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Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the start of the 2018 season! 

right now we are working to get all of our rosters set and making sure the coaches have everything they need to get their teams organized. Please don't forget, Coaches have until April 14th to notify all parents on their teams. Please be patient during this time to allow both the coaches and the board members to make sure everything is set to go.


If you have any questions, please just let us know! You can find all of our contact information under the "About" page in the "Board Members" tab.



The Board of Directors 

Welcome to the start of the 2018 season! We still have registration dates available for those that are interested.

February 3rd @ BRAC 9am - 2pm

February 7th @ BRAC 7pm - 9pm

February 10th @ BRAC 9am - 2pm

February 24th @ BRAC 9am - 2pm

February 28th @ BRAC 7pm - 9pm

March 3rd @ BRAC 9am - 2pm


Online registration is also available with online payments. Please note, paying via credit card online AND in person will results in a 2 dollar additional fee. Those that register online and are NOT returning players, please email a copy of the player's birth certificate to bolingbrook.tball.association@gmail.com, or bring it to one of our registration dates for verification. THANK YOU!!! 

Registration for the 2018 season is open!

Handling Rain Out Situations

Because of the unfortunate weather we have been having, it is important to remember the process the board follows when presented with potential cancellations.


For Saturday Games the board members will be at the fields very early to try and make them playable. If they cannot be salvaged, the board will make phone calls to the head coaches of the teams who's games have been canceled. In addition, the board will reach out to the teams scheduled to umpire as well. Remember, just because one game slot was canceled does not mean all games have been. Coaches, please wait to hear from the board before assuming your game has been canceled. Parents, please stay in contact with your head coaches with these matters.

For weeknight games, the park district works the fields for the league. If they are not able to get the fields to a condition they feel are acceptable, the park district tells the league that games are to be canceled. At this point the board member on duty will call head coaches who are responsible for reaching out to their parents. 

The board will always inform the head coaches of cancellations with ample amount of time to inform their teams. Please remember to not call board members directly, because that person may or may not be on duty and will likely not be able to provide you with accurate information. Always wait to hear from your head coach, who will be contacted when the call has been made to cancel games.

Take a scroll around our new website and find things such as board member contact info, all of our handouts from our coaches clinic, as well as league rules!  

Upcoming Games/Practices
Jun 30
Coach Pitch
Cubs @ Twins
Red Sox @ Cardinals
A's @ White Sox
Phillies @ Pirates
Braves @ Yankees
Spiders @ Slammers
Barons @ Isotopes
Thunderbolts @ Express
Monarchs @ Bulls
Cougars @ Bombers
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