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All players must be ready at the scheduled time. A 10 minute grace period will be allowed. Failure to field a team will result in a default. This will cost the defaulting team $50.00 

Home team of the 1:00 or 2:15 game is to set up bases and supply one new ball and one good used ball.

 Pitcher’s Arc – min 6ft max 12ft
Commitment Line – half way between 3rd and home
Pillions – 150ft from home plate. To be located in foul territory

No stealing allowed.

Third strike foul, batter is out

All runners are forced out at home. No tags. Defending players MUST touch home plate and the runner MUST cross the home line (this is to avoid collision)

Teams must have a minimum of 8 players to play. There must be a minimum of 3 girls and no more than 6 men on the field. No ball retrievers allowed. Anyone can play anywhere.

Each team is allowed a maximum of
5 runs per inning, except the 7th or the last inning (whichever comes first) which is open. If the 7th inning cannot be played, then the score will go back to the last completed inning. A minimum of 5 innings must be played

There is no limit of “injury” runners per game. The last out of the same sex must run for the injured runner. A Player must be declared as an injury runner to the umpire before the at bat. Once declared as an injury, that player MUST take a runner for the remainder of the game. Injury runner cannot past first base, unless the runner has been given an awarded base i.e. ball out of play, homerun.


There is a maximum of 3 courtesy runners per game. Must be of the same sex. A courtesy can be anyone anywhere

No bunting or chopping of the ball is allowed

If the male batter is walked intentionally, verbally or on any walk, then he automatically goes to second and the female batter following then has to hit


All the players play at their own risk

Players can be on only one roster in the league.

Anticipation step is allowed on the ball crossing the plate.

Rain out games must be cancelled by the home team at least one hour prior to the scheduled game time. It is the home team’s responsibility to notify the chief umpire, the leagues statistician and the opposing team. Rainout games must be rescheduled by the home team unless entire day scheduled is cancelled. In this case the scheduler will reschedule all games.

Outfielders are to stay 150ft from home plate until the ball is hit. This includes rovers.

Outfielders are not allowed to throw a ball to first base on initial play.

Any person found coming to plate with an illegal bat will have the bat removed from the game. If the same bat or another illegal bat is plated in the same game, the player and the coach will be removed from the game. In this case, the incident will be reviewed by the league and further discipline may occur



    This is a fun league………..LET’S HAVE FUN!!!!!!!  No drinking permitted around diamonds. Drinking could result in the dismissal from the league.




