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South Jordan #5 (North)

 May 17th Games scheduled at South Jordan are cancelled for all Ages.





The issue of seeds continually littering the baseball fields has surfaced again this year and has created a laborious situation for Parks employees to say the least. On already 4 separate occasions this season, multiple hours have been spent “de-seeding” the fields and bleachers area. The city needs your help to curb and eventually end this issue. Let us know if you have any feedback on the subject and thank you in advance for anything you can do to help.


2017 National League Schedules

8U National

Minor National

Major National

13 Prep National

14/15U National

16/18U National



Programs for 2017

 T-Ball/Coach pitch $75 (Ages 3 to 5)– This is where all the fun starts for our youngest players. Participants learn hitting and fielding fundamentals in a supportive team environment. Young athletes hit the ball from a coach pitched ball or batting tee, which is height-adjusted for a level swing, batting in order through the line-up for the entire game. The primary goal is to begin to instruct young players in the fundamentals of baseball in a supportive team environment. All players get the opportunity to hit, field, and score!

Approximately 12-14 games. Games are played on weeknights 2x a week.

Hat, jersey, participation trophy, and team/individual pictures included in registration fee. 

PW7 $130 – Designed primarily for ball players ages 6-7. This division makes use of a pitching machine to allow for more hittable balls at the plate and more action in the field. Fear of actually being hit by a pitched ball is diminished. It makes the game safer and improves the playing confidence and ability of all participants. Development of all baseball skills, rules, and sportsmanship are the primary focus of the coaches, while introducing friendly competition.   PW7 offers development, competition, and great fun. 

Approximately 12 games played on weeknights 2x a week.

Hat, jersey, game day treats, and team/individual pictures included in registration fee. 


AMERICAN DIVISIONS PW8 (Age 8), Minors (Age 9-10), and Majors (Age 11-12) $130

Approximately 12 – 14 games played on weeknights 2x a week. All-Star selections.

Hat, jersey, game day treats, and team/individual pictures included in registration fee.

PW8 (Age up to 8 by May 1, 2017): True Cal-Ripken competition with scoring recorded and opportunity to advance to tournament play. Kid pitch Using regulation baseballs. Stealing one base on an overthrow but no lead-offs are allowed. Played on a baseball field with regulation bases and field. All-star selections towards end of season.

Bases are 60' and the mound is 42'.

Minor (Ages 9-10 by May 1, 2017):  Players build and refine their fundamental skills while beginning to understand game strategy and teamwork. In most regions, participants first experience post-season tournament competition in this level, leading to the 10 Year-Old Cal-Ripken World Series.

Bases are 60' and the mound is 46'

Major (11-12 by May 1, 2017): Featuring a 50' pitching distance and 70' base paths, and includes a tournament trail from Cal-Ripken District competition through the World Series in Aberdeen, Maryland at the Ripken Baseball Complex featuring 8 International Champions.

Babe Ruth (Age 13U, 14/15U, and 16/18U) $160:  These divisions are intended to keep athletes playing into the Junior High and High School grades. Skill development, competition, and tournament play are available in these Divisions.  Teams can be formed on their own or through a draft.  These teams will participate in x-over games with other cities.

National Cal-Ripken Pre-Formed, In-Tact Teams (8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, and 12U) $1,750 per team.


