Last Updated: September 21, 2017
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Belton Youth Softball Association


It is a new season with a new beginning!

Fall season starts September 5, 2017!


Fall Ball Teams Registered

Strikezone Knockouts


Diamond Divas


Belton Elite

Blue Ice


Hot Stix

Salado Shock

Academy Lady Bees 

Lady Hornets

Showtime - Thomas

Belton Bombers

Troy Thunder - Hughes



Showtime - Sims

Bomb Squad




Swarm Softball

Troy Thunder - Maxfield


Killeen Spartans

Belton Banshee's





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TTA Scholarship Application

The application is availible in our handouts section of the website.
Please fill it out and submit it to a board member of BYSA.
We will get it turned in to TTA for consideration.
The deadline to turn in the application to TTA is July 1st.
If you don't get the scholarship this year, try again next year.

Upcoming Games

Monday, Sep 25
Midget (10 & under)
Texas Lighting (Fall) @ Buzz (FALL)6:00pmBelton 1
Showtime - Sims (FALL) @ Bomb Squad (FALL)6:00pmBelton 2
Swarm Softball (FALL) @ Troy Thunder - Maxfield (FALL)6:00pmBelton 3
Texas Lighting (Fall) @ Showtime - Sims (FALL)7:30pmBelton 1
Buzz (FALL) @ Troy Thunder - Maxfield (FALL)7:30pmBelton 2
Swarm Softball (FALL) @ Bomb Squad (FALL)7:30pmBelton 3
Tuesday, Sep 26
Coach Pitch - (8 & under)
Academy Lady Bees (FALL) @ Misfits (FALL)6:00pmBelton 1
Belton Bombers (FALL) @ Showtime - Thomas (FALL)6:00pmBelton 2
Hot Stix (FALL) @ Troy Thunder - Hughes (FALL)6:00pmBelton 3
Showtime - Thomas (FALL) @ Academy Lady Bees (FALL)7:30pmBelton 1
Troy Thunder - Hughes (FALL) @ Belton Bombers (FALL)7:30pmBelton 2
Salado Shock (FALL) @ Hot Stix (FALL)7:30pmBelton 3
Thursday, Sep 28
T-ball (6 & under)
Diamond Divas (FALL) @ Strikezone Knockouts (FALL)6:00pmBelton 2
Outlawz (FALL) @ Zoom (FALL)6:00pmBelton 3
Zoom (FALL) @ Diamond Divas (FALL)7:00pmBelton 2
Strikezone Knockouts (FALL) @ Outlawz (FALL)7:00pmBelton 3
Freshman (12 & under)
Belton Banshee's (FALL) @ Killeen Spartans (FALL)6:00pmBelton 1
Punishers (FALL) @ Killeen Spartans (FALL)7:30pmBelton 1
Monday, Oct 2
Midget (10 & under)
Troy Thunder - Maxfield (FALL) @ Outkast (FALL)6:00pmBelton 1
Texas Lighting (Fall) @ Buzz (FALL)6:00pmBelton 2
Bomb Squad (FALL) @ Pride (FALL)6:00pmBelton 3
Outkast (FALL) @ Bomb Squad (FALL)7:30pmBelton 1
Buzz (FALL) @ Pride (FALL)7:30pmBelton 2
Troy Thunder - Maxfield (FALL) @ Texas Lighting (Fall)7:30pmBelton 3
Tuesday, Oct 3
Coach Pitch - (8 & under)
Academy Lady Bees (FALL) @ Salado Shock (FALL)6:00pmBelton 1
Misfits (FALL) @ Lady Hornets (FALL)6:00pmBelton 2
Hot Stix (FALL) @ Troy Thunder - Hughes (FALL)6:00pmBelton 3
Belton Bombers (FALL) @ Academy Lady Bees (FALL)7:30pmBelton 1
Showtime - Thomas (FALL) @ Misfits (FALL)7:30pmBelton 2
Salado Shock (FALL) @ Troy Thunder - Hughes (FALL)7:30pmBelton 3

For a complete schedule listing, click here!