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Welcome To The Home of Alma Youth Baseball

March 5, 2018 – 09:02 PM


 Alma Baseball Complex Address: 101 W. Main St. Alma, AR 

Click here for map. Alma Baseball Complex 

Click here for Alma Water Park information  

For late signups you have 2 options. 

Print the forms off on our website at www.almabaseball.com 

Fill the form out and with a check or money order or cash , put it in a sealed. envelope. You can mail it or drop it off at “The Pizza Place”


Alma Youth Baseball 

P.O. Box 2053

Alma, AR 72921






 You will receive 40 raffle tickets to sell for $1.00 each for a chance to win a $300.00 Wal Mart Gift Card. Sell all the tickets and your child plays for FREE!!!!  


ATTENTION PARENTS: Gate admission for league games is $2 Adults.
League Age groups are:

3&4 yr olds (Pre-TBall), 

5&6 yr olds (TBall),  

7&8yr olds (Coach Pitch)

9&10 years olds, 

11&12 years old, 

 13 years old,  14& 15 yrs old

 (your child's age as of May 1st, 2018 determines what age group they play in)






 Please NO PARKING inside the gate (authorized veichles only) and
no parking on the road along the fence south of the gate.
We need to keep this road clear for emergency vehicles.
Thank You!!