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Welcome to the Hagerstown Area Youth Basketball league website. THANK YOU to everyone signing up for the 2013-2014 season. All of our games are played at St. James Breth. Church 17718 Lappans Rd.


Please go to schedules for game times.


Feb. 17th Games:

Northwestern 20 Cronise 14

Northwestern Zach Cole 8 pts and Andrew Kelbaugh 5

Cronise Justin Dingle 6

Shifflett's 26/ John Deer 22

Shiffleet's Skylar Treadwell 16 pts and Quaid Boward 8

John Deer Da'Madre Bowens 14 pts

Kamelot 30/ Miller Lumber 22

Kamelot Trey Morningstar 18 pts and Jermaine Ford 8

Miller Lumber Mario Jennings 10 pts Madison Mertz and Waylen Rhoderick 6 pts 



Feb 11th Junior Games:

L&L Auto 28 Wizards 27

For L&L Skylar Treadwell 13 pts and Chris Jennings 7

Wizards Kaleb Albright 11 pts

Larry Allen 25 Lakers 19

Larry Allen Jacob Broadwater 25 pts and Justin Moschell 9 pts

Lakers Jackson Wagner 8 pts

In a make up Game:

Lakers 21/Larry Allen 10

Lakers Holden Shirley 6 pts

Larry Allen Bria Phillips 4 pts

Make up from 1/21

L&L 34/Wizards 16

L&L Thomas Lewis 14 pts and Skylar Treadwell10

Wizards Daykotah Harnish and Trey Morningstar 6 pts


Games 2/4

L&L 34/Lakers 18

L&L Skylar Treadwell 13 pts

Lakers Holden Shirley 11 pts

Larry Allen 41/Wizards 14

Larry Allen Garrett Shoemaker 11 pts and Jacob Broadwater 8 pts

Wizards Trey Morningstar 9 pts

Games 2/10 Shifflett's 32/Miller Lumber 12

Shifflett's Skylar Treadwell 22 pts

Miller Lumber Madison Mertz had 6 points

Kamelot 16/Cronise 10

Kamelot Trey Morningstar 9 points

Cronise Bradley Summers 5

Northwestern 34/John Deer 23

Northwestern Zachary Cole 19 pts and Thomas Lewis 7

John Deer Da'madre Bowens 22 pts

Jan. 27th games:

Game 1:

Northwestern beat John Deer 25-19 for Northwestern Zachary Cole had 12 points and Mutia Carter had 5. For John Deer Gabriel Conder had 7 points and Jerry Moats 6.

Game 2:

Kamelot defeated Cronise 21-10 for Kamelot Trey Morningstar had 13 points and for Cronise Bradley Summers had 4.

Game 3:

Shifflett's 30 edging Miller Lumber 22 for Shiflett's Skylar Treadwell scored 17 and Braden Marker scored 6. For Miller Lumber Mario Jennings had 11 points.

In the Junior Division:

Jan. 28th was Lakers 27 and Wizards 26

Jackson Wagner had 16 points and Holden Shirley had 8. For Wizards Alexander Rickett and Dakotah Harnish had 6 points each.

L&L Auto repair outscored Larry Allen 31 to 24. For L&L Zahary Cole 11 points and Skylar Treadwell had 10. For Larry AllenJacob Broadwater had 9 points and Garrett Shoemaker added 6.

Jan. 20th Games

Game 1:

Shifflett's defeated Kamelot Florist 32-15. For Shifflett's Skylar Treadwell Had 15 and Braden Marker had 8 points. For Kamelot Trey Morninstar had 11 points.

Game 2 was Cronise defeating John Deer22-8. For Cronise Bradley Summers had 8 points and Conner Hawkins and Justice Dingle had 4 each.

In the third game Northwestern beat Miller Lumber 23-21. For Northwestern  Zach Cole and Thomas Lewis had 8 points and Andrew Kelbaugh added 6. For Miller LumberMario Jennings had 11 points and Madison Mertz and Waylen Rhoderick added 4 each.

January 13th kicked off with a full slate of games.

Game one was Miller Lumber defeating John Deer 21-18. For Miller Lumber Madison Mertz had 9 points and Mario Jennings had 8. For John Deer Da'Madre Bowens had 15 points.

Game 2 was Kamelot Forist defeating Northwestern 30-24. For Kamelot Trey Morningstar had 15 and Jermaine Ford added 11. For Northwestern Thomas Lewis had 12 points and Zach Cole added 10.

In the nightcap Shifflett' beat Cronise 15 to 9. For Shifflett's Skylar Treadwell had 7 points and for Cronise Gage Crawford had 4 points.

In the Junior Division on Jan.14th was L&L Auto beating the Lakers 14 to 8. For L&L Thomas Lewis had 6 points and Zach Cole had 4.

