Last Updated: October 21, 2016

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Contact Information for Akron Recreation Bureau

Thank you for visiting the official website for the City of Akron Recreation Bureau adult volleyball and softball leagues. If you have questions regarding the softball leagues, please contact Jeff Mourton ( or 330-375-2853).  If you have questions regarding the volleyball leagues, please contact Michelle Fox ( or 330-375-2838). We will do our best to update the information regularly. Have a great day!

2016 Fall Volleyball Leagues

Registration packets and rule books have been e-mailed to all team captains and new inquiries. Registration forms and rule books are in the Handouts section.

Deadline to sign-up for leagues is Monday, September 29.

Leagues start the week of October 10. 


2016 Fall Softball Information and Registration forms are now available in the handouts section. 


If you would like to be added to our email list please contact me at . We only sign up full teams however if you are an individual that would like to get picked up by a team please email me your information to the same email address and I will add you to our available players list.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Monday, Oct 24
Fall Volleyball - Coed B Monday
Almost Dangerous @ Smith6:10pmJennings CLC #1
Belleza @ Brown7:00pmJennings CLC #1
Show Me Your Tips @ Volleyballers Too7:50pmJennings CLC #1
Barabas @ Jerks & Squirts8:40pmJennings CLC #1
Tuesday, Oct 25
Fall Volleyball - Women's B Tuesday
Parker @ Team WIHAB6:10pmJennings CLC #1
Jankovsky @ Team Lewis6:10pmJennings CLC #2
Moms' Night Out @ Some Spike It Hot7:00pmJennings CLC #1
Cotton @ CrossFit 3307:00pmJennings CLC #2
Fall Volleyball - Women's BB Tuesday
Belleza @ Hitlist7:50pmJennings CLC #2
Eckel @ Wild Sets8:40pmJennings CLC #2
Fall Volleyball - Womens A Tuesday
Dirty Half Dozen @ Mattingly7:50pmJennings CLC #1
Chelsea's @ Welsh8:40pmJennings CLC #1
Wednesday, Oct 26
Fall Volleyball - Coed B Wednesday
69 Taps @ Ogurchak6:10pmJennings CLC #1
Galambos @ Balls Deep7:00pmJennings CLC #1
McGarry @ Lee Dunham General Contractors7:50pmJennings CLC #1
Tomer @ The Elks8:40pmJennings CLC #1

For a complete schedule listing, click here!