to Jones; this time the kick coverage was good, stopping Jones on the 16 yard line. 10 plays and 84 yards are the only things between the Bengals and a score. On the 1st play Dalton passes the ball to Mohammed Sanu and gains 15 yards. 1st & 10 on the 31 yard line, Dalton tries to go to # 34 James Wilder Jr. but the ball falls incomplete. On 2nd down, Dalton drops back and finds Jeremy Hill downfield; Hill hauls in the pass for a 25 yard gain. The Bengals now have a 1st & 10 at the Arizona 44 yard line; Dalton stands in the pocket and throws to Mohammed Sanu, but the ball goes over his head. 2nd & 10, the Bengals try to catch the Cards defense napping by running Jeremy Hill on an inside trap. #94 Antonio Smith sniffs out the play and tackles Hill after a 1 yard pickup. 3rd & 9 from the Arizona 43 yard line; Dalton goes to a diving James Wilder Jr, but the pass is incomplete. Now with only 4 plays left in the game, its 4th & 9 from the Arizona 43; the Bengals need to convert or the game will be over because Arizona can just kneel out the last couple plays. This my friends is where the rubber meets the road…

Bengals QB Andy Dalton stands deep in the pocket and has time. His receivers are fighting hard to get open. AJ Green and Mohammed Sanu both got open on the left side near the 20 yard line. The Cardinals had their safety/fumbleman #21 Antrel Rolle down about the 15 yard line. Coach Jimbo decided that Dalton would attempt the pass to Green, and cross him behind Sanu for a possible block. Everybody in attendance was either standing or hovering over the board, because this pass would ultimately decide the game. The receiver was about 33 yards away from the QB and with a 45 degree diagonal slant the pass would have to travel more like 50 yards. Jimbo slings the rock but it misses wide left of the receiver.

Both Coaches shook hands, exchanged hugs, and the game was over. ARI-16 CIN-10.

Congratulations to Coach Jimbo and the Bengals for playing a great game, and to Coach OldSchool and the Cardinals for becoming the NEW 757-EFL Champions!

***Breaking News… JJ Arrington named 757-EFL Superbowl III MVP! Congrats JJ!***

Playoffs (Part 2.) Cincinnati @ Carolina

December 12, 2015

The 2015 AFC Championship Game

The 2015 757 AFC Championship Game pitted the #2 Seed Carolina Panthers against the #3 Seed Cincinnati Bengals for the third time this season. Carolina won both regular season games against the Bengals by a total of 5 points. Cincinnati Head Coach Jimbo Dunagan was definitely poised to avenge the losses and prevent the Carolina juggernaut from advancing.

   The Bengals won the toss and elected to take the ball at the 20 yard line to start the game.  RB #32 Jeremy Hill ran for 3 yards and caught 2 passes for 40 yards before the Panthers Defense recorded 2 Sacks (Julius Peppers and Charles Godfrey) on Cincy QB #14 Andy Dalton (2 for 3 passing, 40 yards) forcing the Bengals to punt after 7 plays and 27 total yards gained.

   Rick Garrison’s Offense started from their own 8 yard line and had to eventually punt after 8 plays and 21 total yards gained. Carolina QB #1 Cam Newton went 2 for 5 Passing for 30 yards, while RBs Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams combined for -9 yards on 2 attempts Rushing.

   Starting from their own 26 yard line, the Bengals Offense finally decided to show up. Jeremy Hill shook and juked the Panthers Defense for a 29 yard chunk and Dalton hit WR #82 Marvin “All He Does Is Catch Touchdowns” Jones in stride for a 45 yard TD. (XP Good by Mike Nugent) All it took was 2 plays for lightning to strike and just like that Cincy was on top 7-0.

   Not to be outdone, Cam & Co. put together a 4-play scoring drive of their own, but Panther Kicker Graham Gano shanked the XP.  Newton went 4 for 4 Passing on this 80 yard drive, keying in on TE #80 Dante Rosario twice for 37 yards; WR #19 Ted Ginn Jr. once for 15 yards and delivering the 28 yard TD pass to WR #17 Devin Funchess. Cincy still leads with 3 plays left in the 1st Half, 7-6.

