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 Description: C:\Users\lpaqui2\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\Z8HNKN7H\volleyball_0[1].jpgOpen to All Allamuchy Residents, Allamuchy Elementary Staff & Allamuchy Fire Department.
The Allamuchy Township Recreation Commission is excited to announce the start of a new adult volleyball league. Volleyball enthusiasts of all skill levels are invited to participate. If you are age 18 years or older, this is the chance for friends and neighbors to get together for weekly, friendly competition.
All the games will be play at the Allamuchy Elementary School, located at Johnsonburg Road. All teams will be coed, but there is no required ratio of men or women for teams. The games will be played on Wednesday evening, starting October 5. Early registration is $70. Late registration is $85. The early registration deadline is September 21, 2016.
The league is first and foremast a recreation league.  Players will be assigned to the team based on where they reside. We will put extra people on each team as we realize that people can’t make it every week. So, we’ll put 10 people on each 6 person volleyball team to help make sure there are no forfeits. It could be a few weeks after your signup before the teams are ready to be formed.  The number of teams will depend on the number of signups.
The Allamuchy Elementary School and the Allamuchy Fire Department will field a team from their respective organization.

Team (s)  Village I Single Family :
Bald Eagle Road; Brown Thrasher; Cardinal Road; Cedar Waxing;  House Wren; Mockingbird;Woodthrush; Eaglet Glen.
Team (s)  Village III Townhouses :
Goldfinch – [Court; Dale; Drive; Glen; Grove; Ledge; Meadow; Place; Terrace; Way]

Killdeer – [Drive; Place; Glen] ; Redtail Hawk; Short Cardinal.
Team (s)  The Crest &  Mountainside:
Golden Crowned Kinglet; Marsh Hawk ; Osprey ; Pileated Woodpecker; Yellow Billed Cuckoo Ajax Court; Rainer Court; Rushmore lane; Everest drive; Mallard Drive; McKinley Drive; Nuthatch Court.
Team (s)  Village 4 Townhouses:
Barn Owl; Bob White; Green Heron; Grosbeak; Meaddowlark; Mourning Dove Court; Mourning Dove Terrace; Oriole; Purple Martin; Raven; Ruffed Grouse; Whippoorwill.
Team (s)  Village IV Stone Ridge & Village V Bowers Glen & Village VII:
Canada Goose Drive; Bowers Drive; Butternut Court; Cedar Court; Dogwwod Way; Poplar Court; Partridge Court; Pheasant  Run; Quail Run.
Team (s)  Mountain Ridge:
Alexanders Road; Indigo Road; Junegrass; Mallard Drive; Wild Iris Lane.
Team (s)  Old Farm Village & Village III Single Family & Cluster:
Old farm Drive; Cardinal Road; Sandpiper Drive.
Team (s)  Village IV Condo:

Duck Hawk Court; Great Horned; Wood Duck Court.
Team (s)  Village of Allamuchy:
All residents outside Panther Valley.
Team    Allamuchy Elementary Staff:

Team  Allamuchy Fire Department:

The Board meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:30 PM in the Municipal Building.

The Board welcomes questions and comments from residents.
You can contact us by using the "Contact Info" tab located below the Main Menu.