Last Updated: October 13, 2017
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ATTENTION all Parents of Players - WE NEED YOUR HELP!


We will be hosting our Annual General Meeting on October 12, 2017




(in the community room opposite the pool)


Starting at 7:00 - 8:00 PM. 


 We will be holding elections for our 2018 Executive Committee.


We are inviting all parents of past and future players to join us as we launch into our new 2018 Softball Season.  We are a volunteer community based league of Alderwood.  The league is comprised of many hands and minds that work together to put out the best program for our kids.  If you are interested in having your voice heard, above the cheering, then come join our team of dedicated locals who give up some of their free time and make this program an even better one then in the past.  We will be looking to fill all spots on the committee for the 2018 year.


If we do not get enough attendance and involvement from the community and we are not able to fill all the open spots on the Executive Committee for the 2018 season - then we will be put next season on hiatus.  WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please attend and help save our league! 





Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is open to all members of the Alderwood Softball Association.  During this meeting we will be holding elections for our 2017/2018 Executive Committee.


A very brief outline of the positions is below:


President - Oversees day to day operations of the league; presides at Executive meetings; selects and appoints portfolios, coaches, managers and volunteers; is responsible and accountable to the league and its members.


Vice President - Presides in the absence of the President; carries out duties as delegated by the President; takes care of obtaining permits


Treasurer - Collects and distributes funds as required, pays bills as needed, oversees all financial operations of the league; maintains the bank account; prepares budgets


Secretary - Organizes all Executive meetings, records and distributes the minutes, takes care of administrative tasks such as printing and signage; maintains records of the league activities


Director of Players and Coaches - Conducts the draft and player selections, assembles the teams, makes the game schedules, holds meetings with coaches as needed, oversees the games; responds to player issues


Registrar - Collects registrations from players, maintains a database of all registered players, works with Director of Players  and Coaches in various capacities


Sponsorship Chair - Solicits team sponsors within the community; works to keep sponsors informed and part of special events during the season; organizes and implements approved league fundraising activites


Communications Chair - Maintains the website and distributes communications to league members and the Executive Committee; maintains social media accounts


Umpire in Chief - Selects and trains all umpires, maintains the fields; set up of fields for play, organizes and maintains all equipment; officiates games as needed


Special Events Coordinator - Organizes and implements Pizza, B.B.Q nights at the park; works on Blue Jays coordination of sales and seating


Concessions ( Snack Bar ) Director - plans and implements purchasing of goods for the Snack Bar; works in conjunction with Special Events Coordinator on Pizza and B.B.Q nights in purchasing and receiving of any items; sets schedules for volunteers to open and close snack bar 


Past President - filled by the previous year's President; often assists with suggestions and advice regarding the league operations