Aberdeen Matawan Youth Athletic Association

Welcome to the initial year of girls basketball in our community.  We had about 70 first to fifth grade girls sign up which exceeded my expectations.    If you have any questions as we go forward please do not hesitate to ask. E-mail us at amyaabball@gmail.com
The first meeting by age group will be as follows:
      First Grade - January 5 at 6pm
      Second Grade - January 5 at 6pm
      Third Grade - December 12 & 19 at 6pm
      Fourth Grade - December 12 & 19 at 7pm
      Fifth Grade - December 12 & 19 at 8pm
The December dates will be tryouts and are mandatory.  If you can not make these dates please let me know.
At this point our league has Strathmore School on Monday and Wednesday and Lloyd Road School on Fridays from the beginning of January through the beginning of March.  We will be looking for additional times as we proceed but gym space is very limited.
There will be two divisions.  A first to third grade division and a third to fifth grade division. The third graders will be given a choice at the beginning of the season as to which division they would like to play in. 
As we go forward please keep in mind that this is the initial season of girls basketball and i'm sure there will some glitches along the way, but there are a lot of people very committed to keep these to a minimum and working very hard to put this together.
We are all looking forward to a great season and hope everybody is as excited as we are.
Thanks for your support.
AMYAA Basketball Board






Every team must be directed and supervised by an adult coach assigned by the League.  If the coach is absent and no responsible adult is designated to act as coach in the coach’s absence, is present, then the team forfeits the game.



  1. Eligibility is determined by a player’s grade level starting from 1st Grade through 5th Grade.   (Number of Divisions are contingent upon over all enrollment)
    1. Mini Division:  1st Grade Girls (Instructional)
    2. Lower Division: 2nd and 3rd Grade Girls
    3. Upper Division:  4th & 5th Grade Girls


  1. Use of an ineligible player forfeits all games in which that player participated.  A player is eligible when all of the following has happened:
    1. The player’s parent/guardian completes a registration form and pays the registration fee (or has received a waiver and/or payment plan for the fee at the discretion of the board).
    2. The player is drafted or assigned to a team by the League president or his/her representative.




  1. Team shirts provided by the League must be worn at all games, (Lost shirts must be replaced by the player at the player’s expense). The designated home team will wear the white jersey and the designated away team will wear the maroon jersey.
  2. Black shorts are suggested, but are not the official uniform. 
  3. Sneakers must be worn. 
  4. Players wearing glasses must wear safety glasses or some type of protective goggles. 
  5. It is suggested that all players wear a protective mouth guard, especially those wearing braces
  6. Those players that fall under these categories and do not wear the proper protection will not be allowed to play.
  7. No jewelry what so ever is allowed on the court. Have a coach or family member hold onto them until after the game.




Official High School Rules - With the exception of specially noted rules below, our League play is governed by official High School rules.

  1. Every player active for the game must play a minimum of ½ the game except in cases where player injury prevents it or if the team member willfully forfeits/withdraws their participation.  In addition, a coach may limit playing time in the case of certain late arrivals, as outlined later)
  2. Each player must sit on the bench a minimum of 2 shifts, unless there are insufficient available players for the game.
  3. No player may play the full game, unless there are only 5 players available for the game.


  1. Game Time:
    1. There will be an 8 minute running clock, stopped only for timeouts, foul shots and at the referee’s discretion (for things such as injury stoppages, etc) unless otherwise outlined below
    2. The ref will stop the clock for substitutions in the middle of each quarter.  This is not a timeout and the transition should take no more than 30 seconds. 
    3. The clock will stop in the last 2 minutes of the game.


  1. Time Outs:
    1. Each team will have 2 timeouts in the first half and 3 timeouts in the second half.
    2. No additional timeouts for the first overtime period.
    3. These timeouts are in addition to the automatic timeouts provided by the referees.

