Last Updated: October 25, 2016

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  • League signup in Sept, Harrah "old" Gym or Online
  • Coaches will be contacting players
  • Practice begins in October
  • Games start first Saturday in December
  • Game schedules released end of November

 EOC Basketball League Website

The governing board for all the towns in the league.   Click Here 

Sign Ups are closed.  New Players added at the discretion of Coordinators.


Jones Thanksgiving Tournament Nov 16- 20

AAH Helps Refinishes HRB Floor

AAH helped finance the refinishing of the Russell Babb gym floor.

Board Elections

The AAH Board of Directors held it's annual elections to vote on new members for the new season. Results of those votes are: PRESIDENT - Kyle Williamson VICE PRESIDENT - Terry Knoch TREASURER - N/A SECRETARY - Josh Price  BOYS COORDINATOR - Kyle Williams   GIRLS COORDINATOR - Gregg Catrambone CONCESSION COORDINATORS - Valerie Tabor. The board is looking forward to a great year and continued growth and commitment to the kids of AAH and to enhance the relationship within our schools and community. A special thank you to previous board members. We owe a debt of gratitude to them for there efforts and time over the past years. They will be missed.

AAH Refinished Floor

During the Christmas Break, the Harrah Middle School had its gym floor refinished thanks to the generosity of the Athletic Association of Harrah.  We decided to finish the floor during this time to show our gratitude to the Harrah Public Schools and the Harrah Middle School for their continued support of our organization.  We appreciate their cooperation, and a big thank you in particular, to principal Zane Casey and his willingness to work with us on this project.  We felt our players would benefit also from the floor being done at this time as we come up on the bulk of our schedule and the post season tournaments.