Last Updated: February 21, 2017
 Breaking News 12/14/16/18U TEAMS Recruitment for 2017 season is underway.   [More Info]
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_________________2016/17 FALL SEASON - LADY BARRACUDAS CHALLENGE DAY_________________________________________________________

The Lady Barracudas currently have active 18U 16U 14U 12U we are seeking to add quality players to our membership. 

Our coaches are all  to be certified ASA with ACE Certification and background checks. We are teaching positive coaching with our teams.


HEAD COACH Dave Owens 614-329-3040

If you are interested in the Lady Barracudas 12/14/16/18U

Contact Head Coach Dave Owens at

We offer the opportunity to play at the higher levels of competition within the State of Ohio.

Players who work hard and focus on improving their skills enough to be scouted can use this opportunity by participating in our selected tournament events. 

The opportunity to participate and represent yourself against very good competition is here and it provides the coaches scouts the opportunity to come watch you in action.

Only hard workers gain the success from their efforts. 


  Training is underway

Lady Barracudas Softball



 We are always looking for dedicated players to join our Barracuda family.


Grades and GPA in school make a college athletes dreams come true without good grades your skills will never make it to play in college.

 We want players who have the desire for college in their future plans and have the grades to see they meet requirements. 12/14/16/18U Teams.

Head Coach Coach Dave Owens 614-320-3040



We provide the opportunity to experience quality fastpitch softball at the higher levels and we teach teamwork, good sportsmanship and the skills that it takes to be a winning athlete on and off the ball field.
We expect the players to become mature and experienced in the sport and to continue on their dreams of playing fastpitch softball. We will participate at the highest levels to learn and become the best we can be.
We strive for winning efforts of team play, and to achieve this we will be a winner no matter what the score or outcome is. Team spirit and team effort are what make the Lady Barracudas a winning combination! Our members proudly wear the Teal and Orange.
All of our coaching staff has been ASA, A.C.E. certified and members of the N.F.C.A. to provide quality training and leadership.
The Lady Barracudas are members of the C.O.O.L. 14/16/18 U League- Central Ohio Outerbelt League U