Last Updated: April 21, 2015
  • Drenning Delivery 7 Masonic Lodges 1 - Game Suspending Top 3rd
  • Wolf Furniture 5 Holsinger Plumbing 5 - Game Suspended Bottom 2nd
  • ARC Federal Credit Union vs.Sheetz - Postponed
  • Drayer Physical Therapy vs. Leonard S. Fiore - Postponed
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2015 Game Schedule

Tuesday,  Apr 21
Minor League
Altoona Kiwanis @ ERA Sports 5:30pm 10th Street
Grabill & Seelye @ Competitive Sports Academy 5:30pm 9th Street
Beauchamp Plumbing & Heating @ John Sisto Law Office 7:15pm 10th Street
Altoona Honda @ Begin With Us Child Care 7:15pm 9th Street
Wednesday,  Apr 22
Major League - American Division
Drayer Physical Therapy @ Masonic Lodges 5:30pm 10th Street
Redline Nutrition @ Sheetz 5:30pm 9th Street
Park Audio Plus @ Leonard S. Fiore 7:15pm 9th Street
Major League - National Division
Cabinetree @ State Farm Insurance 7:15pm 10th Street
Thursday,  Apr 23
Major League - American Division
Wolf Furniture @ Tomassetti Law Offices 5:30pm 9th Street
Major League - National Division
Drenning Delivery @ Marana Electric 5:30pm 10th Street
Holsinger's Plumbing @ ARC Federal Credit Union 7:15pm 10th Street
Redline Nutrition @ Cabinetree 7:15pm 9th Street
Friday,  Apr 24
Minor League
John Sisto Law Office @ Ehredt Construction 5:30pm 10th Street
Steinbugl & Haigh @ Reliance Bank 5:30pm 9th Street
Cumming Motors @ Altoona Mirror 7:15pm 10th Street
UniFirst @ Altoona Kiwanis 7:15pm 9th Street
Saturday,  Apr 25
Major League - American Division
Tomassetti Law Offices @ Masonic Lodges 2:30pm 9th Street
Cabinetree @ Drayer Physical Therapy 4:15pm 10th Street
Leonard S. Fiore @ Wolf Furniture 6:00pm 10th Street
Holsinger's Plumbing @ Sheetz 6:00pm 9th Street
Major League - National Division
Drenning Delivery @ Redline Nutrition 2:30pm 10th Street
Park Audio Plus @ Marana Electric 4:15pm 9th Street
ARC Federal Credit Union @ State Farm Insurance 7:45pm 9th Street
Minor League
ERA Sports @ Beauchamp Plumbing & Heating 9:15am 10th Street
Ravine Sports @ Reliable Tire 9:15am 9th Street
Grabill & Seelye @ Altoona Honda 11:00am 10th Street
Begin With Us Child Care @ John Sisto Law Office 11:00am 9th Street
Reliance Bank @ Cumming Motors 12:45pm 10th Street
Competitive Sports Academy @ Altoona Mirror 12:45pm 9th Street

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