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Titans Varsity bring a 3 game winning streak into tonight's contest against Copper Canyon at 6:30 on Titans Field. JV and Freshman play at Copper Canyon at 4:00.
Four new photo albums are posted (Notre Dame )(Chandler)(Apache Junction)(Seton Catholic)

Posted 4/16/15
Arcadia Legend 2008 Grad Chris Murphy and Family were spotted in the stands recently.  Chris holds several Arcadia Records including the single season highest batting average at .596.  Thanks for your continued support of Arcadia Titans Baseball Murphy’s!

Posted 4/10/15

and JV beat McClintock but Freshman lost.  Titans Varsity moved up from 17th to 16th in the Power Points rankings. The top 24 of 77 teams make the State Championship Playoffs.  All 3 teams play Nationally ranked Division I Horizon Tuesday.  Varsity plays at Horizon at 7:00.  JV and Freshman play at Home at 3:45 and 6:30 respectively. Check out these pictures vs. Cactus Shadows.


Team dinner for all players and coaches:  Monday, April 6th at 6:30pm.  Players have study hall after school, then will proceed to practice.  After practice all players from the Freshman, JV and Varsity team will head over to the Arcadia cafeteria for a yummy meal of pasta, meatballs, salad, bread sticks and a sweet treat. Players will be done around 7:00pm and can be picked up by the Gym entrance. 

 A huge Thank you to our Fabulous Freshman families who are hosting the meal.  Dinner provided at a deep discount by Red Devil Italian Restaurant located at 31st Street and McDowell.

Go Titans!

Posted 4/5/2015
All 3 teams beat Seton Catholic yesterday.  Titans Varsity moved up from 20th to 17th in the Power Points rankings. The top 24 of 77 teams make the State Championship Playoffs.  Varsity plays McClintock at home today at 6:30 while JV and Freshman play at McClintock at 4:00. Check out these pictures vs. Skyline.

Come enjoy a game of Titans Baseball!

Posted 4/2/2015
Titans Varsity beat Apache Junction while JV and Freshman were idle.  Varsity play today at 4:00 at Seton Catholic.  JV and Freshman are home today at 4:00. Check out these JV Pic's against South Mountain

Please come and enjoy a game of Titans Baseball!

Posted 4/1/2015
Titans Varsity beat Williams Field while JV and Freshman lost their games.  Varsity play today at 6:30 at home against Apache Junction.  JV and Freshman are off today. 

Please come out and check out the exciting action!

Posted 3/30/2015
All 3 teams are back in action today!  Titans Varsity play at Williams Field while JV and Freshman play at home at 3:45. 

Please come out and check out the exciting action!
Posted 3/27/2015

Titans Varsity play 6 in a row this week in the Coach Bob Invitational.  Home games are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 6 PM against out of state teams.  Cactus Shadows, Centennial, Nogales, and Skyline pictures are posted.

Titans Alumni Dad's from left to right Jake Wiley's dad Scott, Jake MacWilliam's dad Don, Chris Murphy's dad Dennis, Max Schuman's dad Ted, Brendan Satran's dad Scott, Gary Cornish's dad Chuck, and Andrew Naderer's dad Mike were on hand for the Notre Dame game last week. Thanks for supporting the Titans!
Posted 3/16/2015

 After losing their first 3 Varsity has won 4 in a row.  Next game is tonight 6:30 at Arcadia vs. Notre Dame.  JV and Freshman play at Notre Dame.

Titans Field is looking awesome!  Come by and take a look. 
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Posted 3/10/2015

All 3 teams played today with Varsity and JV winning.  Come see JV and Freshman tomorrow in their home openers.  Varsity is at South Mountain.  JV and Freshman pictures are posted.
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JV Titans looking good on picture day.
Posted 3/4/2015

Arcadia Titans Varsity play number 2 in state Nogales Saturday 2/28 at 3:30 at Arcadia.  The Titans have had a rough start dropping their first 3 games.  Come out and help the Titans get their first win!


Titans spending the day at Miracle League!  An amazing opportunity to give back to those less fortunate.  Great job Titans!
Posted 2/28/2015

Don't miss any of the action.

 Varsity Pictures are uploaded.  Don't miss Friday's Scrimmage at 4 PM on Titans Field.
Posted 2/17/2015

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