E.    Over Time:

    1. In the event of a tie score at the end of 4 quarters of regulation, there will be a 2 minute overtime period
    1. If the score is still tied after the overtime period, the game will go into a sudden death final period - first score wins.
  1. Defense:
    1. No Full Court Pressure Allowed. 
      1. Players must be allowed to clear the half court line.
      2. Defending team must go back within the 3pt arch until the ball has entered inside the 3pt arch at least one time on the possession.
    2. A player in possession of the ball cannot be guarded until the ball is advanced beyond the 3 point arch at least once on the possession.  Fast breaks are an exception and can be defended as soon as the ball passes half court. 
    3. Double team defense outside of the lane is not allowed
  1. Back Court Defense:
    1. Up to 3 warnings per game may be given to each team for illegal defense
    2. Additional violations may result in a team technical foul at the referee’s discretion
  1. Lane Violations:
    1. The counting occurs after the ball advances over half court.
    2. 5 seconds in the lane.

      I.        Over and Back:

a.    Once the ball is advanced past the half court line, a violation occurs if the offense returns the ball back over the half court line while still in possession.


    X.        Foul Line & Basket Height:

    1. Foul Line = 15 feet (may be adjusted at the referee’s discretion)
    2. Basket Height
      1. Lower Division:  8 feet
      2. Upper Division:  9 feet

      K.        Fouls:

a.    Technical fouls - All technical fouls are 2-shot fouls.  A player is assessed a personal foul for each technical foul  she receives.  Technical fouls also count as team fouls

b.    Intentional fouls - Intentional hard fouls shall count as technical fouls; mere breakaway fouls are not counted as technical fouls

c.     Taunting - Subjects a player to a technical foul at the discretion of the referee

d.    After 10 fouls in a half, the opposing team will shoot 2 shots (still one-and-one after 7 team fouls in a half)

      L.        Fouling Out:  A player is disqualified after committing her 5th foul


     M.        Ball Size:

Lower Division:  25.5”

Upper Division:  27.5”


N. Forfeits:  A team must start the game with five players.  The team has ten minutes from game time to avoid a forfeit

O. Suspensions:  Coaches may suspend players for just cause.  Both the player’s parents and the League President have to be notified within 24 hours and if a suspended player is at a game, the opposing coach must be notified of the suspension.  Players are suspended for the succeeding game if they are ejected for a game for technical fouls.  Coaches are suspended for the succeeding two games when ejected for a game for technical fouls. 



  1. No game will start without 2 monitors, one to monitor halls & entry door (where applicable), the other a responsible scorekeeper
  2. The home team is responsible for the halls & entry doors (where applicable) and the visiting team is responsible for scorekeeping
  3. A team that fails to make reasonable effort to provide these personnel is subject to forfeit the game.   Such personnel does not need to be a parent/guardian from the team. It can be any reasonably responsible adult.  Youth at the middle school age or higher may be utilized to assist with scorekeeping, provided there is oversight provided by an adult.
  4. Any hall monitoring is expected to simply include periodic check ins of the halls outside the court area, to address things such as running around or other such ‘horse play’.




  1. Protests - The following constitutes an official protest:
    1. Protesting coach notifies the referee and opposing coach by the end of the game
    2. A note that says that a protest exists must be signed on the back of the score sheet by the referee and opposing coach
    3. A written protest is submitted to the League President within 48 hours.


  1. Handling of Protests –
    1. Protests - The following constitutes an official protest:
      1. Protesting coach notifies the referee and opposing coach by the end of the game
      2. A note that says that a protest exists must be signed on the back of the score sheet by the referee and opposing coach
      3. A written protest is submitted to the League President within 48 hours.





  1. Coaches Certification - All coaches must be certified by the Rutgers Program or the equivalent, with a copy of the card presented to the League for records/insurance purposes. Coaches are also subject to a criminal background check.


  1. Foul Language – Will not be tolerated.  Any player who is caught using foul language by an official will be ejected from the game and a technical foul will be given to the player.


