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The greatest match a man can win is won within......The harder you work; the harder it is to lose......It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed......The largest room in the world is the room for improvement....Nobody is a failure until he stops trying......Measure a man by the opposition it takes to discourage him......It isn't the hours you put in, but what you put IN the hours......I can't do it never yet accomplished anything; I will try has performed miracles......Pain is temporary, Pride is forever......Reaching high keeps a man on his toes......If you fail to plan, plan to fail......Winners in life don't always win; they just don't give up.....Pain is weakness leaving the body......Never be ashamed of the work you have done, only the work you haven't done....The most advanced athletes focus on the most basic skills.... 

Welcome to the Home of Beavercreek Wrestling

Welcome to your single source of information for all Beavercreek Wrestling Teams. General information relevant to all teams and highlights are posted on the main page. For specific team information, please use the links to your left for the High School, Middle School, and Youth wrestling teams.

As you navigate the site, please note anything denoted 9, F, JV, V or HS will be related to the High School team. Anything marked with MS will be related to the Middle School team, and YW will pertain to the Youth team.  




                                 FOR THE



                       WRESTLING SEASON  

        Online Registration began September 12th

    Register by October 15th to receive a $25 Discount 

                             CLICK HERE

        Practices Start Thursday, November 10th

             Click HERE for the Youth schedule. 

         Click HERE for the Middle School Schedule.

            Click HERE for the High School Schedule.  



Vote & Eat @ City BBQ in Beavercreek to support Beavercreek Wrestling

November 8, 2016


High School Fundraiser
Come support the Beavercreek Wrestling Teams!

25% of your purchase will be donated back to Beavercreek Wrestling

Name of group: Beavercreek Wrestling Parents’ Association
Date of fundraiser: November 8, 2016 (Vote, then eat!)
Participating Location: Beavercreek City Barbeque

Flyer must be presented at time of order to receive credit for the sale.

Good all day on Dine In & Carry Out Orders
Note: If ordering carry out for large groups, please use our Pig Up ‘n Go Menu.




Turkey Day 5k Run/Walk hosted by Beavercreek Youth Wrestling

November 24, 2016 – 08:30 AM



11/24/16 • 8:30 AM

Hosted by Beavercreek Youth Wrestling

Register online here. Or Download a paper registration. 


  • 2016 Turkey Day 5k is Coming!
  • 2015 Turkey Day 5k
  • 2015 Turkey Day 5k
  • 2015 Turkey Day 5k
  • 2015 Turkey Day 5k
  • 2015 Turkey Day 5k
  • 2015 Turkey Day 5k
  • 2015 Turkey Day 5k
  • 2015 Turkey Day 5k
  • 2016 Registration Kick Off Fundraiser
    "Wrestling Up Pizza Slices"
Youth Practice Starts!
Thursday, November 10, 2016   6:00 PM

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