Last Updated: February 9, 2016 

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  • Arkansas' Largest Independent Youth Basketball League
  • Cedarville, Mountainburg, Mulberry/Pleasant View,
  • Christ the King, Immaculate Conception, Poteau, St. Boniface,
  • Union Christian Academy, Van Buren, and Alma

End of Season Tournament

The End of Season Tournament is set for Feb 29th through March 5th. No games will be played on Wednesday, March 2nd. March 5th is Championship Saturday. The host sites this year are Cedarville, Union Christian, and Christ the King (Trinity Jr High). The Championship Saturday host location is Cedarville this year. Tournament bracket information will come out immediately following the last regular season games on Feb 27th.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday, Feb 13
3rd Grade Girls
Mulberry @ IC12:00amImmaculate Conception Gym
Cedarville @ Mountainburg9:00amMountainburg High School
Christ the King @ Cedarville11:00amMountainburg High School
3rd Grade Boys
IC White @ IC Blue9:00amImmaculate Conception Gym
Christ the King @ Mountainburg10:00amMountainburg High School
UCA @ IC White11:00amImmaculate Conception Gym
Cedarville @ Mulberry12:00pmMountainburg High School
4th Grade Girls
Mulberry @ UCA9:00amUnion Christian
Cedarville @ IC10:00amImmaculate Conception Gym
4th Grade Boys
Mountainburg @ UCA10:00amUnion Christian
Poteau @ Cedarville11:00amUnion Christian
Christ the King @ IC1:00pmImmaculate Conception Gym
5th Grade Girls
Alma @ Mountainburg1:00pmMountainburg High School
Cedarville @ IC2:00pmImmaculate Conception Gym
5th Grade Boys
Christ the King @ UCA12:00pmUnion Christian
Poteau @ Cedarville1:00pmUnion Christian
Mountainburg @ IC3:00pmImmaculate Conception Gym
6th Grade Girls
Cedarville Blue @ Van Buren White2:00pmUnion Christian
Mulberry @ Van Buren Green3:00pmMountainburg High School
Cedarville Gold @ IC5:00pmImmaculate Conception Gym
Alma @ Mountainburg5:00pmMountainburg High School
6th Grade Boys
UCA Blue @ Mountainburg2:00pmMountainburg High School
Mulberry @ Poteau3:00pmUnion Christian
Cedarville Blue @ Christ the King4:00pmImmaculate Conception Gym
Cedarville Gold @ Mountainburg4:00pmMountainburg High School
IC @ UCA White4:00pmUnion Christian
Saturday, Feb 20
3rd Grade Girls
IC @ Mountainburg9:00amMountainburg High School
Christ the King @ Mulberry11:00amCedarville Elementary
3rd Grade Boys
Mulberry @ UCA9:00amUnion Christian
IC Blue @ Mountainburg10:00amMountainburg High School
Christ the King @ IC White11:00amMountainburg High School
Cedarville @ Mountainburg12:00pmMountainburg High School
4th Grade Girls
Mulberry @ Cedarville10:00amCedarville Elementary
IC @ UCA10:00amUnion Christian
4th Grade Boys
IC @ Cedarville11:00amCedarville Elementary
Poteau @ UCA11:00amUnion Christian
Christ the King @ Mountainburg1:00pmMountainburg High School
5th Grade Girls
Mountainburg @ Cedarville12:00pmCedarville Elementary
IC @ UCA12:00pmUnion Christian
Alma @ UCA2:00pmUnion Christian
5th Grade Boys
Poteau @ IC1:00pmUnion Christian
Christ the King @ Mountainburg2:00pmMountainburg High School
Cedarville @ UCA3:00pmUnion Christian
6th Grade Girls
IC @ Alma1:00pmCedarville Elementary
Van Buren Green @ Cedarville Blue2:00pmCedarville Elementary
Mountainburg @ Cedarville Gold3:00pmCedarville Elementary
Van Buren White @ Mulberry3:00pmMountainburg High School
6th Grade Boys
UCA White @ Cedarville Gold4:00pmCedarville Elementary
Mulberry @ Mountainburg4:00pmMountainburg High School
Poteau @ IC4:00pmUnion Christian
Christ the King @ UCA Blue5:00pmUnion Christian
Saturday, Feb 27
3rd Grade Girls
Mulberry @ Cedarville9:00amCedarville Elementary
Christ the King @ Mountainburg9:00amMountainburg High School
IC @ Cedarville11:00amCedarville Elementary
3rd Grade Boys
Christ the King @ UCA9:00amUnion Christian
IC White @ Mountainburg10:00amMountainburg High School
Mulberry @ IC Blue10:00amUnion Christian
4th Grade Girls
IC @ Cedarville10:00amCedarville Elementary
Mulberry @ UCA12:00pmUnion Christian
4th Grade Boys
Cedarville @ Mountainburg11:00amMountainburg High School
Christ the King @ UCA11:00amUnion Christian
IC @ Poteau12:00pmMountainburg High School
5th Grade Girls
Alma @ Cedarville12:00pmCedarville Elementary
Mountainburg @ UCA1:00pmUnion Christian
5th Grade Boys
Cedarville @ Mountainburg1:00pmMountainburg High School
Poteau @ UCA2:00pmMountainburg High School
Christ the King @ IC2:00pmUnion Christian
6th Grade Girls
Alma @ Cedarville Gold1:00pmCedarville Elementary
Van Buren Green @ Van Buren White2:00pmCedarville Elementary
Mulberry @ Cedarville Blue3:00pmCedarville Elementary
IC @ Mountainburg3:00pmMountainburg High School
6th Grade Boys
Cedarville Gold @ Poteau3:00pmUnion Christian
Christ the King @ Mulberry4:00pmCedarville Elementary
IC @ Mountainburg4:00pmMountainburg High School
Cedarville Blue @ UCA Blue4:00pmUnion Christian
Poteau @ UCA White5:00pmUnion Christian

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