Last Updated: October 21, 2014

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Beaverton Cheerleading

Here is the list of team members that made Beaverton Club Cheer Competition team. 

Addison Green, Inga Turner, Hannah Houfek, Victoria Tran, Juliana Van Camp, Alex Yetter, Ainsley Weaver, Anna Holt, Tatiana Husted, Kyialynn DeVault, Alyssa Prideaux, Abbie Weaver, Kierra Wilson, Madi Johnson, Grace Carter, Saydee Hetrick, Logan Lusk, Morgan French, Hannah Rench, Lexie Roper, Juliana Felecan. 

Please accept my apologies  I posted the list last night at 9:30pm when I got home from Beaverton on our facebook page and tagged Beaverton youth cheer, and I found out this morning that some of you may not have seen the posting. I hope this didn't cause any undue stress on anyone, my phone is not liking the new iPhone update and I have been having trouble with it.

Thank you all for coming and trying out! Everyone did a fabulous job and I was very proud of all of you!! I will be emailing all of you with more information later this week.  

Again, my apologies.  I'm very excited for this season!


Coach Olsen


 Varsity and JV Team 2014-15


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Beaverton High School Cheerleading

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