  1. Physical Harm - Any coach or official who uses physical force on another person will be ejected and suspended for the rest of the season.  Additional disciplinary action may be enforced at the discretion of the league commissioner and board.

For any player using physical force on another player will be given a double technical foul and ejected from the game.  Additional disciplinary action will be evaluated on a case by case basis at the discretion of the league commissioner and board.


  1. Late Arrivals – Playing time for late players is at the discretion of the coach and coaches are advised to use their discretion
    1. Players, who arrive before the end of the first quarter, may play but must play the minimum ½ game if activated by the coach.
    2. Players who arrive before halftime may play, but the coach need not play them the minimum ½ game
    3. Players who arrive after halftime are ineligible to play on game night.
    4. If the game is suspended and additional players arrive to finish the suspended game, these players may play at the direction of the coach. 
    5. IMPORTANT - All such players are treated as a group, so a coach may not use discretion to play one or the other, but must play all or none.


  1. Unruliness - If a spectator gets unruly and out of control, they will be asked to leave the gym by the head coach of the team their child is on.  If they do not comply, the police will be called and the game will be stopped and forfeited.




A.    Referees are expected to adhere to provisions of the Player and Coaches conduct section where noted above

B.    Referees will be secured by the league, using an independent organization certified for officiating up to at least the High School level


a.    Exceptions may be made to use alternate volunteers at the discretion of the league president, typically for situations such as scheduling conflicts, make-up games and/or last minute cancellations

AMYAA Girls Basketball Rules Summary Page

Game Clock:        Four 8 minute quarters, running clock

Clock stops:         Foul shots, Coach timeouts, Referee Timeouts (including substitutions), last 2 minutes of 4th quarter for any game stoppage or after points scored

Defense:             Cannot be played outside the arc until offense has advanced the ball inside the arc line once on its possession. Exceptions are fast breaks and in last 2 minutes of game (Upper Division Only); no back court defense permitted at all, no double teaming outside the lane

Substitutions:    At or around the 4 minute mark of each quarter (at ref’s signal); only other substitutions allowed are for player injury.

Timeouts:            2 in first half, 3 in second half

Foul Limit:           5 fouls

Over & Back:      Not permitted

Lane Violation:  5 seconds

Basket Height:   Upper Division (4th/5th Grade) = 9 feet;  Lower Division (2nd/3rd Grade) = 8 feet

Foul line:              Regulation (may be adjusted up to 2 feet closer at discretion of referee)

Ball size:               Upper division 27.5”; Lower Division 25.5”

Team Jobs:         Home Team = Hall monitoring

                                Away Team = Scorekeeping



See complete rule book for full details



The Official softball site has moved

Please visit us at our new location and website. 

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Coaching Background Checks!

To ensure a safe environment for our players we are requesting and required by Babe Ruth to have all coaches and board members pass a background check every three years.  The league feels your agreement to volunteer your time should not cost you to get this done. So we are picking up that cost. 

If you are new to the league or feel you may not have completed a check in the past 3 years we are asking you to submit your information to Protect Youth Sports see link below.   If you think you did this in past few years for your league we are providing a list of people that have records on follow the link below. If you are on that list you are good if not you will need to submit your information.

This information will not be shared and will be controlled by the President and Vice President of the league.  Unfortunately if you took one for another sport or league we need it run through us as well again.  

If you have any concerns please reach out to us at amsoftall1973@gmail.com

Link below to submit background check. 



Link to check history file Click Here


Coaching Certifications (Click the Link Below)


Check the website below for class info
Here is a link to the complete offerings and locations.  You can also get more info on the classes above. 


 If these classes aren’t convenient, save the link and refer back periodically.  The classes are usually offered before specific sport seasons.  In this case it looks like soccer and football programs.  Remember, the Rutgers class is good for all sports.

Babe Ruth Coaching Clinic
Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. Clinic

 Free Concussion Class: