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Changing the Game

Bingham Baseball would like to recognize all those that made a donation this year.  Your donation has helped "change the game" for many youth in our community.  It is our goal to help develop confident, competent young athletes in our community, and prepare them for life by teaching them life lessons through youth baseball.  By your financial assistance many youth from low-income families, youth that are physically or developmentally challenged, and kids that are "at-risk" were sponsored and gained access to our baseball program. Some of these youth are going through challenging times in their young lives.  Youth who faced the abrupt death of a parent, a sibling, unemployment, and other life changing events.  It is with tremendous gratitude we thank you for your financial help, and who have also volunteered their valuable free time to "changing the game" for the youth in our community.

We have always been impressed with the urgency of doing.  The only way you can effect a positive change is by doing something.  Now, more than ever we need to spend our valuable time helping our youth not to be afraid to swing and miss.  Raising awareness of the importance of athletics in developing future leaders with skills and values that transfer from the field of sports into the classroom, workplace, family, and community is critical.  Thank you for helping support this cause.

Friends of Bingham Baseball

Manuel & Becky Negron
Jeremiah & Jaime Clawson
Kevin & Lori Kaczka
Taylor & Cory Monty
Josh & Heather Yancey
Sean Osborne
Brody & Emily Reich
Shawn & Rachel Taylor
Robert & Dorothy Loveridge
Jordan Peshev
Sabrina Martinez
Matt & Suzanne Riddle
Brock Kassing
Sara Fry
Michael & Amy Johnson
Rich & Layne Bushell

And to all the Coaches & Volunteers!