   With only 3 plays and 80 yards to go, Dalton went 0 for 3 Passing trying to squeeze passes in where ordinary QBs wouldn’t dare. Cincy 7-6, Halftime

   Panthers attempted a KR to start the 3rd Quarter, but the Bengals Special Teams forced the Touchback. Jonathan Stewart took the 1st down handoff for 5 yards before Cincy LB #55 Vontaze Burfict introduced himself to the big back from Oregon, abruptly halting his forward momentum and stripping him of the pigskin. This was the 1st of 3 times that Burfict’s plastic-denting tackles jarred the ball loose from a Panther.

   Bengals took over possession at the Panthers’ 25 yard line and Dalton’s woes continued with another Sack (#94 Kony Ealy) and 2 more Incomplete Passes. Bengals PK Nugent setup for a 50 yard FG attempt but it sailed wide right. The Panthers’ Defense stepped up and held firm against the Bengals anemic Offense.

   Carolina took over at their own 33 yard line and Cam Newton came out determined to capitalize on the missed FG by Cincinnati. On 1st down he rifled a difficult pass into Ginn Jr’s chest for 19 yards before throwing another pass to Ginn Jr. that sailed just a tad bit high. Having spread the Bengals’ Defense wide, Newton attempted his signature QB sneak up the middle but was denied after  1 yard by the wily veteran LB #50 A.J. Hawk acquired through free-agency from Green Bay. On 3rd and 9 from the Bengals’ 47, Newton dropped back for a pass and was immediately greeted by Mr. Burfict and was temporarily relieved of the ball before falling on a lucky bounce. The strip sack knocked Carolina out of FG range, so they had to punt the ball back to Cincy with 1 play left in the 3rd Quarter and the score still 7-6 Bengals.

   After a pow-wow with QB Dalton on the sideline, Coach Jimbo Lewis was reassured by his QB doing his best Aaron Rodgers impersonation by mouthing, “R-E-L-A-X” and then added, “I got this, Coach!” Dalton led his Offense onto the field once again, this time from their own 12 yard line. Carolina’s Defense did a great job containing all of the Bengals’ weapons, so Dalton had to target his big TE #83 Kevin “All He Does Is Get 1st Downs” Brock on 3 passes, achieving two 1st Downs. On 1st and 10 from their own 36 yard line, lightning struck again as Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” queued up on the record player, this time for 64 yards and the TD (XP Good), giving the Bengals a 14-6 lead with 8 plays left in Regulation.

   If you’re an attentive reader, you would have surmised by now that Vontaze Burfict is due one more Fumble and as fate would have it, disaster struck Carolina yet again shortly after a 48 yard completion to WR #13 Kelvin Benjamin and a 6 yard Sack by Bengals DE #99 Margus “The Swede with Speed” Hunt.  On 2nd and 16 from the Bengals’ 38 yard line, Newton threw across the field to a wide open TE #88 Greg “I Don’t Have a Twin” Olsen on a post route. Unfortunately for Newton and Olsen, Mr. Burfict was dropping back into the middle third zone. Burfict easily tracked down the golden boy Olsen at the 10 yard line and promptly relieved him of his precious cargo. WAM! BAM!! FUMBLE!!! DAMN!!!!

   With 5 plays left in the game, Cincy need only get a single 1st Down to seal the victory and punch their ticket to the 2015 757 Superbowl to face Don “OldSchool” Smith’s Arizona Cardinals.  With that being said, Jeremy Hill took the toss, jetted around the right end untouched and went out of bounds at exactly 10 yards. Dalton conducted the Victory formation 4 times and the Bengals defeat another team that had previously beaten them twice in the Regular Season.

