• Developing Champions in Life. For Life.

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Vision & Mission

Peak Performance strives to Encourage through inspiration; Empower with
knowledge; and Equip by training. We believe it takes more than talent to go to the top and true Champions are always in training.

● Developing Champions in Life. For Life!

● Work in collaboration with Big Sandy ISD Athletics to offer camps, training, and leagues that provide opportunity for all youth to develop:
○ Physically and athletically.
○ A Champion's mindset.
○ Sport fundamentals and understanding of the game.
○ Passion for sports.
○ Life skills and principles that will help develop Champions in sports
and in life.

Core Principles:
● Leadership, Effort, Attitude, and Performance (LEAP).

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Testimonies & Endorsements

...Garrett and his wife Kay work closely with youth athletic teams and other motivational youth groups where they teach and demonstrate what character and winning means in life. In short, their programs are about the values that underlie competition and training to be successful."

"Garrett is a self-starter and he knows how to get the job done to high standards. He will be an extremely valuable asset to any team he joins."

Joseph W. Arbuckle
Major General
U.S. Army (retired)


I was Kay's coach in women's basketball at Louisiana Tech University for four years.  Kay was one of my all time favorite players.  Her dedication to the game, her work ethic, and her faith in Christ set her apart from others.  She has carried these same values over into her adult life.  As a mother, wife, and her work--she's the BEST.  I wish I could go back and coach her again.
Louisiana Tech University (Retired)








"...Boy, you've come along way since the '90's. It is always great to hear from you older guys and to see how your families have grown. God bless you and your family. You make us proud."

Coach Bowden
Florida State Seminoles Head Football Coach (retired)







I had the opportunity to recruit and sign Kay Bachert-Konerza at Louisiana Tech and she helped keep La Tech as one of the top schools in the nation by her play on the court and her leadership off the court. No one volunteered more than Kay to help sell our program and to also give back to the community. Kay always had a smile on her face and was the ultimate team player and Christian role model that our girls could look up to.

Gary Blair
Head Women's Basketball Coach, Texas A&M University


"There is no finer person than Kay Bachert. She is a wonderful Christian woman that I have known since she was my teammate at Louisiana Tech University. I am sure the people of Big Sandy will quickly see the strength and character of Kay and Garrett and will appreciate what tremendous assets they will be to their new hometown."
Kim Mulkey,
Head Women's Basketball Coach, Baylor University

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