Last Updated: January 18, 2017
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Contact Information for Akron Recreation Bureau

Thank you for visiting the official website for the City of Akron Recreation Bureau adult volleyball and softball leagues. If you have questions regarding the softball leagues, please contact Jeff Mourton ( or 330-375-2853).  If you have questions regarding the volleyball leagues, please contact Michelle Fox ( or 330-375-2838). We will do our best to update the information regularly. Have a great day!

2016 Fall Volleyball Leagues

Registration packets and rule books have been e-mailed to all team captains and new inquiries. Registration forms and rule books are in the Handouts section.

Deadline to sign-up for leagues is Monday, September 29.

Leagues start the week of October 10. 


CONGRATULATIONS to the 2016 ARB Adult Fall Softball Champions!!

SUNDAY Coed - I'd Hit That

MONDAY Night Coed - Howie's on the Lake

TUESDAY Night Men's - Ascot Valley Foods

WEDNESDAY Night Women's - Leather & Lace

THURSDAY Night Men's - Lynn's Bar I

FRIDAY Night Men's - Mickey's in the Valley

SATURDAY Coed - River City bar & Grille

Upcoming Games/Practices

Wednesday, Jan 18
Winter Volleyball - Coed B Wednesday
Lee Dunham General Contractors @ Tomer7:50pmJennings CLC #1
Balls Deep @ Buck7:50pmJennings CLC #2
McGarry @ Red Hots8:40pmJennings CLC #1
69 Taps @ Volleycatz8:40pmJennings CLC #2
Thursday, Jan 19
Winter Volleyball - Coed B Thursday
Diamond Title @ Perfect Strangers6:10pmJennings CLC #1
Bumpin' Uglies @ Goonies6:10pmJennings CLC #2
Reed @ River City7:00pmJennings CLC #1
Montesano @ Smelly Cats7:00pmJennings CLC #2
Bisesi @ Redford7:50pmJennings CLC #1
Crossfit330 @ Nelson7:50pmJennings CLC #2
Louie's @ Lowe8:40pmJennings CLC #1
Jankovsky @ Raiders8:40pmJennings CLC #2
Monday, Jan 23
Winter Volleyball - Coed B Monday
Belleza @ Show Me Your Tips7:50pmJennings CLC #1
Almost Dangerous @ JERKS7:50pmJennings CLC #2
Jerks & Squirts @ Spikaholics8:40pmJennings CLC #1
Smith @ Volleyballers Too8:40pmJennings CLC #2

For a complete schedule listing, click here!