   When asked what it feels like to finally win in the Playoffs, the last 2 Playoff games that is, Dalton directed his response to all of his critics and again impersonated another fellow QB. “You like that? You like that!” Yes, indeed. Bengals fans around the world like that. Final score: CIN 14  CAR 6  

   In fact, they’ll certainly love the fact that Coach Jimbo Dunagan has taken another Bengals team to a Superbowl in 2 different leagues this year, the first in which he won the 2015 Mid-West Electric Football League Superbowl against Frank Johnson’s Chicago Bears and the #1 Rushing Offense - Walter Payton needing only 32 yards to secure the Rushing Title. While the Bengals possessed the #1 Defense, they denied Payton that achievement. In fact they denied the entire Offense from scoring any points, winning 10-0 and securing their first Championship.

   When asked what he expects from OldSchool’s Cardinals, Coach Jimbo replied, “I don’t expect a shutout nor any other similarities to any of my previous games. We didn’t face Arizona this year so there are a lot of things we’ll have to prepare for based solely on the media we’ve seen. Beenie [Wells] will definitely get a lot of attention, as will Kurt [Warner]. All I can say is that it’s going to be a colorful game – orange, red, black and blue! WHO DEY?”

Playoffs (Part 2. continued) Seattle @ Arizona

December 12, 2015

The 2015 NFC Championship Game

The 757-EFL NFC Championship pitted the #1 seed Arizona Cardinals against the #3 seed Seattle Seahawks. Seattle is coached by REIII the reigning, defending, undisputed 757-EFL Champion; meanwhile, the Cardinals are coached by OldSchool, an EF playa from waaaaaaay back in the Himalayas. This rivalry is one of the best in the 757, as well as in all of the Tidewater area. These 2 coaches have split the last 4 games between them. This will be the rubber match that sends one of them to the Big Game.

Seattle opens the game with the ball. They go on a 7 play drive totaling 36 yards before punting the ball to Arizona. The Cards have the ball for 5 plays for a total of 1 yard before having to punt the ball back to the Seahawks. Seattle then goes 49 yards on a 9 play drive culminating in a 24 yard FG giving them a 3-0 lead at halftime. Seattle controlled the ball for 18 plays to Arizona’s 6 plays.

The 2nd half began with JJ Arrington taking the opening kickoff 28 yards for the Cards. On the first play from scrimmage Beenie Wells busts through the middle and gallops 72 yards for the Arizona Touchdown! Neil Rackers adds the extra point and the Cards go up 7-3. Seattle’s Sidney Rice returns the kick out to the 25 yard line. The Seahawks are held to a 3 & out and punted the ball back to the Cardinals; Arizona takes over on their own 24 yard line.  5 plays later the Cards find the endzone again thanks to a 72 yard TD pass from QB Kurt Warner to JJ Arrington. The point after was good, and at the end of the 3rd quarter, the Cardinals extend their lead to 14-3.

A touchback on the kickoff pinned the Seahawks on their 20 yard line. The Seahawks offense came out firing determined to move the football. 3 plays later the Seahawks hit paydirt thanks to a 64 yard TD pass from QB Russell Wilson to Marshawn Lynch. The extra point good, so Seattle cuts the Cardinals lead to 14-10. With only 8 plays left in the game the Seahawks go for an onside kick. However the kick was recovered by the Cardinal’s #21 Antrel Rolle. Thanks to some nifty running by Beenie Wells, 3 plays later the Cards had a 1st & 10 on Seattle’s 14 yard line. Kurt Warner fakes the handoff to Beenie, and hits JJ Arrington on a 14 yard TD strike. It was Arrington’s second touchdown of the game giving Arizona a commanding 21-10 lead with 4 plays left.

However the Champ wasn’t going to go quietly into the night. On his second play, Russel Wilson chucks an 80 yard Bomb to Sidney Rice for the Seattle Touchdown! Now only down by 5, the Seahawks decide to go for a 2 point conversion. Marshawn Lynch tries to squeeze through a narrow crease, but is brought down on the 1 yard line by #94 Antonio Smith. With 2 plays left the Seahawks go for another onside kick, this time it’s recovered by the Cardinal’s # 24 Adrien Wilson. QB Kurt Warner takes a knee on the game’s last play, sending the Arizona Cardinals to their 1st League Championship Game. Final score: ARI 21  SEA 16

Congrats to Coach REIII and his Seattle Seahawks for being such great Champions this season! Congrats to Coach Jimbo and his Cincinnati Bengals for making it to the Big Game! Congrats to Coach Defiant One and his Carolina panthers for making it to the Final Four! And lastly, Congratulations to Coach OldSchool and his Arizona Cardinals for winning the NFC Championship! The Superbowl should be a great game.

Gameday 12-5-15... Playoffs!

December 5, 2015

Playoffs!?! Did you say Playoffs?!?

NFC Divisional Playoffs: Dallas @ Seattle

The Cowboys rolled into Seattle looking to pull off the upset over the defending Champs. These two teams split during the regular season, so it was anybody’s ballgame. Both teams played championship level defense and held each other scoreless with 3 plays left until halftime. That’s when Marshawn Lynch burst through a hole and scored on a 12 yard run.

In the 2nd half, the defenses turned up the heat and didn’t allow another point in the game. Seattle survives with a 7-0 victory over Dallas.

AFC Divisional Playoffs: Pittsburgh @ Carolina

Carolina took the opening kickoff 100 yards for a Touchdown thanks to some nifty running by Jonathan Stewart. The Steelers got the ball and went on a nice long drive to the Carolina redzone. On 2nd & goal from the 7 yard line Cortland Finnegan picked off a Terry Bradshaw pass and returned it 13 yards. 4 plays later, Cam Newton hits Stewart out of the backfield for a 71 yard Touchdown! 2 plays later disaster strikes the Steelers again. Bradshaw hits Lynn Swann deep for a 43 yard gain, but linebacker Luke Kuechley strips the ball from him and recovers the fumble. 3 plays later, the Steelers return the favor when Cam Newton hits Brandon Lafell on an 18 yard slant but he gets hit by Robert Bennett and coughs up the football back to Pittsburgh. The Steelers end up going on a 4 play drive capped off by a 4 yard Touchdown pass from Bradshaw to Franco Harris. Carolina leads at halftime 14-7.

3 plays into the 2nd half Bradshaw throws his second interception of the game; this time Luke Kuechley is the recipient. On the very next play, Cam Newton drops back to pass, sees a lane and scrambles 45 yards for the Touchdown! Panthers extend their lead 21-7. The Carolina defense forces another Steeler punt; meanwhile, the offense takes only 3 plays to find paydirt courtesy of a Newton 58 yard TD pass to Kelvin Benjamin. The Steelers wouldn’t go down without a fight. Terry Bradshaw connects with his old buddy Franco Harris on a 73 yard bomb to pull the score to 28-14. After a failed onside kick Carolina takes over and Cam Newton tosses his third TD pass of the game this time to tight-end Greg Olsen. The catch-and-carry covered 50 yards. Carolina defeats Pittsburgh 35-14.

AFC Divisional Playoffs: Cincinnati @ New York

New York swept Cincinnati during the regular season; both games ending with a 21-14 score. Would Cincinnati finally break through? This game was a barnburner from the start. The Bengals started the ball rolling with a 6 play drive ending with an Andy Dalton 15 yard TD pass to Mohammed Sanu. The Jets came back with a 5 play drive that saw Geno Smith hit Chris Ivory on a 40 yard TD pass. The Bengals got good field position when Marvin Jones returned the kickoff 45 yards. Then Dalton hit Marvin Jones on a 55 yard bomb for the Touchdown! New York took over on their 20 yard line, and Geno Smith immediately hits Eric Decker downfield on a 46 yard strike. 5 plays later FB John Conner takes it in from 8 yards out for the Jets Touchdown! With 2 plays left until halftime Andy Dalton rings up Marvin Jones again, this time on an 80 yard bomb to give Cincinnati the halftime lead over New York 21-14.