Upcoming Games

Tuesday, May 30
Mets - JD1 @ Astros - Condie5:30pmSoJo T-ball
Red Sox - Johnson @ White Sox - Ellis6:45pmSoJo T-ball
White Sox - JD @ Rangers - Kemp5:30pmSouth Jordan #5 (North)
Cardinals - Norris @ Angels - Tonks7:15pmSouth Jordan #5 (North)
8U Clutch @ Ewing5:30pmGlenmoor Field
8U Core @ 8U Wolverines7:30pmEagle Mountain # 3
Herriman @ Murray 6435:30pmSouth Jordan #1 (NW)
Mark Maybe @ Eagle Mtn Wolverines7:30pmEagle Mountain Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth
Herriman @ Bingham 10 - Larson7:30pmSouth Jordan #1 (NW)
Lone Peak Black Knights @ SEV Warhawks5:30pmSouth East Valley Cal Ripken Bell Canyon South
Murray Naturals @ Bingham 11 - Royal5:30pmSouth Jordan #2 (NE)
Hunter/Cyprus Wranglers @ Herriman7:30pmHerriman NW
Herriman 2 @ Juan Diego - 127:30pmSouth Jordan #2 (NE)
13-Prep American
Baker @ Copper Hills 15:30pmRon Wood Complex
Linquist @ Copper Hills 27:30pmRon Wood Complex
13P National
13U Utah Blues @ 13U Eagle Mtn Hammer Time5:30pmEagle Mountain Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth
13U Copper Hills @ 13U Eagle Mtn Wolverines7:30pmEagle Mountain Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth
14/15U National
Murray Sting (14-15) @ Riverton Rebellion (14-15)5:30pmRiverton Babe Ruth Field # 5
South East Valley Voltage (14-15) @ Riverton SAHS Bears (14-15)7:30pmRiverton Babe Ruth Field # 5
Wednesday, May 31
Rangers - Howden @ Brewers - Domingo5:30pmSoJo T-ball
Athletics - Norris @ Giants - Snow6:45pmSoJo T-ball
Angels - Tonks @ White Sox - JD5:30pmJD-NE
Athletics - Holmquist @ Tigers - Childs5:30pmSouth Jordan #5 (North)
Red Sox - Thompson @ Pirates - Howell7:15pmSouth Jordan #5 (North)
Ewing @ 8U Clutch5:30pmLone Peak Heritage Park North
8U Blues @ 8U Horns5:30pmRiverton Cal Ripken Field # 3
Herriman @ 8U Rizers5:30pmRiverton Cal Ripken Field # 4
8U Horns @ 8U Blues7:30pmRiverton Cal Ripken Field # 3
8U Wolverines @ 8U Core7:30pmRiverton Cal Ripken Field # 4
Bingham 10 - Larson @ Riverton Hawks5:30pmRiverton Cal Ripken Field # 2
Hunter/Cyprus Pirates @ Riverton Hawks7:30pmRiverton Cal Ripken Field # 1
Herriman @ Lone Peak Xolid5:00pmLone Peak Burgess Park
Copper Hills Lightning @ SEV Warhawks5:30pmSouth East Valley Cal Ripken Bell Canyon South
Juan Diego - 12 @ Lone Peak Black Knights6:45pmLone Peak Burgess Park
SEV Shock @ Riverton Rebels7:30pmRiverton Cal Ripken Field # 2
13-Prep American
Riverton 1 @ Riverton 25:30pmRiverton Prep Field
Toby Stines @ Curtis Stevens5:30pmSouth Jordan #4 (SW)
Riverton 3 @ Robert Scott7:30pmSouth Jordan #4 (SW)
14/15U American
Kemp @ Bryant5:30pmHerriman BIGS NE Field
Copper Hills 1 @ Copper Hills 25:30pmRon Wood Complex
Simoncini @ Kjar7:30pmHerriman BIGS NE Field
McClellan @ Stratton5:30pmGlenmoor Field
14/15U National
Copper Hills 14-15 @ Hillcrest Black/M2 (14-15)5:30pmMurray Babe Ruth Willow Pond
Juan Diego 14-15 @ South East Valley Swat (14-15)5:30pmSouth East Valley (Galena Park East Field) Draper
Riverton Rebellion (14-15) @ Murray Sting (14-15)7:30pmMurray Babe Ruth Willow Pond
11U Intact
Ducks @ Vital5:30pmSouth Jordan #3 (SE)
Vital @ Ducks7:30pmSouth Jordan #3 (SE)
10U Intact
Bolt @ Red7:30pmSouth Jordan #2 (NE)
Thursday, Jun 1
Mets - JD1 @ Athletics - Norris5:30pmSoJo T-ball
Red Sox - Johnson @ Pirates - Hutchings6:45pmSoJo T-ball
Giants - Sorensen @ Tigers - Childs5:30pmSouth Jordan #5 (North)
Pirates - Howell @ Indians - Duckworth7:15pmSouth Jordan #5 (North)
8U Clutch @ 8U Blues5:30pmRiverton Cal Ripken Field # 3
8U Clutch @ 8U Rams7:30pmRiverton Cal Ripken Field # 3
8U Horns @ Herriman7:30pmRiverton Cal Ripken Field # 4
8U Wolverines @ 8U Blues7:30pmRiverton Cal Ripken Field # 4
Hunter/Cyprus Pirates @ Copper Hills Savage5:00pmMurray Liberty Cal Ripken Field # 4
Copper Hills Gators @ Murray 6435:30pmCopper Hills Field # 5
Eagle Mtn Wolverines @ Murray Spartans6:45pmMurray Liberty Cal Ripken Field # 4
Murray 643 @ Copper Hills Gators7:30pmCopper Hills Field # 5
Copper Hills Tribe @ Mark Maybe7:30pmSouth Jordan #2 (NE)
Herriman @ Murray Naturals5:00pmMurray Liberty Cal Ripken Field # 1
Murray Spartans @ Copper Hills Lightning5:30pmCopper Hills Field # 3
Bingham 11 - SJ Stingers @ SEV Shock5:30pmSouth East Valley Cal Ripken Bell Canyon South
Herriman 2 @ Bountiful Braves6:45pmMurray Liberty Cal Ripken Field # 1
Murray Spartans @ Copper Hills Crushers7:30pmCopper Hills Field # 3
Minor - American
Taylor @ Hutchings5:30pmSouth Jordan #1 (NW)
Yergensen @ Christensen7:30pmSouth Jordan #1 (NW)
Major - American
Jamison @ Haymore5:30pmSouth Jordan #2 (NE)
14/15U American
West @ Bryant5:30pmHerriman BIGS NE Field
Simoncini @ Blanchard5:30pmSouth Jordan #4 (SW)
Kennedy @ Riverton 17:30pmRiverton Babe Ruth
Riverton 3 @ Thompson7:30pmSouth Jordan #4 (SW)
Borg @ Anderson5:30pmGlenmoor Field
13P National
13U Eagle Mtn Hammer Time @ 13U Utah Blues5:30pmRiverton Babe Ruth Field # 6
13U Eagle Mtn Wolverines @ 13U Copper Hills7:30pmCopper Hills Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken
13U Taylorsville @ 13U Juan Diego7:30pmSouth Jordan #3 (SE)
14/15U National
Hillcrest Black/M2 (14-15) @ Copper Hills 14-155:30pmCopper Hills Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken
South East Valley Swat (14-15) @ Juan Diego 14-155:30pmSouth Jordan #3 (SE)
Muller Park (14-15) @ West Side (14-15)5:30pmWest Side Babe Ruth

For a complete schedule listing, click here!