Last Updated: May 22, 2015

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Contact Information for Akron Recreation Bureau

Thank you for visiting the official website for the City of Akron Recreation Bureau adult volleyball and softball leagues. If you have questions regarding the softball leagues, please contact Jeff Mourton ( or 330-375-2853).  If you have questions regarding the volleyball leagues, please contact Michelle Fox ( or 330-375-2838). We will do our best to update the information regularly. Have a great day!

2015 SPRING/SUMMER Softball Information & Registration

The 2015 Summer Adult Recreation Softball Leagues have begun. Check the game Results section on the menu to the left for this weeks scores.


Check the Handouts section for Softball and Volleyball Registration Information, as well as THE USSSA Rule Book and Bat Stamp.




2015 FALL Volleyball Leagues

Leagues will start the week of October 12.  Entry and registration information will be sent out on August 14.



Upcoming Games/Practices

Tuesday,  May 26
Summer Softball - Cascade Tuesday Men
Ray's Pub No Doubt All-Stars @ Lynn's Bar 6:30pm Cascade #1
Base Invaders/Airborne Electronics, INC @ Rough Riders 6:30pm Cascade #3
Lynn's Bar @ Ray's Pub No Doubt All-Stars 7:30pm Cascade #1
Rough Riders @ Base Invaders/Airborne Electronics, INC 7:30pm Cascade #3
Mooseknuckles @ The Basement 8:30pm Cascade #1
The Old 97's @ Jimmy Biggs 8:30pm Cascade #3
The Basement @ Mooseknuckles 9:30pm Cascade #1
Jimmy Biggs @ The Old 97's 9:30pm Cascade #3
Wednesday,  May 27
Summer Softball - Cascade Wedesday Women
Leather & Lace @ Last Pitch Effort 6:30pm Cascade #2
Last Pitch Effort @ Leather & Lace 7:30pm Cascade #2
Frank's Place on Market @ AK-Run 8:30pm Cascade #2
AK-Run @ Frank's Place on Market 9:30pm Cascade #2
Thursday,  May 28
Summer Softball - Cascade Thursday Men
SPA CPA's @ The Kekambas 6:30pm Cascade #1
V3 Transportation @ TBD 6:30pm Cascade #3
The Kekambas @ SPA CPA's 7:30pm Cascade #1
TBD @ V3 Transportation 7:30pm Cascade #3
Lynn's Bar @ Arnie's 8:30pm Cascade #1
Ohio Notary @ Fatboy Slim 8:30pm Cascade #3
Arnie's @ Lynn's Bar 9:30pm Cascade #1
Fatboy Slim @ Ohio Notary 9:30pm Cascade #3

For a complete schedule listing, click here!