The Bengals' defense holds the Jets to a 4 and out on their 1st possession of the 2nd half. The Bengals offense wasted no time cashing it in, as RB Jeremy Hill bursts through Gang Green for 69 yards and the Touchdown! The Jets kept their poise and QB Geno Smith rewarded their faith in him by leading them down the field on a 6 play scoring drive that ended with a 26 yard TD run by RB Shonn Greene. Cincinnati got the ball back in the 4th quarter with only a 7 point lead. New York’s defense made their biggest stop of the season when they forced the Bengals to punt after they fail to covert on a 3rd & 8. New York started on their own 33 yard line. John Conner took the handoff from Smith and rumbled 63 yards to the Cincinnati 4 yard line. Late in the 4th quarter with the game on the line, the Jet’s had a 1st & goal on the 4. On 1st down the Bengal’s defense stiffened up and held Shonn Greene to no gain. On 2nd down the Jets handed the ball to John Conner AKA The Terminator. Conner was a mere 4 yards from the goal line when LB # 55 Vontaze Burfict blasted Conner and stripped away the ball. The Bengals Defense protected their 28-21 lead over the Jets for the win, and advanced to face Carolina in the AFC Championship Game. This shootout nearly had 600 yards of offense: NYJ-306 and CIN-291 for a total of 597 yards.

NFC Divisional Playoffs: Washington @ Arizona

The Cardinals were the #1 seed in the playoffs, but the Redskins weren’t having any of that nonsense. On the Cards opening drive QB Kurt Warner was sacked on the first play from scrimmage for an 11 yard loss by LB LaVar Arrington. 5 plays later the Cards were forced to punt. Washington had it just as tough, as they were forced to punt after going 4 & out. The 1st quarter saw Washington and Arizona in a 0-0 tie. Arizona got into the redzone after a 31 yard run by RB Beenie Wells. On 1st & 10 from the 18… JJ Arrington takes the handoff from Warner, runs to his left and cuts back to the right, and scores the Touchdown! Both defenses get stops, so the score remains 7-0 at halftime.

Washington starts the 2nd half with great field position thanks to a 68 yard kickoff return by RB Clinton Portis. On the very first play from scrimmage disaster strikes. QB RGIII spots Alfred Morris streaking up the field; the problem is that he doesn’t see Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie drifting towards his pass. Rodgers-Cromartie snatches the ball and takes it 64 yards for a pick-6! Touchdown Cardinals! The Cards push their lead to 14-0. The Cards defense gets another stop, and then the Cardinal offense goes on a (long) time-consuming drive. This drive lasted 10 plays and was capped off by a game clenching 12 yard TD run by Beenie Wells. The Redskins offense goes on one more drive trying to score. They cover 51 yards in 6 plays and get the ball down to the Cardinal 31 yard line and attempt a 48 yard FG on the last play of the game. Placekicker Kai Forbath kicks the ball wide right. Leaving the final score 21-0, Cards over Skins.

GameNight 12-4-15... Jets and Bengals in a shootout!

December 4, 2015

Friday Night Football brought to you by the 757-EFL


Cincinnati @ New York 12-4-15


The Jets started the game on their own 20 yard line. They went on a 5 play drive and scored when QB Geno Smith hit fullback John Conner with a 21 yard TD pass. The Bengals answered 3 plays later when QB Andy Dalton hit Mohamed Sanu on an 80 yard bomb to tie the game at 7 all. The Jet’s offense needed only 5 plays to take the lead again thanks to an 11 yard TD run by RB Zac Stacy. Not to be outdone the Bengals get another 80 yard bomb from Dalton to Sanu to tie the game at 14. The Jets then go on a 5 play drive but end up missing a 50 yard FG, so the game remains tied at the half, 14-14.




