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November 5, 2016 – 08:00 PM

Senior Festival games on Nov 6 at Lenape HS & at Southampton Fields: Click on HANDOUT link on the left side of the page. 

2017 SEASON  

Welcome to the Burlington County Youth Field Hockey League (BCYFHL) website. The BCYFHL provides an opportunity for girls in grades 3-8 to learn and play the game of field hockey. The league is comprised of 2 divisions: JUNIORS: Grades 3 to 5, play on Saturdays;  SENIORS: Grades 6 to 8 play on Sundays. Our new member this year is Bordentown.


The BENCH side is for PLAYERS ONLY. All fans, parents, spectators are to be on the FAR SIDELINE. Do NOT sit BEHIND the ENDLINE, behind the goal cage or on the Bench side where players are.  

1. NO JEWELRY is to be worn (earrings, wrist bands, etc) by any player in the game.  Remove the item or DO NOT PLAY   No exceptions. The officials will issue a card (green 2 minute penalty out of game; next is yellow (5 mins out of game). Wearing jewelry is illegal by book rule and is a danger to opponent and player herself. No tape can be worn over earrings to make it legal.

2) Equipment:   Shinguards (up to the top of the shin below knee) are required equipment.

Mouthguards, worn in the mouth, not being chewed/hanging out  are required equipment. 

Goggles, if worn, MUST be worn over the eyes, not on the forehead. Each town program decides if team will wear. It is not required in the rec league.  No mouthguard can be attached to the goggles!!

3. Fans / parents should limit their comments to their teams/ players while watching the games. Let the coaches coach their team/players without competing with the distractions from the fans. Some parents are distracting the players from the coach's instructions. Parents ENJOY the MOMENT!! Life goes quick and this is a time to relax and watch. Encourage all players.

4. Senior Coaches: can ONLY walk the sideline between the 50 yd line and 25 yard line on their side of the field. You cannot be on the field or behind the cage. No one can coach the team that is not in the team area. 

5. Junior Coaches: 1 coach must remain on bench side, 1 can coach on far side or behind the GK (NOT ON FIELD) as long as 1coach remains at bench area. Coaches can coach from sidelines or behind cage (coach behind cage should NOT be continuously talking/coaching/or be distracting to opponent).


Each weekend, the host town will have a designated charity; the hosts' designated charity are listed below.  Our charities include local food banks, animal welfare societies, breast cancer awareness & the k9s for Warriors. Please help us support these worthy charities and help us give back to our communities.   


2017  Indoor Field Hockey Opportunities: PINELANDS INDOOR:  Click on the Headline Link above

QUESTIONS? If you have any questions, e-mail your coach to contact league rep