All bats in Must have the USSA Thumb print




                                                                                                                                            Rev 2016



Upcoming Games/Practices

Sunday, May 28
Saved by the balls @ The Northern Sluggers1:00pmMcLean
Mad Batters @ 4play1:00pmPeterman
Help Waanted @ Go Rippin2:15pmDonor
The Avengers @ HellBats3:30pmDonor
Balls Deep @ Northern Nightmares (Pioneers)3:30pmMcLean
Night Hawks @ Swing and a Miss6:00pmDonor
Falcons @ The Swingers2:15pmPeterman
Caught Lookin' @ Hard Knocks4:45pmDonor
The Backdoor Sliders @ Pitches Be Crazy4:45pmGibson
#Nofilter @ Nailed It4:45pmPeterman
Victorious Secret @ Green Bandits6:00pmGibson
Team Awesome @ BREW JAYS6:00pmPeterman
SHENANIGANS @ Scared Hitless2:15pmGibson
New Tec Alcoballics @ Vipers2:15pmMcLean
No Place Like Home @ Sons of Pitches3:30pmGibson
PREDATORS @ Bat Intentions3:30pmPeterman
Ump Yours (One too many) @ Guns n Roses4:45pmMcLean
Puddle Jumpers @ Brain Freeze6:00pmMcLean
Sunday, Jun 4
The Northern Sluggers @ Go Rippin1:00pmPeterman
HellBats @ 4play2:15pmDonor
Help Waanted @ The Avengers2:15pmGibson
Swing and a Miss @ Balls Deep3:30pmDonor
Saved by the balls @ Mad Batters4:45pmGibson
Northern Nightmares (Pioneers) @ Night Hawks4:45pmMcLean
Green Bandits @ Hard Knocks1:00pmMcLean
Pitches Be Crazy @ Caught Lookin'2:15pmMcLean
BREW JAYS @ Falcons4:45pmDonor
The Swingers @ Team Awesome4:45pmPeterman
Victorious Secret @ #Nofilter6:00pmDonor
Nailed It @ The Backdoor Sliders6:00pmPeterman
Brain Freeze @ Vipers2:15pmPeterman
Guns n Roses @ New Tec Alcoballics3:30pmGibson
No Place Like Home @ PREDATORS3:30pmMcLean
Ump Yours (One too many) @ Scared Hitless3:30pmPeterman
Puddle Jumpers @ SHENANIGANS6:00pmGibson
Sons of Pitches @ Bat Intentions6:00pmMcLean
Sunday, Jun 11
Help Waanted @ Balls Deep1:00pmMcLean
Mad Batters @ The Avengers2:15pmGibson
Go Rippin @ 4play2:15pmPeterman
Saved by the balls @ Swing and a Miss4:45pmMcLean
Night Hawks @ HellBats6:00pmGibson
The Northern Sluggers @ Northern Nightmares (Pioneers)6:00pmPeterman
Victorious Secret @ The Backdoor Sliders1:00pmDonor
Green Bandits @ Falcons1:00pmPeterman
Hard Knocks @ The Backdoor Sliders3:30pmGibson
Caught Lookin' @ #Nofilter3:30pmMcLean
The Swingers @ Pitches Be Crazy4:45pmDonor
Team Awesome @ Victorious Secret6:00pmDonor
Nailed It @ BREW JAYS6:00pmMcLean
Puddle Jumpers @ PREDATORS2:15pmDonor
Brain Freeze @ Ump Yours (One too many)2:15pmMcLean
No Place Like Home @ New Tec Alcoballics3:30pmDonor
SHENANIGANS @ Guns n Roses3:30pmPeterman
Bat Intentions @ Vipers4:45pmGibson
Scared Hitless @ Sons of Pitches4:45pmPeterman
Sunday, Jun 18
4play @ The Northern Sluggers1:00pmMcLean
Balls Deep @ Mad Batters2:15pmMcLean
Saved by the balls @ Go Rippin2:15pmPeterman
Night Hawks @ Help Waanted3:30pmDonor
The Avengers @ Northern Nightmares (Pioneers)4:45pmMcLean
HellBats @ Swing and a Miss4:45pmPeterman
The Backdoor Sliders @ Team Awesome2:15pmDonor
#Nofilter @ Green Bandits2:15pmGibson
BREW JAYS @ Hard Knocks3:30pmMcLean
Falcons @ Pitches Be Crazy3:30pmPeterman
Nailed It @ The Swingers4:45pmGibson
Caught Lookin' @ Victorious Secret6:00pmMcLean
Scared Hitless @ No Place Like Home1:00pmPeterman
SHENANIGANS @ Bat Intentions3:30pmGibson
Vipers @ Ump Yours (One too many)4:45pmDonor
New Tec Alcoballics @ Brain Freeze6:00pmDonor
Puddle Jumpers @ Sons of Pitches6:00pmGibson
PREDATORS @ Guns n Roses6:00pmPeterman
Sunday, Jun 25
4play @ Help Waanted1:00pmMcLean
Balls Deep @ The Northern Sluggers2:15pmDonor
HellBats @ Saved by the balls2:15pmGibson
Go Rippin @ Swing and a Miss2:15pmMcLean
The Avengers @ Night Hawks2:15pmPeterman
Northern Nightmares (Pioneers) @ Mad Batters6:00pmDonor
Falcons @ #Nofilter3:30pmDonor
Pitches Be Crazy @ Green Bandits3:30pmMcLean
Caught Lookin' @ Nailed It4:45pmDonor
The Backdoor Sliders @ The Swingers4:45pmGibson
Hard Knocks @ Team Awesome4:45pmMcLean
BREW JAYS @ Victorious Secret6:00pmMcLean
PREDATORS @ Vipers1:00pmPeterman
Scared Hitless @ New Tec Alcoballics3:30pmGibson
Ump Yours (One too many) @ Puddle Jumpers3:30pmPeterman
Brain Freeze @ No Place Like Home4:45pmPeterman
Bat Intentions @ Guns n Roses6:00pmGibson
SHENANIGANS @ Sons of Pitches6:00pmPeterman

For a complete schedule listing, click here!