Last Updated: February 18, 2017 
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  • Arkansas' Largest Independent Youth Basketball League
  • Cedarville, Mountainburg, Mulberry/Pleasant View,
  • Christ the King, Immaculate Conception, Poteau, Van Buren,
  • Union Christian Academy, Alma, and JC Westside

End of Season Tournament

February 18 - Last date for regular season games.

February 25 - End of Season Tournament begins

February 27 - March 3rd - Tournament games Mon-Tues, No games on Wed, Thurs-Fri

March 4 - Championship Saturday. UCA is this year's host for all final games.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday, Feb 25
3rd Grade Girls
Christ the King @ Cedarville9:00amCedarville Elementary
Van Buren 1 @ Alma9:00amUnion Christian
Mountainburg @ Van Buren 29:00amVan Buren (Coleman JH)
3rd Grade Boys
Van Buren 2 @ Mountainburg10:00amCedarville Elementary
Van Buren 1 @ Christ the King10:00amUnion Christian
Mulberry @ Van Buren 310:00amVan Buren (Coleman JH)
Cedarville Gold @ Westside11:00amCedarville Elementary
4th Grade Girls
Mulberry @ Alma11:00amUnion Christian
Van Buren 1 @ Mountainburg11:00amVan Buren (Coleman JH)
IC @ Cedarville12:00pmCedarville Elementary
Van Buren 2 @ Christ the King12:00pmUnion Christian
4th Grade Boys
Mountainburg @ Van Buren 112:00pmVan Buren (Coleman JH)
Mulberry @ Christ the King Green1:00pmCedarville Elementary
UCA @ IC White1:00pmUnion Christian
Van Buren 2 @ Christ the King White1:00pmVan Buren (Coleman JH)
5th Grade Girls
Van Buren 1 @ Cedarville Blue2:00pmCedarville Elementary
Van Buren 2 @ Alma2:00pmUnion Christian
5th Grade Boys
Van Buren 2 @ Poteau2:00pmVan Buren (Coleman JH)
Mountainburg @ Cedarville3:00pmCedarville Elementary
Westside @ UCA3:00pmUnion Christian
Van Buren 1 @ IC White3:00pmVan Buren (Coleman JH)
6th Grade Girls
Christ the King @ Cedarville4:00pmCedarville Elementary
UCA @ Alma4:00pmUnion Christian
Van Buren @ IC4:00pmVan Buren (Coleman JH)
6th Grade Boys
Mulberry @ Christ the King5:00pmCedarville Elementary
Van Buren 4 @ Mountainburg5:00pmUnion Christian
Westside @ Van Buren 25:00pmVan Buren (Coleman JH)
Van Buren 1 @ Cedarville6:00pmCedarville Elementary
Monday, Feb 27
3rd Grade Girls
POSITION/TBD @ IC5:30pmUnion Christian
4th Grade Boys
POSITION/TBD @ Alma5:30pmAlma Middle School
POSITION/TBD @ IC Blue6:30pmUnion Christian
5th Grade Girls
Mulberry @ Cedarville Gold6:30pmAlma Middle School
5th Grade Boys
POSITION/TBD @ IC Blue7:30pmUnion Christian
6th Grade Girls
Westside @ Mountainburg7:30pmAlma Middle School
Tuesday, Feb 28
3rd Grade Boys
POSITION/TBD @ Cedarville Blue5:30pmUnion Christian
4th Grade Boys
POSITION/TBD @ Westside6:30pmUnion Christian
5th Grade Girls
POSITION/TBD @ IC6:30pmAlma Middle School
5th Grade Boys
POSITION/TBD @ Alma7:30pmAlma Middle School
6th Grade Boys
POSITION/TBD @ UCA7:30pmUnion Christian
Thursday, Mar 2
4th Grade Boys
POSITION/TBD @ Cedarville5:30pmUnion Christian
6th Grade Boys
POSITION/TBD @ Van Buren 36:30pmTrinity Junior High
POSITION/TBD @ IC7:30pmAlma Middle School
POSITION/TBD @ Alma7:30pmTrinity Junior High

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