Last Updated: August 22, 2014

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Contact Information for Akron Recreation Bureau

Thank you for visiting the official website for the City of Akron Recreation Bureau adult volleyball and softball leagues. If you have questions regarding the softball leagues, please contact Jeff Mourton ( or 330-375-2853).  If you have questions regarding the volleyball leagues, please contact Michelle Fox ( or 330-375-2838). We will do our best to update the information regularly. Have a great day!

2014 FALL Volleyball Leagues

FALL Volleyball Leagues will start the week of October 6. Register now through September 19 for the early registration discount.  Late registration begins September 20 and ends September 29.  

Please look in the handouts section for our registration form and more information.

Fall Softball Info

Fall Softball Registration is now Closed.  

A copy of the ARB Softball rules can be found in the handouts section.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday,  Aug 23
Fall Softball - Stadium/Pony Saturday Coed
Raiders - A @ Team KNR - B 12:00pm Pony Field
AK-Run - A @ Greensboro Grasshoppers of Akron - B 12:00pm Stadium
Team KNR - B @ AK-Run - A 1:10pm Pony Field
Greensboro Grasshoppers of Akron - B @ Raiders - A 1:10pm Stadium
Pitches Be Crazy - A @ Walking with 4 Balls - B 2:20pm Pony Field
Screwballs - A @ River City Bar & Grille - B 2:20pm Stadium
Walking with 4 Balls - B @ Screwballs - A 3:30pm Pony Field
River City Bar & Grille - B @ Pitches Be Crazy - A 3:30pm Stadium
Sunday,  Aug 24
Fall Softball - Stadium/Pony Sunday Coed
Chix-N-Stix - B @ Smooth Operators - B 12:00pm Pony Field
GOJO - A @ Bath in Black - A 12:00pm Stadium
Smooth Operators - B @ Chix-N-Stix - B 1:10pm Pony Field
Bath in Black - A @ GOJO - A 1:10pm Stadium
Northfield Florist - B @ Duck Dodgers - B 2:20pm Pony Field
Z-Clean - A @ Time Warner Cable - A 2:20pm Stadium
Duck Dodgers - B @ Northfield Florist - B 3:30pm Pony Field
Time Warner Cable - A @ Z-Clean - A 3:30pm Stadium
Got the Runs - B @ I'd Hit That - B 4:40pm Pony Field
Getaway Pub - A @ Frank's Place - A 4:40pm Stadium
I'd Hit That - B @ Got the Runs - B 5:50pm Pony Field
Frank's Place - A @ Getaway Pub - A 5:50pm Stadium
Tuesday,  Aug 26
Fall Softball - Stadium/Pony Tuesday Men
Jimmy Biggs Grille - A @ The Basement - B 6:30pm Pony Field
Ray's Pub No Doubt All Stars - A @ Or Derv Foods - B 6:30pm Stadium
The Basement - B @ Ray's Pub No Doubt All Stars - A 7:30pm Pony Field
Or Derv Foods - B @ Jimmy Biggs Grille - A 7:30pm Stadium
Funny Stop/Buzz's All Stars - A @ Lynn's Bar - B 8:30pm Pony Field
Mr. Zub's - A @ Mandarin House - B 8:30pm Stadium
Lynn's Bar - B @ Mr. Zub's - A 9:30pm Pony Field
Mandarin House - B @ Funny Stop/Buzz's All Stars - A 9:30pm Stadium

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Akron Recreation Bureau

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