Last Updated: January 23, 2015 
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Below are the team boards.  Money is due Jan 31.  Updated boards will be posted by Super Bowl Sunday.
American National Winter Workouts
Begins January 10th at River's Edge Sports Complex 5105 North Highway 67, Florissant MO 63034
Jan 10th - 15u/16u   8am - 9:30am    17u/18u 9:30am - 11am
Jan 17th - 17u/18u   8am - 9:30am    15u/16u 9:30am - 11am
Jan 24th - 15u/16u   8am - 9:30am    17u/18u 9:30am - 11am
Jan 31st  - 17u/18u   8am - 9:30am    15u/16u 9:30am - 11am
Feb 7th   - 15u/16u   8am - 9:30am    17u/18u 9:30am - 11am
Feb 14th - 17u/18u   8am - 9:30am    15u/16u 9:30am - 11am
Feb 21st - 15u/16u   8am - 9:30am    17u/18u 9:30am - 11am
Feb 28th - 17u/18u   8am - 9:30am    15u/16u 9:30am - 11am
First of I want to wish you all a Happy New Year. Believe it or not our winter workout schedule begins next Saturday, January 10th
I consider these workouts to be an important part of our program which not only gets everybody prepared for school ball but also serves as a team building step for us. Catchers, please bring your gear as pitchers will throw. 

If you are unable to attend, please contact your coach.
Thank those of you who mailed in your fee payments during December. We are entering a period where we have numerous bills to cover (including the important tournament fees) and all fees collected help. By this time half the yearly fees should be paid. Many are not at that point. Please send in payment as soon as possible or bring it to the first workout. Believe me the worst part of what I do is to bug people for money, so please do what you can to get your payments in. 
Fischers of Florissant will do our uniforms and team gear.  Players will go to Fischer's for their uniform fitting, place a team gear order and also enjoy a discount on any equipment.  We are finalizing details on this.

I will be working with the Coaches on the season schedule.  Our SLABA league schedule will be done by mid-February.  We will get you information as it becomes complete. 

Fund Raisers.
  • We will offer another TJ's pizza fund raiser before our workouts are completed.  Funds raised from that go directly towards fees.
  • We have two program fund raisers where proceeds go directly towards the program. 
    • Super Bowl Squares: each team is responsible for one board (100 squares) at $10 per square.  We pay $500 out so each board raises $500.  We will have information on that soon. 
    • Mouse Race.  The date for the Mouse Race is March 7 at the Hazelwood Community Center.  We expect 100% participation from everyone to make it a success.  We'll be asking for parent volunteers to help run the event.  We'll be asking players to help with setup, take down and there are some tasks during the Mouse Race.
As you can see, we have lots of things in the works.  To guarantee our success, everyone has to be current with their fees and be active in our fund raisers.

I look forward to seeing everyone Saturday!

Coach Becher


These are the players confirmed on our 2015 rosters. 

Additional names will be added upon confirmation.

15u (Dan Rupp)
Jordan Adams (Hazelwood West)
Luke Bentrup (Duchesne)
Egan Biggs (Lutheran North)
Jared Breyer (Duschesne)
Jimmy Boswell (Pattonville)
Zach Homfeld (McCluer North)
Josh Inman (Hazelwood West)
Kyle McMillin (Duchesne)
Tommy Rupp (Duchesne)
Dexter Swims (McCluer North)
Blake Terry (Alton Marquette)
Ben Wilson (Duchesne)


16u (Ron Buenger)
Clarke Davenport (Pattonville)
Dimitri Frank (Hazelwood Central)
Jordan Grimmett (Hazelwood Central)
Tyler Hatfield (Hazelwood West)
Travis Jackson (Lutheran St. Charles)
Trevor Keathley (Hazelwood West)
David Kinnison (Duchesne)
Seth Isringhausen (Jerseyville)
Tavis Isom (Hazelwood West)
Jacob Kempfer (Hazelwood West)
Sal Pellerito (Trinity)
Ethan Purghan (Orchard Farm)
Blake Vaughan (Hazelwood West)
Chez Williams (Hazelwood Central)
Jr. Varsity (Terry Ridings)
Brendan Anderson (Pattonville)
Rick Garner (SLUH)
Garrett Griffin (Francis Howell North)
Patrick Halverson (CBC)
Zachary Moravec (Lutheran North)
Kyle O'Brien (McCluer North)
Justin Porter (Hazelwood West)
Matt Ridings (Pattonville)
Hunter Wood (Fort Zumwalt South)
Varsity (Bill Becher)
Mitchell Brown (Home school)
Connor Burnett (Lutheran North)
Adam Frank (Pattonville)
Adam Goss (Pattonville)
Jesse Guffey (Lutheran North)
Jon Hardy (Eureka)
Tony Lanzone (North County Christian HS)
Jared Littlefield (Hazelwood West)
Hunter Martin (Troy)
Matt Mellring (Pattonville)
RJ Shabazz (Hazelwood West)
Evan Viehman (Hazelwood West)
Ethan Wallace (Lutheran North)
Joshua White (Pattonville)
Program Director Coach Bill Becher 314-863-4670 or email 


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2015 Age cutoff
15u - Cannot be 16 before May 1, 2015
16u - Cannot be 17 before May 1, 2015
17u - Cannot be 18 before May 1, 2015
18u - Cannot be 19 before May 1, 2015

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Kyle McClellan - retired.

Dave Phelps - Dave currently plays for the New York Yankees as a starting pitcher.