• BAABA is a member of the Indian Nations Basketball Conference
  • fmi Email: bahoops@tulsacoxmail.com
  20% off Coupon's for Nov 11/12 & Dec 2/3 are posted in links to the left.
email the office with your child's grade/male-female to inquire
Practices start the week of 11/6; some teams because of football playoffs will wait a week...
The remainder of the month's practice schedule will be out asap it is sent to the coaches
then posted for access on the website in the links to the left.
There will be a list of coaches/codes as well 
Games start the week of December 4th, for 2 weeks
then the break and resume January 5 season is slated to run thru to February 17
followed by post season play with championship day scheduled for March 3
All weather permitting...if a week is delayed the result may be a delay in completion...
The game schedule is being promised around Thanksgiving (note what is there now is 2016)
(Made in the USA!!!)
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 To reach us by EMAIL  bahoops@tulsacoxmail.com 
Website: www.bahoops.com   
Recreational division Information available at this time for the
2017 fall season is listed in the column to the left
(or if using mobile devise under Menu in a drop down list)
To view the website on your smartphones or other handheld devices use the following url:
A few frequently asked questions:
   May I register today?        Late registrations continue, if your grade is not available email the office

I do not have a credit card to pay the minimum $55 of the $155 to complete registration
                                              Call/email the office we can assist you in getting it complete, do not delay!
We played last year can't we use same uniform sizing?                                                                 
                          This year's design is different therefore players need to be refitted,

My child does not live in BAPS district can we register? 
                  Sorry we have limited space so this is generally not available
Note: there is a Tulsa-South league now that takes in Union and a lot of South/East Tulsa area

How do we learn about select teams?                                                                                           
                                    As we do not put those teams together. I would suggest making a general
                                posting on the message board and checking for coaches tryout posts.
I wish to make payment by check is that ok?                                                                                
             Yes, make the check to BAABA & note the player's name & a pho # 
For more information please refer to the 2017 Registration Info doc referred to above 
We are currently looking for a few more board members if you are
interested please let me know and someone will be in touch. 
Please consider getting involved the volunteer's are necessary to run the league.
If you have further questions please send a email with your inquiry to
 Thank you,
BAABA Office Manager
918-251-1015 x250

We do reserve the right to correct any errors, omissions, or changes to these documents/pages.