Last Updated: June 26, 2017
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  • Mixed Tournament - July 8th and 9th

2017 Executive

2017 Ball Executive:

President - Allison Boxshall
Vice President - Marc Lachance
Secretary - Jen Lowry
Treasurer - Melissa Hourie
Umpire chief - Kelby Picard and Matt Bialek

Umpire Fees

  • Just a reminder:  If you are playing a single game (7 or 9 innings) the fee for the umpire is $15/team. If there is a double header on the diamond, the fee is $10/team. If, for some reason, you are in a defaulted game, do not pay the umpire at all. The team who forfeited the game is responsible for the whole fee as part of their penalty. If your team needs to reschedule a game, your manager must contact the UIC AT LEAST 24 HOURS PRIOR TO THE GAME.  If your team cancels with less than 24 hours until game time, you will be required to PAY THE FULL $30.00 UMP FEE PRIOR TO YOUR NEXT GAME.   We need to be considerate of each other and our umpires. 

Beausejour Slo-Pitch League Rules

The new league rules are now available to read on this site. We follow the standard rules of play for NSA ball, subject to the changes as out lined in the document here. We will be handing out one copy of these rules to each team at their first game. Please read them and be aware of them. You are not going to be allowed to get away with the "I didn't know" excuse....

Upcoming Games

Tuesday, Jun 27
Men's Division
Prospects @ Highway Hitmen7:00pmRec 3
Women's Division
GlOrioles @ Diamond Divas7:00pmRec 4
Wednesday, Jun 28
Women's Division
Drink N'Run @ Twisted Sisters7:00pmRec 2
Die Hards @ Howland Hooters7:00pmRec 4
Thursday, Jun 29
Men's Division
Tyndall A's @ Twisted7:00pmRec 1
Brewers @ Tropics7:00pmRec 2
Call of the Wild @ Peter North Stars7:00pmRec 4
Tuesday, Jul 4
Men's Division
Ruth Place Eagles @ Highway Hitmen7:00pmRec 2
Prospects @ Twisted7:00pmRec 3
Women's Division
GlOrioles @ Howland Hooters7:00pmRec 1
Rusty Pipes @ Twisted Sisters7:00pmRec 4
Wednesday, Jul 5
Women's Division
Drink N'Run @ Die Hards7:00pmRec 2
Tropicanas @ Diamond Divas7:00pmRec 2
Crazy Pitches @ Pitch Perfect7:00pmRec 4

For a complete schedule listing, click here!