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G5/6 CYO - D.Circosta
B3 CYO - T. Culhane
G3 CYO - Cleavall
B4 CYO - S. Smith
G4 CYO - Barron
B5 S/CYO - Jodoin
G5 S/CYO - Circosta
B5/6 CYO - Vecchiarelli
B6 S/CYO - Patterson
G6 S/CYO - DeGeorge
B7 S/CYO - G. Smith
G7 S/CYO - D'Amours
B7/8 CYO - Benoit
B8 Suburban - Moccio
G8 Suburban - Lemke

Agawam Athletic Association

Suburban & CYO Basketball


The Agawam Athletic Association (AAA) is a non-profit organization founded to promote the sport of basketball for Agawam’s youth. For over 35 years the Agawam Athletic Association has sponsored the most talented and competitive travel teams in Agawam youth basketball for girls and boys in grades 3 thru 8. Our association’s travel basketball teams compete against the best Suburban and CYO basketball talent throughout the greater Springfield area.


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