In the Second game Larry Allen outscored the Wizards 29-28. For Larry Allen Garrett Shoemaker had 10 points and Keirstan Meyer had 8 points. For the Wizards Daykotah Harnish had 17 points.

We got back into action Monday from a long Christmas break. In the Elementary division Shifflett's beat Northwestern 20 to 11. Skylar Treadwell had 8 points and Quaid Boward had 6 for Shifflett's while Zachary Cole had 7 points for Northwestern.

In game 2 Miller Lumber beat Cronise 17- 13. For Miller Lumber Mario Jennings had 15 points. For Cronise Justise Dingle had 5 points and Bradley Summers 4.

Game 3 ended with Kamelot Florist beating John Deere 21 to 16. For Kamelot Trey Morningstar had 14 points and Jermaine Ford had 5. For Johne Deere Gabriel Conder scored 14 points.

In the Junior division L&L Auto defeated Larry Allen 27-24. For L&L Skylar Treadwell and Zachary Cole chipped in 8 points. For Larry Alen Madison Mertz had 8 points.

In the other game the Wizards beat the Lakers as Dakotah Harnish and Trey Morningstar scored 8 points and Jerry Moats scoring 9 for the Lakers.

Week 3:

Game 1 John Deere beat Cronise 15-14. For John Deere Da'Madre Bowens scored 11 points and Josh Wagner and Jerry Moats had 2 each. For Cronise Bradley Summers scored 7 and Drew Robinson had 4 points.

Game 2 was also a close game as Shifflett't beat Kamelot Florist 21-20. Shifflett's was led by Skylar Treadwell scoring a game high 15  points and Quaid Bowar scoring 6. Kamelot was led by Trey Morningstars 11 points.

Game 3

Northwestern Mutualbeat Miller Lumber 21-16. For Northwestern Zachary Cole had 11 points and Andrew Kelbaugh and Thomas Lewis had 4. Eddie Lough had 2. For Miller Lumber Madison Mertz had 4 points.


In the Junior division Larry Allen beat the Lakers32-20. For Larry Allen Jacob Broadwater had 16 points and Bradley Summers had 6. The Wizards beat L&L Auto 18-16. For the Wizards Trey Morningstar had 6 points and for L&L Skylar Treadwell had 7 points.


The season kicked off Monday night with a full slate of games.


In the Elementary division John Deere beat Miller Lumber 19 -18. For John Deere Da'madre Bowens scored 19 points and Gabriel Conder had 5. For Miller Lumber Mario Jennings had 10 and Madison Mertz had 8 points.

In the second game.Shifleets beat Cronise 23-8. For Shiflett's Skylar Treadwell had 10 points and Quaid Boward had 6 points. For Cronise Conner Hawkins had 4 points.

In the night cap Northwestern beat Kamelot Florist 18 to 14. For Northwestern Zachary Cole had 8  points and Thomas Lewis had 6. For Kamelot Trey Morningstar had 7 points and Jermaine Ford had 5 points.

In the Junior League portion the Wizards beat the Celtics 23-15. For the Wizards Tirrell Salters scored 19 points and Dakotah Harnish and Trey Morningstar scored 2 a piece.

For the Celtics Garrett Shoemaker scored 7 points and Jacob Broadwater had 4 points.

The 8:30 game was L&L Auto beating the Lakers 25-14. For L&L Mutia Carter and Zachary Cole had 6 points each while Chris Jennings had 5 points.

For the Lakers Holden Shirley had 6 points.


Miller Lumber beat Cronise 19 to 10. For Miller Lumber Madison Mertz scored 10 points followed by Mario Jennings scoring 6. Also KeJawn Barnes scored 3. For Cronise Harrison Hoover and Conner Hawkins had 4 points each. Drew Robinson also added 2.

In the second game Northwestern beat Shifflet's 17 to 14. For Northwestern Mutia Carter had 5 points, and Zachery Cole, Thomas Lewis, and Eddie Lough had 4 points. For Shifflet's Quaid Boward had 8 points and Skylar Treadwell had 6 points.

In the last game Kamelot Florist beat John Deere 24 to 16. Kamelot was led by Jermaine Ford with 10 points. Hunter White also scored 8 points, and Trey Morningstar scored 6.


In the Junior division the Celtics beat L&L Auto 22-19. It was a exciting game that went to the last seconds of game. For the Celtics Garreet Shoemaker had 9 points and Justin Moschel had 8 points. Bradley Summers added five. For L&L Auto Chris Jennings had 10 points while Skylar Treadwell had 5, Zack Cole had 3 and Andrew Kelbaugh 2.

The Wizards beat the Lakers 39-20. For the Wizards Dakotah Harnish had 16 points and Terrell Salters had 10.Trey Morningstar had 9 points and Alexander Rickett had 2 points.



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