Last Updated: November 20, 2013

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Naitonal Cheerleading Safety Month
Coaches Certification

March is National Cheerleading Safety Month, visit today to take your Cheer Saftey Pledge!!!!


Join us in celebrating AA County's cheerleaders! Enjoy a day full of spirit, hardwork and dedication as AA County's finest showcase their talent!

The purpose of AAYCA is as follows:

A. To generate interest and broad participation in amateur sport of cheerleading withing AA County;

B. To foster an appreciation within the county for the social and educational advantages of participation in cheerleading;

C. To work with AA County Recreation and Parks to improve the quality of cheerleading within the County;

D. To promote sportsmanship and build unity within all County cheerleading programs;

E. To promote and provide opportunities, education, training and growth experiences for cheerleading coaches and cheerleader within the County;

F. To promote safety in cheerleading, always putting the safety of the cheerleader ahead of 'winning';

G. To provide guidance, provide networking (communication) and resources for AA County Cheerleading coaches, directors and programs;

H. To promote the sport of cheerleading within the county, including both sideline cheerleading as well as competitive cheerleading;

I. To provide for an annual county cheerleading championship competition; and

J. To acknowledge outstanding coaches, volunteers, program and participants within the past and present membership.