The Bengals opened the 2nd half with a couple of first downs, but their offense stalled and had to punt the ball back to the Jets. The punt pinned New York on their 9 yard line. That’s when the Jet’s Wildcat offense went to work. They put on a dazzling display of exotic runs with a myriad of running backs to matriculate the ball 91 yards downfield culminating in a 34 yard TD run by John Conner. The Jets took the lead again 21-14. The Bengals nearly used the entire 4th quarter to attempt their comeback. Andy Dalton led the Bengals on an 11 play drive which gave them a 1st & goal on the Jet’s 9 yard line. The Jets proceeded to mount a goal line stand for the ages. On 1st down they sacked Andy Dalton for a loss of 9. On 2nd down, Andy Dalton’s pass to Jeremy Hill in the end-zone went incomplete. On 3rd down, Dalton hits Giovanni Bernard in the left flats for a 10 yard pickup after a solid tackle by Jet’s DB Dee Milliner. It’s 4th & goal on the 8 yard line with 2 plays left in the game. Andy Dalton drops back to pass with the game on the line. He rolls to his right, locks eyes with 2 receivers wide open in the end-zone to the left, and just as he cocks his arm to pass LB #50 Vernon Gholston buries him in the dirt for a 15 yard sack!!! The sack wins the game for the Jets 21-14.


This game truly had it all!

The Wildcat runs Wild in the Steel City!

November 25, 2015

11-25-15… Wednesday Night Football brought to you by the 757-EFL.


New York @ Pittsburgh

Electric football was in full effect Wednesday night in Pittsburgh as the Steelers played host to the New York Jets. In their last meeting the Jets pulled out a victory in dramatic fashion as kicker Nick Folk won the game with a 47 yard FG. The Jets squeaked by Pittsburgh 13-10. What would happen in the rematch of these two AFC contenders?

New York got the ball rolling midway in the 1st quarter on a 46 yard TD run by #30 Zac Stacy… New York led 7-0. The Steelers answered with an 11 play scoring drive culminating with an 18 yard TD pass from QB Terry Bradshaw to #86 Reggie Garrett… The Steelers tied the game just before halftime 7-7.

Early in the 3rd quarter Zac Stacy picked up his second touchdown of the evening on a 34 yard run giving back the lead to New York 14-7. The Jets defense tightened up and forced Pittsburgh to punt the ball.

In the 4th quarter the Jets went on an 8 play drive covering 72 yards and finishing on a 28 yard TD run by # 38 (running back) John Connor. The Jets took a commanding 21-7 lead midway in the 4th. The Steelers mounted a furious comeback but all hopes were dashed when cornerback Antonio Cromartie picked off Bradshaw to seal the game for the Jets. Final score: NY-21 PIT-7

Gameday 11-14-15... Saturday night games go down to the wire!

November 14, 2015

Pittsburgh @ New York

757 electric football was in full swing as Pittsburgh and New York played on a neutral field Saturday night. The Steelers got off to a hot start on their opening possession thanks to Franco Harris catching a 33 yard pass from Terry Bradshaw, and then 2 plays later scoring on a 46 yard run. Then the Jets went on an 8 play drive on their first possession culminating with a 21 yard TD run by Zac Stacy. On the Jet's next possession QB Geno Smith hits #38 John Connor out of the backfield where he gets rocked by Pittsburgh safety Robert Bennett who jars the ball loose and recovers the fumble. The Steelers go on a 7 play scoring drive and get a 26 yard FG on the last play of the half. (Pit leads NY 10-7)

In the 3rd Quarter: Geno leads the Jets to a 37 yard game tying FG. (NY-10 Pit- 10)

In the 4th Quarter: The Jets get the ball on their own 26 yard line. QB Geno Smith and the running game move the ball 45 yards down field. With only 2 plays left, the Jets hit a 47 yard FG to win the game! (Final score: NY-13 Pit-10)

New York @ Arizona

After defeating the Eagles last week, the Cardinals needed a win against NY to capture the #1 seed in the NFC playoffs. The Cards were coasting along 14-0 in the 1st half, thanks to a pair of TD passes to Steve Breaston and Edgerrin James from QB Kurt Warner.


