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2015 Belles District Champions

Front L-R Brittany Key, Kathryn Toole, Kyla Friendly, Tatiyana Brown, Chyna White, Jaeda Gardner.
Back L-R Manager Tony Dean, Bre’vna Loder, Rashaylia Bell, Aniya Jackson, Coach Cliff Gardner, Alyssa Drinkard, Kiana Terry, Jamaica Flowers, Coach Brent "BJ" Parker. 


Letter from AUM Player:

Hi!  My name is Victoria Tidwell.  I am 13-years old and play Dixie Youth softball at the AUM league.  There has been a lot of confusion about our Ponytails All-Star team.  Three of my teammates played at the Southern League last year.  Their coaches quit, and it’s not a very safe place to play ball.  They didn’t even have anybody from their league at the place where you signed up to play this year.  My regular season team played one game at the Southern ball park this year.  A fight broke out with their fans in the bleachers, and I think the police had to be called.  Our coaches had us run to our cars as fast as possible to get away from it.  I can’t imagine having to play at a ball park where I didn’t feel safe.  My teammates must have felt the same way because they came to play at AUM this year.  They played the entire season with us this year, and nobody seemed to care that they were there.  It’s not really a big deal because people in Montgomery play at whatever ballpark they want to.  There are a lot of girls who are supposed to play at AUM, but they choose to play at other ball parks… mainly Montgomery Gray and Montgomery American.  My coaches have said that they don’t protest about those girls because they don’t want to make someone play where they don’t want to.  They say it would only hurt the players.  That’s why I’m so confused.  Why is it okay for those girls to play at other parks just because the parks are newer and the teams are better, but it’s not ok for these three girls to play at another small ballpark where they can feel safe?  I have gotten to know these girls over the last month.  They are sweet, funny, hard working girls.  They practice hard, and they play hard.  I don’t understand why anyone would want to keep them from being able to play.


I’ve heard that another situation came up this year that was very similar to ours, but those girls were allowed to stay on their all-star team (at American, I think).  Do they get treated differently because their ballpark is more popular than ours?  Or is it because my teammates are black?  Growing up in Montgomery, I’ve always heard stories about racism, but I'd like to think that doesn’t happen anymore.  I hope my generation will be the one to stop that.  I love our team and all the girls on it.  I hate to think that they’re being punished because someone thinks they should stay on their side of town.  My mom showed me where the rule book says what you have to do to be able to play on an All-Star team.  My teammates were listed on the rosters, have played more than 9 games with us, and they’re the right age.  My team is now trying to find enough girls to play on our All-Star team, but I think they only got us up to 11 so far.  It’s really hard to find people to commit to practicing this hard and this often so now we have to play without enough players and with people who haven’t practiced in a month.  This whole thing seems so ridiculous to me.  It’s a bunch of adults arguing over three kids and a game.


I love playing softball, and I love the friends that I get to make by playing.  I don’t like the way this makes me feel though.  The league that is protesting our players (Southern) did something similar to my All-Star team last year.  Last year, the AUM Ponytails had a bad season.  We had two teams in our age group.  Between our two teams, we had two wins (one of these was when we played each other).  I made All-Stars for the first time last year.  I was so happy I'd made the team, and we practiced SOOOO hard.  We went to our sub-district tournament, played Southern in our first game, and won.  It was the first game that I had won all year long.  We were all so excited.  Not only had we won, but we won by the 10-run rule in only 4 innings.  That was the best feeling!  The next morning, we were told that our win was taken away from us because Southern had protested.  They said that we didn’t substitute our players.  I know we did.  I didn’t start the game, but I went in to play in the 3rd inning.  I think the rule is that you have to have everybody playing by the 5th inning.  I’m not quite sure how that works since we didn’t even make it to the 5th inning.  I felt so angry and upset when they told us what happened to our amazing game.  No one wanted to play anymore.  We lost our next game badly because we weren’t excited to be there anymore.  I’m not sure why the Southern league keeps trying to hurt AUM.  It almost seems like they are trying to bully us for some reason.  And they keep being allowed to do it.  Nobody else does this.  My coaches say that maybe it’s because we’re too nice, and that maybe we won’t be so nice anymore.  That doesn’t seem like the best thing to be teaching a bunch of kids who just want to play softball.




Hello Coaches,


Alabama State Softball's head coach Chris Steiner-Wilcoxson (formerly of AUM, NAIA National Champions, NAIA Coach of the Year 2014) would like to invite your athletes to participate in our summer softball camp. Attached is a flyer with the summer softball camp details.


Softball camp will provide your child an opportunity to learn basic fundamentals of the game of softball.  Groups will be determined on age and experience.  Campers will get an opportunity to work on hitting, defense, throwing, catching, pitching, infield, and outfield skills.  This is a great opportunity to work and learn and improve your softball skills.


Click Here for 2015 ASU Summer Softball Camp


Dates: June 8 - 11 & July 13 - 16

Times: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Ages: 6 - 18

Cost: $125.00 (includes snack & t-shirt)



Chris Steiner-Wilcoxson

Alabama State University

Head Softball Coach



AUM Weather Line Information

We realize during the Spring softball season that we have a lot of rain. Rain events sometimes leaves the possibility of playing softball up in the air. So I am including the weather line for AUM baseball/softball for Coaches, Parents and Players to access. The number to call is 334-215-3555 and press 1 to hear the condition of fields and if you will be playing that night. Feel free to pass the number along to all your parents and family members so that they can call to see if the softball games are still being played.




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AUM Dixie Girls Softball League/Team Sponsorship

AUM Youth Softball League is a non-profit organization that strives to offer an instructional, fun program for our players and their families. We emphasize good sportsmanship, teamwork, integrity and courtesy.

Your financial support is needed to continue providing a quality softball to these girls. Last season AUM provided many youth an opportunity to play in an organized softball program. This year our program will continue to be affiliated with Dixie Youth Softball. We strive to keep individual fees affordable. As a result, we rely on our local businesses and organizations to help us provide the best experience possible for our participants. Each year the generosity of our sponsors helps us buy new softball equipment, purchase field maintenance products and buy supplies needed to keep our league running smoothly. We hope that we can count on you for your continued financial support!

There are a number of sponsorship opportunities available. All sponsorships are tax deductible. Your sponsorship is a very affordable means of advertising your business, both on our uniforms and on the fields. Field sponsor signs are visible at our facility year round.


Please click on the link below for team sponsorship information:

2014 Team Sponsorship Form

AUM Dixie Girls Softball would ask that you join us in thanking and supporting the following corporate sponsors for the 2013 softball season. 






Please go to the Handout section on the left hand side of the website or click on the following Concession Stand Price List.  This is a great addition to the website and we would like to welcome you and your family to the AUM Concession Stand for snacks or supper before, during, and maybe after the games.



Practice Schedule Information

Coaches, please remember:

Teams will have use of the batting cages 30 minutes prior to your practice time

Please note that these are scheduled times for field availability.

Practice times and dates are changed by managers from time to time