Last Updated: September 26, 2016



          ** 2016  FOOTBALL  SEASON **




A SPECIAL THANK-YOU!!    To all of our families that make up the Big South Youth Football League for all their hard work and commitment that goes into making a successful program!!



          Wishing Everyone a Safe and Successful 2016 Season!!
















       The age cut off date is August 1st for players each year






     The Big South Youth Football League has a Division 1 and Division 2 for teams to participate in. This will give organizations the option to develop their players at different skill levels and play in a more competitive league, based on their teams.

Upcoming Games

Saturday, Oct 1
Tiny Mites
Powerhouse @ Bears2:00pmCentral Cabarrus HS
Spartans @ Ducks2:00pmLenior Rhyne University
Mighty Mites
Hornets @ Falcons9:00amLenior Rhyne University
Spartans @ Ducks2:00pmLenior Rhyne University
Powerhouse @ Bears3:15pmCentral Cabarrus HS
Junior Varsity
Hornets @ Falcons10:15amLenior Rhyne University
Spartans @ Ducks3:15pmLenior Rhyne University
Powerhouse @ Bears4:30pmCentral Cabarrus HS
Hornets @ Falcons11:30amLenior Rhyne University
Spartans @ Ducks4:30pmLenior Rhyne University
Powerhouse @ Bears5:45pmCentral Cabarrus HS
Tiny Mites DII
Trojans @ Rebels9:00amCentral Cabarrus HS
Mustangs @ Tigers11:30amStuart W. Cramer High School
Titans @ Panthers4:30pmStuart W. Cramer High School
Mighty Mites DII
Trojans @ Rebels10:15amCentral Cabarrus HS
Mustangs @ Tigers10:15amStuart W. Cramer High School
Titans @ Panthers3:15pmStuart W. Cramer High School
Junior Varsity DII
Mustangs @ Tigers9:00amStuart W. Cramer High School
Trojans @ Rebels11:30amCentral Cabarrus HS
Titans @ Panthers2:00pmStuart W. Cramer High School
Varsity DII
Trojans @ Rebels12:45pmCentral Cabarrus HS
Titans @ Panthers12:45pmStuart W. Cramer High School

For a complete schedule listing, click here!