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Welcome to the Hagerstown Area Youth Basketball league. 

Games have begun and we are into our 4th week of games.  Check the results for the scores. 

Joe Corbi's Pizza orders will be delivered Thursday 12/15/16, at St. James Brethren Church at 6:00pm. 

Upcoming Games/Practices

Tuesday, Dec 6
Lower Division
Dave @ PJ6:30pmTBA
KC @ Ronnie7:30pmTBA
Wednesday, Dec 7
Upper Division
Terry @ Dwayne/Josh6:30pmTBA
Mike @ Darien/Jim7:30pmTBA
Tuesday, Dec 13
Lower Division
KC @ Dave6:30pmTBA
Ronnie @ PJ7:30pmTBA
Thursday, Dec 15
Upper Division
Darien/Jim @ Dwayne/Josh6:30pmTBA
Mike @ Terry7:30pmTBA
Friday, Dec 16
Upper Division
Terry @ Mike6:30pmTBA
Darien/Jim @ Dwayne/Josh7:30pmTBA
Tuesday, Dec 20
Lower Division
PJ @ KC6:30pmTBA
Dave @ Ronnie7:30pmTBA
Thursday, Dec 22
Upper Division
Dwayne/Josh @ Mike6:30pmTBA
Terry @ Darien/Jim7:30pmTBA

For a complete schedule listing, click here!