In the second half New York came back with a vengeance... Gang Green started to put the heat on the Cardinal offense. On their opening drive in the second half the Cardinals ground game was stuffed and 2 sackes later the Cards found themselves safetied in the endzone by #97 Calvin Pace. (NY-2 Ari-14) On the next play with Arizona kicking off from their own 20 yard line, # 19 Devin Smith runs back the kick 80 yards for a Jets Touchdown! (NY-9 Ari-14)

NY gets the ball back late in the 3rd Quarter, after holding the Cards to a 4 & out. Geno Smith orchestrates a 6 play drive ending with Chris Ivory powering the ball into the endzone from 11 yards out. TOUCHDOWN Jets!!! (NY-16 Ari-14)

Arizona's situation is serious... their offense has been held down and shut out in the 2nd half. It's midway in the 4th Quarter and the Cards have the ball on their own 20 yard line. This will probably be their last chance to do something with the ball. Edgerrin James gets things going with a 45 yard run. 2 plays later the Cards get a break when #27 Dee Milliner gets flagged for Pass Interference while covering Edgerrin James. 3 plays later the Cardinals find themselves in a precarious predicament. It's 3rd & 13 on the D-33 yard line. Gang Green has been pressuring Kurt Warner all day and their run defense has been stellar in the 2nd half. If the Cards don't gain a single yard on 3rd down, they will have to attempt a 50 yard FG for the win.

With EVERYTHING on the line including a #1 seeding, Coach OldSchool goes to his League MVP candidate Beenie Wells... hoping to gain at least 7 or 8 yards to give his placekicker a more manageable FG. The Cards setup in the Power "I" formation for the first time in the game and Beenie Wells slides a little to the left and hits a crease and takes the ball 31 yards up the field and is pushed out at the 2 yard line. With 2 plays left in the game... Warner hits Edgerrin on a 2 yard pass for the Game winning Touchdown! On the last play of the game #22 backup SS Matt Ware sacks Geno Smith to end the game. (Final Score: NY-16 Ari-21)

Gameday 11-7-15… Bigtime showdowns in Carolina and Philadelphia to determine whose #1.

November 7, 2015

New York @ Carolina


The one-loss Panthers hosted the undefeated Jets in a matchup with early playoff implications. The Panthers started the scoring in the 2nd quarter with a 30 yard FG. New York answered with a 69 yard TD run by #38 John Connor. Carolina scored just before the half with a 25 yard TD pass from QB Cam Newton to #34 DeAngelo Williams. Halftime score: NYJ-7 CAR-10

In the 3rd quarter disaster struck, New York running back Zac Stacy fumbled the ball on the 20 yard line and it was recovered by the Panthers. 1 play later, DeAngelo Williams scores from 20 yards out for his second touchdown of the day. The Jets answer quickly thanks to an 80 yard bomb from QB Geno Smith to #87 Eric Decker. 3rd Quarter score: NYJ-13 CAR-17

To start the 4th, DeAngelo Williams runs back the kickoff 77 yards to give Carolina great field position. 2 plays later… Cam tosses his second TD pass, a 22 yarder to # 11 Brandon Lafell. Carolina’s defense then steps up and slows down the Jet’s offense. New York manages to get into the endzone, but it took them the rest of the quarter to do it. Geno Smith tosses his 2nd touchdown pass of the day on a 23 yard strike to #30 Zac Stacy. Final score: NYJ-20 CAR-23


Arizona @ Philadelphia

Both teams entered this game with 1 loss; the winner becomes the #1 seed in the NFC. The Eagles started the scoring midway in the 1st quarter with a 62 yard FG that went straight through the uprights. Later on, thanks in part to some trickery from the Eagles; running back Darrin Sproles lines up in the wildcat formation and tossed a 55 yard TD pass to #18 Jeremy Macklin. The Eagles have a commanding 10-0 lead with 3 plays left in the half. The Cardinals then proceeded to wake up from their self-induced coma and got a touchdown before the half on an 80 yard bomb from QB Kurt Warner to #28 JJ Arrington. Halftime score: ARI-7 PHI-10

In the 3rd… The Cards opening drive goes downfield but gets stalled in the redzone. To make matters worse, kicker Neil Rackers misses the 33 yard FG and a chance to tie the game. However th