Last Updated: July 1, 2016

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Contact Information for Akron Recreation Bureau

Thank you for visiting the official website for the City of Akron Recreation Bureau adult volleyball and softball leagues. If you have questions regarding the softball leagues, please contact Jeff Mourton ( or 330-375-2853).  If you have questions regarding the volleyball leagues, please contact Michelle Fox ( or 330-375-2838). We will do our best to update the information regularly. Have a great day!

2016 Fall Softball Information and Registration forms are now available in the handouts section. 

Friday Men's Double Headers (begins August 26th) - Returning teams registering NOW

Saturday Coed Double Headers (begins August 27th) - Returning teams registering NOW

Sunday Coed Double Headers (begins August 28th) - Returning teams registering NOW

Monday Coed Double Headers (begins August 29th) - New teams registering NOW

Tueday Men's Double Headers (begins August 30th) - Returning teams registering NOW

Wednesday Women's Double Headers (begins August 31st) - New teams registering NOW

Thursday Men's Double Headers (begins September 1st) - Returning teams registering NOW

If you would like to be added to our email list please contact me at . We only sign up full teams however if you are an individual that would like to get picked up by a team please email me your information to the same email address and I will add you to our available players list.

2016 Summer Softball Information

The 2016 Summer Softball Season is under way.  

CONGRATULATIONS to team Bethany, the ARB Summer Tuesday Night Men's League Champions!!

And to The Basement, Tuesday Night Men's League Runners-Up


Upcoming Games/Practices

Wednesday, Jul 6
Summer Softball - Cascade Wedesday Women
Blister Sisters @ Getaway-Last Pitch Effort6:30pmCascade #2
Chelsea's @ T.B.D...7:30pmCascade #2
T.B.D... @ Leather & Lace8:30pmCascade #2
Sunday, Jul 10
Summer Softball - Cascade Sunday Coed 1 (Comp)
B-STB@Chelsea's @ B-Getaway Pub12:00pmCascade #1
A-Barmacy-Damage, Inc @ A-Chelsea's1:00pmCascade #1
A-Base Knockers @ A-I'd Hit That2:00pmCascade #1
B-AK-Run @ B-The Reporter4:00pmCascade #1
Summer Softball - Cascade Sunday Coed 3 (Rec)
Greensboro Grasshoppers @ Screwballs12:00pmCascade #3
Georgie's Mets @ The Devil Strip Eradicators1:00pmCascade #3
Frank's Place @ Roebuck & Company2:00pmCascade #3
CSS Sluggers @ Smooth Operators3:00pmCascade #1
Third Strikers @ Max McQ's3:00pmCascade #3
Chix-n-Stix @ Augustus Lawn Care4:00pmCascade #3
Summer Softball - Cascade Sunday Men
B-The Foul Balls @ A-Chelsea's Bar5:00pmCascade #1
B-Barmacy-Damage, Inc. @ A-Blue Devils5:00pmCascade #3
B-The Foul Balls @ B-Barmacy-Damage, Inc.6:00pmCascade #1
A-Buzz & Ted's All-Stars @ A-Chelsea's Bar6:00pmCascade #3
A-The Water Boys @ A-Blue Devils7:00pmCascade #1
B-Frank's Place @ B-Dreamers7:00pmCascade #3
B-Frank's Place @ A-Buzz & Ted's All-Stars8:00pmCascade #1
B-Dreamers @ A-The Water Boys8:00pmCascade #3
Monday, Jul 11
Summer Softball - Cascade Monday Coed
Jimmy Biggs @ The Horns-Howie's on the Lake6:30pmCascade #1
River City Bar & Grille @ GOJO6:30pmCascade #3
Smarty Pints @ Bober Markey Fedorovich7:30pmCascade #1
Sons of Pitches @ Beneficial Building Services7:30pmCascade #3
S.S.B.S. @ Akron Generals8:30pmCascade #1

For a complete schedule listing, click here!