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2014-15 Work Hours

Advertising Opportunity 

Zamboni $2,700/Year
What better fun to have your name zooming across the ice
on the official AYHA Zamboni! Annual rate of $2,700 per side,
  or $5,000 for the entire Zamboni!




Jeff Smith 715-225-3421


The following board positions are up for election at the end of the hockey season. Please contact Jeff Smith for more information or if interested in running for one of these positions.


Director 1. This position shall oversee and manage the Equipment Manager, Concession Manager and Registrar.

Director 2. This position shall oversee and manage the Team Reps, the Referee-in-Charge and the work hour process

Vice President- Fundraising


Tournament Director

These positions are all part of the Executive Team and have voting rights.

The following appointed position is open now. Ice scheduler. Please contact Jeff Smith if interested in taking this position starting now and to continue next season.

      Sani Sport Solutions

             will be sanitizing hockey gear at the Altoona Ice Arena

Wed. February 4, 2015—6pm to 9pm

Cost is $35 per set of gear and $ 50 for Goalie gear.

  Contact Tony Pilgrim at Sani Sport Solutions for more information. 


The Sani Sport cleansing process is a simple one, the entirety of which takes six-teen minutes. After placing the gear into the machine, ozone and air circulate throughout the chamber. This is then followed by an automated spray which helps protect the equipment and eliminate any residual ozone left behind. No water or chemicals are contained in the treatment. Our process removes harmful bacteria and odors while not compromising the quality of the sporting equipment. The bacteria and odors caused by perspiration are significantly reduced from the sports gear with the 16 minute Sani Sport process.



Thank you to our sponsors!!!  Please show them your support!!!




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Feb. 5 Senior Night